Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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In burette calibration of Karl fischer Instrument, the multiplication factor 1.00693 is using for how much ml of water dispenced. why

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how can we decide the limit of cleaning validation? What is the criteria for it?


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What is difference between Related Substance & Impurity Profile?

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Why we are injecting low load standard conc. while analysing Related Substances by HPLC?

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why wetlab is called as wetlab

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In UV-VIS spectrophotometer:My diluent is methanol even though i corrected base line for methanol,In my sample scan i found methanol peak.what is the reason?

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What is the diffrence between the performing of LOD ordinary drying at voven and vaccum method.


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How can we calibrate the burette dispencing capacity in metrorm kf titration calibration

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how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.


in hplc calibration we are using 0.05% acetone why we are using that one and what happen when its conc increases or decreases

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loss on drying we applied vaccum for some compounds and some compounds are at 105c why

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why we are calibrating autopolarimeter with quartz control plates

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what is the different in Total ash, sulphated ash, acid insoluble ash, alcoholic or non alcoholic ash?

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why we use TLC?

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why disodium tartarate is used for autotitrator calibration

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Why potassium dichromate is used in calibration of uv?


In HPLC Calibration, On which basis RSD Limit of noise test is fixed (NMT 33.0 % )


What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.


what is partion and column chromatography


how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.


What is the acceptance criteria for moisture balance when calibrated with sodium sulfate




What is the difference between Discriminating media and DPDM(Dissolution Profile with Different Media)


why sre you used Potassium hydrogen phthalate in standarisation of 1N NaOH and 0.1 N Perchloric Acid?


What is the main difference between ODS1 and ODS2 Hplc column.


How to determine water content of bis tetrazole amine mono ammonium salt


How will u perform degradation study in detectors other thann PDA in HPLC Methodology


from where i get mortar pastle for glass bottle crush? it's required for testing of it?


How they found 1mL of K.F reagent is equivalent to 5mg of water and if we change the composition of K.F reagent, is it can neutralize more amount of water?


what is the origin to prepare standard operating procedure