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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the quantity of cement,sand and aggregate in 600*600*1600 mm in 1:4:8

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What is the significance of Hook's in stirrups.

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Technical Question of Civil Engineering


how to calculate the 45 degree bent up length. if we given that whether the total length of the slab reinforcement will increase or not. mantion it clearly please. this is for bar bending schedule purpose?

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what is the multiplying factor for diffrent types of pcc/rcc ratios?

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Weather we heat cement, will it changes its color? if yes why? if no why?

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what is the amount of absorption of slurry in shuttering ply board. what is the amount of slurry leakage allowed for 1 m3 of concrete.


What are types of mixs ?

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what is meant by expansion joints in concrete structures?

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How Calculate Lap Length

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what is mail role & relationship between senior Civil engineer to consultants , Construction manager ,project manager, project engineer ,Technical engineer & qa/qc engineer ? what is the responsibilites of Senior Civil Engineer?


how to calculate concrete qty for footing using M25 grade 1:1:2 for 731 cft.

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how much cement is required for 100 sft plastering of ratio 1:4

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how much shuttering oil required for 100 sqm shuttering?

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In which code the the maximum height of concrete casting has been explained


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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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