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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to Make relay co ordination chart for a Electrical power distribution of a plant


sir please tel me how calucalte kwh if home taken load 30ams how maney kwh taken per day.and 3phase motor 5hp per hars how maney load teken and how mach kwh and forward me to electrical table for calicalte kwh and kvr and kvah

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how to calculate the current if i know power in MW and voltage 11kv/415v and also want to know that incoming cables for trnsformer

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How to calculate unit consumption on the basis of load. it correct? kw is motor load.What is unit consumption at 100% load, 50% load & on no load.


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How we can calculate the consumption in kwh of motor on basis of kw @100% load, @50% load & @ no load.



Selection criteria for Vector group in power / distribution transformer.


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If load is 240 kw & pf is 0.8 lagging, than how to increase it from0.8 to 1.0(unit),which rating capacitor used, please give me Calculation. What is effact of consumer & suplier if pf is lagging or leading with on effect machines/ TF/GE etc.


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what is the different between DC & AC load Line.


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tell me about vfd

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Suppose am having the PF value .8, so how can we say that is it lagging or leading?


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how to calculate the multiplication factor in HT incomer trivector meters

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HOW DO I CALCULATE OVER LOAD RELAY & CONTACTOR IN DOL STARTER? & in dol why it is require circuit breaker?


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What is rms value wher it is used??????????

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How do you reverse the direction of rotation of a FAN?


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how can we rotate a single phase motor (without cap.)in reverse direction?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Why neutral is not used in three phases dol starter


What products have you designed which have entered high volume production?


how to calculate insulation level of transformer?


Distinguish between nuclear power station with thermal power station for initial cost, starting period, cleanliness, and transportation of fuel


what is the difference b/w ground & virtual ground?


Can we use shunt trip coil instead of trip coil with protection relay for protection?


in a solar power plant,we are going to step up the voltage 350V to 33kv, and to 132kv GSS. i want to ask that if it is possible that 315v/33kv is not possible because we also use 315v/11kv. or it should be 415v/33kv? is it effects generation or losses?  the second question is-generation is depends on LV winding? or LV winding design for generation voltage?


Proviiding the Dedicated N earth and individual Body Earths ,Finally these all looped /Now my Question :- will it not harm in case of Transformer Fault current flows in Dediacted N Earthing to Looped Body Earthing.


State the methods of improving power factor?


What are the factor to be consider for CT selection in 132kV substation?


Actuality I have at home electrical panel with 220v 50hz, and I want to converter from there to 110v 60hz, to wiring on the half of my house. Also I like to keep another half of my house with the original 220v 50hz. What is the best and safety way to do?


Why Neutral Isolation is required?


How we can recongnise the phase displacement of transformer connection between primary & scondary...plzzz explain it with example.........


How should i design a 1ph & 3 ph transformer. Kindly let meknow all steps and formulaes related to design from scratch.


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)?