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what is the difference between training and development

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what is the difference between training and development..

Answer / jhanvi sharma

training is when you attain some sort of experince under a
supervisor of a particular company and development is a
growth of a individual attaing after training in a
particular feild ................

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what is the difference between training and development..

Answer / prashant srivastava

Training is an event, has beginning and end. Training is given for a short period of time for a specific field or skill. Development is a process, is for long period of time. Development is seen in any one's behaviour,personality or way of doing a work or coping with situtation when learning happens. Development happens when training or experience is used in practical life and in doing a work.

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what is the difference between training and development..

Answer / deepika

Training is the period of learning a new and distinct
ideas,gaining some practical knowledge from the
superior's.Development in the sense,utilize those gained
knowledge with our own skills,own styles in a specific

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what is the difference between training and development..

Answer / manushi

Training is a process through of acquisition of knowledge,
skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of
vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to
specific useful competencies.
Whereas Development includes the total constellation of
psychological, sociological, educational, physical,
economic, and chance factors that combine to influence the
nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of
any given individual.

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what is the difference between training and development..

Answer / guest

training means to provide job related knowledge and
development means enhance the overall personality

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what is the difference between training and development..

Answer / soniya

Training is which the company provide u when u r fresher or
unexperienced and development is the way of working or
talking of anyone.

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