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The current though a branch in a linear network is 2A when
the input voltage is 10 volts. If the voltage is reduced to
1 volt, and the polarity is reversed, what is the current
flowing through the branch ?

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The current though a branch in a linear network is 2A when the input voltage is 10 volts. If the vo..

Answer / iamdon

From the first statement of line..
Resistance of branch=10/2=5 ohm

Current flowing through the branch=1/5=0.2A

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The current though a branch in a linear network is 2A when the input voltage is 10 volts. If the vo..

Answer / michael

R = V/i = 10/2 = 5 ohms

Inew = 1volts/5ohms
Inew = .2A

note: if the polarity is reversed I = Inew X 2
so I = .4A
thats is the correct answer..
if there is a word "polarity is reversed
multiply the current by 2

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