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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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if a.c supply is given to the motor,, what happen?


what factor is necessary during design of HT & LT MOTORS.

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In Plug used in house,Why Earth of the plug more thicker & deeper?

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Why corona takes place?

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what do you mean by the "bay" in a switchyard? how to determine exact number of bays in a substation?

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howmany insolaters needed in 66kv line

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why the transformers are rated in kv not kw?

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what are the duty ratings in DG sets?

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single phase can run in PVC conduit. Three phase can also run in one PVC conduit. But two phase cannot run in one PVC conduit. WHY? reply plz....awaiting your answer.

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1.why ACB is not connected in HT side what Happens? much voltage maintained in ACB breaker? 3.OLTC is connected in primary side in case secondary side connected what happened?

3 6728 many types of relays? 2.difference between ATS& STS?


Ns=120f/p. what is 120?

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why transformer rating is expressed in kva.

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Earth Is a very good conductor or very good insulator.? If a good conductor then why current donot flow through small piece f earth and if a good insulator then why we use it as return path in lines.???

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what are the sections in a high voltage system(eg:incomer,buscoupler,isolator

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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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