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Micro Labs Interview Questions
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What are the different forms of EVALUATE statement?

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A helicopter drops two trains, each on a parachute, onto a straight infinite railway line. There is an undefined distance between the two trains. Each faces the same direction, and upon landing, the parachute attached to each train falls to the ground next to the train and detaches. Each train has a microchip that controls its motion. The chips are identical. There is no way for the trains to know where they are. You need to write the code in the chip to make the trains bump into each other. Each line of code takes a single clock cycle to execute. You can use the following commands (and only these); MF - moves the train forward MB - moves the train backward IF (P) - conditional that's satisfied if the train is next to a parachute. There is no "then" to this IF statement. GOTO

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what is the diffirence between deviation and change control? at what situations we can raise the deviation and change control

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one boy is blind,deaf&dumb and also uneducated. one girl loves him. she has to propose without touching him. how is this solved?

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I want to start my own Business. I want to taken C&F. Can some body guide me what is the prosess for that.


what is the difference between BDS and ODS Columens and both are same or not

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What are the limits for uniformity dosage content for tablets and capsules

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Why sodium lamp is used in polarimeter?

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what is the capital expenditure

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Why sulfuric acid is used in sulphated ash / residue on ignition test.

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why disodium tartarate is used for autotitrator calibration

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what is mean by Q in S1 and S2

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When we r doing processing method for sst in Empower software by HPLC, What value has to give in void volume and as per which pharmacopia!

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what is mean by theoritical plates(not formula) ?

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