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SGS Interview Questions
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Write a query to find second highest salary of an employee.

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wht do u mean by load in circuit.wht dp u mean by inductive load

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How do you test pop up with LR? My whole application running on pop up. Its a JSP page written on pop up window.

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The Task is that to register a Form into Oracle Apps on a particular responsiblity. - First i moved the FMX & FMB file into the custom_top through FTP - Using Application Developer i registered the Form through Form menu then Function then Menu..... as we do regularly.. - When i get into the particular responsiblity i can see the Form name getting listed. But when i click that to open..... i cant able to see the form. I need any one your help in advicing me...what would be the problem.

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Why Slag comes on top of weld bead & if ur answer is related to density then think of overhead welding if slag is ligter than weld metal then in overhead welding firstly a laye of slag & then a layer of weld metal must be deposited.

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why we have to store the pH electrode in 4.01 buffer ?

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What is the range of UV & vis lamp in spectrophotometer. Dhaval patel

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Why is a dead weight tester so called by that name?

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What does PCU means with respect to Dead Weight Tester?

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why we use sodium salicylate for UV chamber calibration?

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can i use hplc detector to uplc and why?


what happen when the rectifier circuit is connect with the tube light?


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Un-Answered Questions

what are the frame work models of qtp?which frame work you follow in your company?and explain it process?


writte a c prog. to acept 5 no. from consule and then display them back on consulte in ascending order


How to Print a TStringGrid / TDBGrid?


i m going to give an interview for iocl on 5th aug . pls tell me what questions can be answered from metallurgical prospect


What are the different parts of impulse reaction turbine?


In what scenario does the Logical file and Physical file being used?


java pgm for reads a file(text file) and removes all the spaces then the text and write this back into the same file. e.g: (Input) _______ chennai is fourth biggest city in india. (output) _______ chennaiisfourthbiggestcityinindia.


what is the difference between fault current ant short circuit current?


what is capital reserve


TDS & Tax Planning for Employees Up to Form 16 & Form 16 a.


how can I calculate charging current of cable/overhead conductor? what is roll of voltage in it ?


If there are 3 modules what would be test for that three modules but that 3 modules are not developed or what are the test case for that 3 modules


i have made a project i n created a .exe of it after installing it in to any pc, the database (sql express) is not geting accesed i.e the aplication cuts the link of the database, so plz help in this matter.


what is command line compiler.what are the steps and how it is related to debugging.


Where I can Found Cost Reduction Techniques Implemented by Various cement Companies


SGS Interview Questions
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