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  • Wockhardt interview questions (24)

Wockhardt Interview Questions
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How do you establish working relationships with new people?

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what is the significant achievement in your life

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how do we mail reports from SAS environment to our team leader

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what are the advantages of using SAS in clinical data mangement? why should not we use other software products in managing clinical data?

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what are the new features included in the new version of SAS i.e., SAS9.1.3?

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How to determine the authorization a user-required for executing particular transaction(s)?

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What is the differance between change deviation and change controle with respect to QA?

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what have u been doing for the past six months?

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What is Electrical Engineering?

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u r now executive tomorrow ur going to become frontline manager 5 sub-ordinates under u. two of them are ur friends and three of them r seniors to u. how u will handle them?


what is the role of frontline manager in pharma sales?

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why KBr is used in FTIR SPECTROSCOPY and why is it necessary to triturate KBr during FTIR analysis?

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what is the major definition and difference between uniformity of content and content uniformity as official test for all tablets?

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what is the complete calibration of gas chromatography with head space?

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How you develop a method in HPLC?


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i am pursing iam interested in applying for the post of drug inspector piz give me ideas how to pepare and if you have model papers plzzzzzzzzzzz do send me sir my email id is


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Wockhardt Interview Questions
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