different between grounding & earthing?

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / nandhakumar

grounding is connecting of all terminals to the neutral.but
earthing is made to provide saftey for the home appliances

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / jigyesh sharma

grounding is power system grounding...ie connecting netural
point to earth...

where as earthing is...proctection against....faults on
body of equipment...

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / pavunraj.p

Earthing is the main source to protect the system which
consists of various devices by connecting to the ground
whereas grounding is the process of connecting all the
devices to a common point which is the earthing point.

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / ahmadmukhtiar

Grounding is used as a reference which may not be exactly 0
volts. Whereas Earthing is the direct connection of the
neutral to earth that is 0 volts. Grounding may contain
voltage with reference to earth.

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / dipak thumar-baroda

grounding and earthing both are for providing path for
electrical current to earth but grounding is for return
current either from neutral or for some protective schemes
where as earthing is for leakage current under healthy

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / abdul

earthing: to provide low impedence path for currents to flow
grounding: to provide ref or zero voltage to a network

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / kumar manish

Earthing: It is done for the protection of human life/ user
of an electrical equipment. It simply means connecting all
the metallic parts of an electrical equipment to the earth
potential. Even in the absence of any backup protection if
a phase/ live wire is shorted with the metallic part of the
equipment body; as the user and the equipment will be at
the same potential and hence will not get any shock!
Grounding: It is purposely done to create a zero potential
in a live circuit. Commonly it is the neutral in a circuit
that is grounded, one good reason is the detection of an
earth fault in a grounded power system. In electronics
circuit it is done to avoid unnecessary noise(voltage build
up) in the circuits due to Radio Frequencies.

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / jigar desai

earthing is a point at where there may be a potential but grounding is a point where there is only zero potential

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / vijay kumar

both are different, in grounding we need not connect to earth. we can call one common point as ground. whereas in earthing body of the electrical equipment should physically connected to earth...

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different between grounding & earthing?..

Answer / yp singh

any expert here, totally confused. Please give the right

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