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Mylan Interview Questions
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Least no. when divide by 7 gives remainder 6, 6 gives 5, 5 gives 4 and so on ?

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Do you know what Trace metal clean technique is?describe that technique?

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what is the diffirence between deviation and change control? at what situations we can raise the deviation and change control

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What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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which pharmacopeoia mentions that caffiene is used as a standard for HPLC calibration? which other standardscan be used for the same?

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Why do we use 0.005M h2so4 solution for preparation of k2cr2o7 solution for UV calibration?

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Shall i get the model question papers for junior lecture of Andhra pradesh


what is limit of FDS In Related Substances?

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If you have given an unknown compound how you develope a hplc analysis method for anlysis?

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Explain about Low pressure gradient and High Pressure gradient systems in HPLC?

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Why sodium lamp is used in polarimeter?

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How you collect dissolution media while in stirring condition of a basket or a paddle?

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why we use prednisone tablet in chemical callibration of dissolution apparatus?

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During Validation study, Recovery is passing at all levels but Linearity is failing. Justify?

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difference b/w sonication and homozinization?

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Mylan Interview Questions
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