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MSN Pharma Interview Questions
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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv

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what is difference of uv and pda

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HOw to submit a job from other user id.? for exp some other job name like "t4622sdx".now i want to submit that job from my user id?(we don't know that location at all Just we know job name)

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From peak purity spectrum, where or at which point peak purity angle & purity threshold is checked?

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Does we get same value by LOD and KF titeration of a single sample

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What is the differance Between Calibration & Validation

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How we can determine OOT limit in Stability

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In Stability testing if significant change occur then what is the action plan?

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In case of HPLC coloums what is the difference Between C8 & C18 coloums & how can we select difference type of coloums like Inertial ODS , Hypersil BDS , ODS etc.?

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In Related Substances Test how we can reside the limit of impurity ?

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Which charcoal is used to decolourise the raw sugar?

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how do we get usp reference standard potency?

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Retention time & Relative Retention time Definition & between difference? How to Calculate response factor(RF) & relative response factor(RRF)?

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why are using toluene in uv calibraion in resolution performance

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Is there any difference in principal of reverse phase and normal phase chromatography? and why? Please update. Thank and regard

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MSN Pharma Interview Questions
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