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How to migrate the weblogic domains Existing physical box to New box ? Assume:I have 2 Domains and 5 ms servers and i have deploy the application in managed servers in cluster Envirolment how to migrated? any budy give me steps ?    0  86
What is LDAP and how to configure LDAP server to weblogic server? any budy give me steps    0  64
What is the life-cycle of an object?    1  304
How is object created in java?    3  235
What is an object in Java and what are its benefits?    2  201
What is Difference between Serializable and Externalizable in Java serialization?    1  196
What is difference between compatible and incompatible changes in serialization?    1  152
What is deserialization and how do we do deserialization?    3  144
What is serialVersionUID and what is its need?    1  155
How do we make a class serialize?    3  152
Why do we need main method to execute a java program?    1  220
What is difference between overloading and overriding?    2  348
Describe OOP in java?    2  228
What are the uses of final, finally and finalize in java?    1  159
Are the equals() and hashCode() protected methods of object class?    1  148
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is an isolation level? 1123
Can we call virtual funciton in a constructor ? 591
What is the main functionality of the remote reference layer? 303
we have syntax like for(int var : arrayName) this syntax is to find whether a number is in the array or not.but i want to know how to find that number's location. 494
What are the configuration files for iPlanet/SunOne? 131
How to configure SSL in iPlanet/SunOne? 166
difference between  ejb,struts,hibernate,spring and jsp 667
Name the components that are termed to be Heavy-weight component but available in Light-weight components? 962
hi friends, i have done my BE(CSE)at 2011 then i have joined one company before they asked me 50k so i paid but now they telling no project here so we r going to close like that so now i need any job i have good knowledge in core java and j2ee(jsp,servlet,jdbc) so if u know any job pl help me 605
What are JTA/JTS and how they used by client? 699
os is developed in c no java is more secured then c na why dont the os developed is developed using java 2086
hi am an engineering student and my next plan is for ms in either in us or australia i got my passport but i dont know anything bout visa can u give brief idea 1)How to get prepared for visa and 2)How to apply for top universities and 3)How to pay the fee and so on These all are basic questions plz give me a clear idea 486
How to Set message priority levels? 59
For ease of programming you can consider the maze as a 2D array with colors represented by below integer and characters (in capital letters). • B - Black • W -White • G- Green • R- Red R B W B W W W W W W B W B B W W W W W W W B W B W W W B W W W W B B W W W B W W W B W W B B B B W B W B W W B W W W B W W W B B B W W B W W W B W W B W B W W W B W B W W W W B B W W W W B W W W W W G Shortest Route Problem: • Solution that finds the shortest Route between Red and Green  White will have 1 Weight.  Red and Green carry no weights.  Shortest path is the path with less weight when you add up the weights in the path. 561
what is meant by proxy server 2616
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