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Client have one Asset for follow one depreciation method after one year client wants to change the depreciation method,is it possible?if it is possible tell me about the process?       0  10
how to calculate the sand quantity for please work 1:3    0  10
theoretically, i know the difference between the three types of RFQ (Catalog, Standard, and Bid), but all i need is a practical example for each one to understand the differences. I'll appreciate your responses.      0  13
Cisco vs HP vs IBM vs Dell    1  19
Why you change job in March this time is increment time    0  55
what is negative marketing ? what are its positive and negative impacts in market ?    0  50
What is the procedure to get TIN number and CST number.     0  35
what is the dynamic model of inventory control?    0  36
Competitive advantage based on differentiation derives from? A) Being the lowest cost producer in the industry and offering the lowest prices B) Having the broadest range of different goods and services in the industry C) Having processes and systems, which are different from competitors D) Offering products or services, which offer different benefits from competitors' and which are valued by buyers.    2  57
whats KPI and kinds of KPIs    0  39
Do you manage supply chain risk?    0  40
Where can I study SCM?    1  57
Is there a typical career path in SCM?    1  58
What kinds of jobs (and salaries) are available for SCM graduates?    1  54
What challenges do companies face as they try to improve SCM?    1  64
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Un-Answered Questions
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i finished my garment production and chemical processing .now i am pursuing mba finance.suppose if interviewer asks me why did u study mba finance after ur B.Sc, what to answer. 407
why you did'nt select in campus placement ? 398
For How many days salary is paid ? for how many days wages is paid ? 650
How much of a stock option pool is being set aside for employees? - Venture Capitalists 23
What are the techniques you used to handle procrastination? 487
which steps would you take in improving our supervisors' ability to hire the best possible candidates? 579 doin ma project in retail banking n ma topic s "study of performance of various retail loan produts in a bank"...can any1 throw light on developing a questionnaire on this... it shd include the diff categories of loans in it Thanxxx in advance 394
I did my BSc(Hons.)biosciences.I want to do MBA(HR)i got 5084 rank.Is my option correct please suggest.Please guide me with some information about the colleges where i can join 449
What are the key issues that should be addressed in the design, conduct and evaluation of training programs? 350
Hr excutive related Question for job 351
I have a pending interview question with a company that requires a written response - "We also request that you share your personal short, mid and long term financial aspirations with the company" Have a short answer but curious on thoughts on best answer here? 364
2. Explain the Sales Promotion in marketing and also how HLL and P&G are doing their promotion of products in India with suitable examples. 1276
what is crocodile marketing? 617
Human resource management in retailing business 349
Can anybody give me the best experience of their in grievance handling? 1116
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