Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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How can you prepare 0.1% Phosphate buffer solution?

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wat is the role of michelson interferometer in FTIR and He-Ne lase.detailed answer required in simple language

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difference between quality and quantity

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why we get only one peak in assay by hplc but in rs by hplc get more peaks

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In performance Check of GC Why Hexadecane Peak is Considered 

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Is it required to inject 6 injections for % RSD of a system suitability in lc or gc

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Why do we use KCl ,K2Cr207,Toulene & Halonium oxide for the caliberation of UV


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what is rt and rrt? how we find rrt? relation between rt and rrt/


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why the ph scale range is 1 t0 14 and why not beyond 14 and not to below 1?

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What is method validation in quality control



Why we use uracil and caffeine in hplc calibration

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If mass balance is not passing in forced degradation in method validation that method is suitable or not?

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Why we compare unequal concentrated solutions in heavy metals test. For example comparing the test solution with 1 ppm lead standard and telling it's less than 20ppm?

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What is the reason for negative peak in HPLC while using UV detector.

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What is the reason of RT change in new column v/s old column in HPLC


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how can give the expiry period and restadardisation of volumetric solution


what type of question will ask in the interview of lab chemist.


What are modes of quantification in related substances


How to decide assay range for non pharmacopeial API analysis by HPLC? Could you give me any reference for same e.g Guidelines or Paper publications?


What is third generation HPLC Columns?


from where i get mortar pastle for glass bottle crush? it's required for testing of it?


As per ICH related substances stability trend limit from initial to shelf life


What is the difference between known and unknown impurities?


mode of absorption in alimentary canal?


Why Ethanol is Used for Standardization of GC Head space?


why we are using benzene, anyline in acetic anhdride assay titration method?


how the compound separate in coulunm,explain


why glutent are detected in the rice cereal baby food product even manufacturer claimed that they are using rice and milk only?we have using ELISA to do the test,and rice supposed not containing any glutent,rite?We already repeat the test so many times and it still detected.just wondering where the glutent came from?


While performing TOC sst analysis Zero shift disabled & sample analysis zero shift enabled why?


what is difference between UV - VISIBLE MODEL NO like 1600,1601,1700 etc ? plz explain me