Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how can we chack a capacitor in acircuit

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how can we chacke adiod in a circuit

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what are the different pre- commissioning tests performed on distribution transformer, power cable and switchgear?????


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what is V.L.F. testing of power cable? do you know the voltage ratings, like for what rating and size of cable what rating of V.L.F. testing is used?



what is power factor ?


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difference between ac and dc generators

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name 3 measuring instrument used in transformers

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what is JE exam?


I am an electrical power engineer and arranged power system for a data center, I installed MCB, ELCB and erthing system TN-C-S. But some times several ELCBs Disconnect circuits at the same time! what may be the reason? (the ELCBs are 25A ,30mA)

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what is the disadvantage if earth is connected to neutral

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If we connect the capacitor banks for DG set for maintainig the power factor, it will effect to alternator windings??????????

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How can calculate the efficency of the rectifier. input 240V AC, current 5 amps,P.F 0.98, Output is 54 V DC,62.6 A.

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In case of 11kV dual delta bank what are the recommended protections with specific CT / VT requirements? The capacitor bank is to be connected to the main 11kV switchgear from where the H.V.Motors and auxiliary 440V loads.

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whatis the difference between electrical and electronics?

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Hai I have 2500KVA,Transformer,13.8KV/380.DELTA/STAR.How much load that I can take interms of current?How can I calculate also when I have loads in KW?


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how many stairs have you climbed while you were coming


difference between servo motor and synchronous motor


will there be any problem by recovering slip from single phase induction motors?


Dear All we are having a problem in G120 BOP showing alarm A0503, F0052, F0060 we can not remove fault alarm ,Please any body help us. kowsar


what the function breaker failure scheme, how is it operated


I completed iti in2004 I was worked in A grade contractor can I get c licence


can anyone tell me can the electromagnetic waves can be reflected back?if so how &by which material it can be reflected back?please tell me so that it can help to my wireless power trasnmission device.


Explain forward resistance, static resistance and dynamic resistance of a pn junction diode.


How to test the vector group of a Yd11 transformer? what are the relations to be checked between various vectors to confirm this vector group?


Why neutral cable carry current.


how to synchronize 3 phase slip ring induction motors of different ratings.


Mention what are the different colors on wires indicates?


why the name trunking bus PT


How we can change the direction of rotation of Induction motor? Prove it using graphical


why is control bus bi-directional?