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Neuland Interview Questions
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Describe about pH indicating plates?


what does optical rotation and specific rotataion means,difference between them

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why the sucrose used in calibration of polarimeter

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In KF Standardisation Why We using Disodium Tartarate?

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How to convert toulene to Benzyl amine?

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What is meant by coupling constant?

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what is the importance of peak purity in HPLC and how we can calculate through manul(not software)?


What is the difference between Primay and Secondry Standard ?

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What is the difference between the optics of UV and PDA Detectors ?

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How to establish pKa for a new API molecule ?

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What is the Deference between Bulk density & Tap density ?

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what is difference between polarity and dipolemoment

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in determination of(acetone) moister content we are using methanol replaced by pyredine.what hapend in that reaction.

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what is differance between density and specificgravaty

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what is defferance between dipolemoment and polarity

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