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Cairn Interview Questions
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What is the pattern of interview questions and which field is of high importance viz., Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Petroleum Refining etc ?

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working principles of a generator

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In DC current-excitation to transformer, why it sucks more current? Eventhough there is no power transfer between primary and secondary? R is very low so it should suck less current only na thn y its current increases?

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What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?


Can any body describe me why a soft starter is used for 6.6kv induction motor instead of VFD ?

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How to make a vacuum

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what is meant by runaway temperature in a reactor?

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what is the difference between psv and prv?

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what is flooding in a column.How do you know flooding has occured?

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if conical type tank in top LEFT side solid material coming but LT MOUNTED IN TOP OF LEFT SIDE, how to measure ultrasonic level transmitter ?

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centrifugal compressor interlock? Tell me the parameter at which compressor will trip


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