Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Does RCCB do the job of MCB? Lets take 16A RCCB. it trips when residual current exceeds 30mA. does it trip in an over current situation, i.e when current exceeds 16A ??

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In 3phase power= Root*3*v*i*cos@ What is the power in 2phase....??? and Derive it


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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?

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how to calculate voltage drop in long distance cable? for an e.g lamp of 12 volt ac ,300watt is 90 meter away from supply i.e (x'mer 230 v / 12v)and i m getting 8 volts at lamp terminal ....

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how you can select circuit breaker for 2000kva transformer?


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What are the applications that use Solid State Drives in your home?


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In between UPS out going changer over switch and ups raising main input, both side cable gland producing heat but the cable doesn't get heat,Why?


what is the function of generator exciter


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One of the advantages of HRC fuse links is that they can be used to back up equipment with an inadequate rupture rating. briefly discuss what this means

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What is meant by the KA-rating of a circuit breaker? In this regard, discuss the stresses experienced by the circuit breakers

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In Battery Charger - What is the meaning of End Cell Voltage and Float Voltage.

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How to Calculate the maximum Demand required for a connected load for a manufacturing Plant

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How to design harmonic filter at the project stage without nowing the harmonics levels


How to connect a Restricted earth fault relay for 2000KVA,11/0.433 KV Distribution Transformer and What is the neutral CT ratio should be selelcted for 2000 MVA Transformer for estabilishing the Restricted earth fault relay

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What will be the current drawn by HT motor, if low voltage is applied.. any formula to calculate the LT amps of HT motor.?


If a 3 phase induction motor is in off condition in the conveyor and rotor of the motor keeps moving with the conveyor than the resistance of windings of motor varies. why is it so ??


In the N-series schneider reclosers. What is the difference between current during fault time and current at tripping? This appears in the Event log in an event of a trip out.


In a power conditoining unit (inverter) of a solar plant when we measure the d.c. current fed by different strings of solar plates to inverter, the current in the negative wire is less almost by 1 ampere to the current in its positive wire say current in positive wire 5 A , then current in negative wire of the same string is 4 A. Since the current entering should be equal to current leaving then why the current is noticably less in negative wire.


How Calculet The UPS AH In Load


What is dynamo?How it works and what is the function of dynamo in a DG.


What should be the magnetic balance test values for a 3 phase delta/star connected single primary dual secondary winding transformer (90 MVA / 2 X 45 MVA TRANSFORMER)


what is sevice settings for mccb?How can be it setted?


Draw torque - speed curve and load curve of induction motor? mark operating point ?


if the number of poles generated in stator and rotor side of an induction motor are different then what will happen and why?


What is touch potential and step potential?


how can i find ct ratio of meter by seeing name plate of meter and how it should be used in MF calculation if it shows only-/1???


in HT service 3ph 4 wire service Y-phase voltage shows zero . whether it is meter fault? or what be the reason ? if y-ph voltage zero ,can current is recorded? reasons for failure?


what is meant by the phrase 'static load' in case of shorting in a generator excitation system?


if we give 60 hz single phase supply to the transformer used in europe , than what will happen