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what is a DLC?[just dont reply its a Dual loop
controller!] Plz do Explain the advantage of DLC over PLC?

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what is a DLC?[just dont reply its a Dual loop controller!] Plz do Explain the advantage of DLC ..

Answer / mirza riaj

Powerline carrier systems (PLC) can be divided into two
segments, a powerline transmission segment and a downstream
powerline distribution network segment.

PLC systems applied to distribution networks have a group of
special technical obstacles that are not experienced in
transmission level PLC. Distribution line carrier (DLC)
signals must propagate through networks that are extremely
hard to model as the networks branch and mesh with each
other while experiencing highly variable levels of loading.
DLC signals must traverse a network that was designed to
carry power signals at 50/60 Hz and are optimized for this
task. Power transformers at PLC frequencies are modelled
primarily, at PLC frequencies, by their leakage reactance
and tend to block DLC signals. Capacitor banks used for
power factor correction present a low-impedance path to
ground and sink DLC signals unless they are trapped out with

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what is a DLC?[just dont reply its a Dual loop controller!] Plz do Explain the advantage of DLC ..

Answer / vvs prasad

Distributed logic control.It is Used in Instrumentation for
automation purpose.

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what is a DLC?[just dont reply its a Dual loop controller!] Plz do Explain the advantage of DLC ..

Answer / manju & raju

THis one Correct

PLC means Programable Logic Controler.
Using PLC in Synchronizing Panel Because Load Sharing Purpus.

I think,

DLC Dual Loop Controle

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