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give us reasons why should we select you    0  68
why do you want to work in UL    0  51
The process of discovering relationships using data analytics tools, such as statistical software, statistical graphing, and mapping software is referred to as pattern mapping.    0  67
jam topic on nuclear family vs. joint family    0  99
how can i get a loan    0  41
How I can maintain Generator battery, Where to buy at best price?    0  62
What are your long term and short term career goals ? What has influenced your thinking while evaluating your career options    0  119
One of our Sundry Debtor paid the Bill amount to our sundry creditor. What is the accounting principle. Which is the use Voucher in TALLY?    0  51
Can any body explain about man and machine calculation? especially in pharma sector.    0  64
Problem about Huawei S5700 in eNSP    1  94
Accounting concepts are broad basic assumptions that underlie the periodic financial accounts of business enterprises. Discuss    0  101
How are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to overcome the recession period?    0  167
I want to do m.b.a in finanace after b.a in hindi medium.    0  90
What steps would you take to achieve your sales targets?    2  669
i want to do sap course as i am fresher(mba hr) is it usefull to do sap hr without experience    0  106
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Un-Answered Questions
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Give me an example of how you convinced someone to do something that they were not too keen on doing. 178
In SAP Business Objects XI R3.1,4.0 Central Configuration Manager is down means what we have to do? 2452
what is indirect selling in case of small scale IT company? 631
What are the Principles of HR Management? 541
Define discount orientation & upscale orientation 2089
what is your technique of selling? How do u manage distributor? How do u manage stock in SS? 636
What would you like to accomplish through MBA program? 1533
Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed? 416
What is green-shoe oprion? 436
rational decision making steps 757
What experience have you had in personnel administration? 893
what is the driving force in an organisation that will enable personnel management to its continuous improvement and achievement? 522
What control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs? 413
what are the key tasks for production planner? 2778
theoretically, i know the difference between the three types of RFQ (Catalog, Standard, and Bid), but all i need is a practical example for each one to understand the differences. I'll appreciate your responses.   120
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