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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to Make relay co ordination chart for a Electrical power distribution of a plant


sir please tel me how calucalte kwh if home taken load 30ams how maney kwh taken per day.and 3phase motor 5hp per hars how maney load teken and how mach kwh and forward me to electrical table for calicalte kwh and kvr and kvah

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how to calculate the current if i know power in MW and voltage 11kv/415v and also want to know that incoming cables for trnsformer

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How to calculate unit consumption on the basis of load. it correct? kw is motor load.What is unit consumption at 100% load, 50% load & on no load.


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How we can calculate the consumption in kwh of motor on basis of kw @100% load, @50% load & @ no load.



Selection criteria for Vector group in power / distribution transformer.


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If load is 240 kw & pf is 0.8 lagging, than how to increase it from0.8 to 1.0(unit),which rating capacitor used, please give me Calculation. What is effact of consumer & suplier if pf is lagging or leading with on effect machines/ TF/GE etc.


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what is the different between DC & AC load Line.


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tell me about vfd

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Suppose am having the PF value .8, so how can we say that is it lagging or leading?


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how to calculate the multiplication factor in HT incomer trivector meters

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HOW DO I CALCULATE OVER LOAD RELAY & CONTACTOR IN DOL STARTER? & in dol why it is require circuit breaker?


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What is rms value wher it is used??????????

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How do you reverse the direction of rotation of a FAN?


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how can we rotate a single phase motor (without cap.)in reverse direction?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

We have studied about many techniques for finding the stability of system, ROOT LOCUS, ROUTH, BODE PLOT, POLER PLOT etc. In these which is used where. what are the difference among them... PLZ tell me.......


Why PS class CT is always preferred for Differential protection?


why the electrolyte level in lead acid battery is maintained 2.5 cms above electrodes?


how to apply b license to c license in tneb


What is an iron loss or core loss pi?


which IS or IEC is used for earthing,breakdown voltage of transformer oil, hv/pd testing and all type of electrical testing


what is the voltage between earth to neutral in lift.


What is the difference between Droop vs Isoch Control?


with help of neat sketch explain principle of TIG welding process


What is the use of Surge Capacitor in LAVT?


there is an alternator 480 k.w, 400v,50hz, 4-wire running on load having leakage alternator body earthed current 38 A. is it within acceptable limit? if yes then give reference if no then how to bring within specified limit


Describe the colour rendering properties of i) tungsten filament lamps ii) tubular fluorescent lamp


What is the loss of transformer of 220kv/11kv, 63/80 MVA and 18.05% impedance


7- What is the Dissipation Factor and the difference between it and Insulation Resistance Test? 8- What is the task (function) of DC and AC reactors in power plant? 9- What is the task (function) of (open delta with earthed) in some types in transformers? 10- What is the base of the selection of the vector group in transformers? 11- What is the zig-zag transformer and its function by drawing in large detail? 12- What is the polarity ? 13- Why we make short between phase(R) in high side and phase (r) in low side in vector group test? Where High Side ( R ,S and T ) and Low Side ( r ,s and t ). 14- What are the time on delay and time off delay? 15- What is the vector group? 15- What is the task (function) of different types of vector group such as Dyn11 , Dd0 , YNd1,……..,?


what happens when dc generator coupled with cycle shaft.also explain what happens when its loaded