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Human Resources Interview Questions
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Process of recruitment and selection of HR in reliance company

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what do you mean by hiring process


what do you mean by hiring process

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Dear All, pls tell me right answer. For HR Why you have done mba in hr not to other trade like pls send me answer on my mail

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Being the Human resource management how will you formulate an effective HRP Process



In present state of recession in the IT industry as a HR Manager how are you going to undertake HR Planning at micro level to tide over this crisis?



list the detailed advantages and disadvantages of off the job training


what are the various off the job training methods?


list the detailed advantages and disadvantages of off the job training


what is the difference between training and development

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hai i faced the syndicate bank interview.

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what are the techniques for time keeping & time booking

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In a few sentences, please describe what you enjoy about working with people!

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what do you mean by human resource?and what will happen in human resource management.

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What do you know about our organization

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Please clarify the job description of Training Co-ordinator?


about genaral management


why is it important for HR management to transform from primarily admininistrative and operetional to becoming a more stratgeic contributor?


Being the Human resource management how will you formulate an effective HRP Process


1. What are your significant functional achievements in the present company? How did they contribute to the total process


What are the key issues that should be addressed in the design, conduct, and evaluation of training programs?


hi, I have received the call letter cum attestation form for the interview,and I have doubts regarding one qualification certificates i am B. Tech in IT so in the qualification should i write graduation or others?plz help me out.


HR generalist position is a key position in advising, assisting and reporting to HR head, in such a case what are your strengths and work attitude?


what i would like to contribute to bhel,s growth


sir, i am serving in indian air force. i have to appear in an personal interview for manager in banks shortly. please provide the ideal answere of the question like introduce your self. and why you want to leave air force and join banking sector. thankyou


how can u evaluate the human resource of your organisation? what are the possible difficulties in perceiving the human resource


. Explain the legal provisions regarding safety of workers.


what is the difference between cold calling and head hunting.


justify your suitability for this position?


This Problem May Arise For Most Of The MBA'S That AFter Studing MBA Which Job SHOULD We Have To Apply HR POINT OF VIEW