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Tell me the programme for this @ 1 2 @ @ @ 1 2 3 4    1  237
why static class in java or what is use of static class in java    2  883
why static class in java    0  202
If SSL is configured then which key is send to the client?    2  665
How to migrate the weblogic domains Existing physical box to New box ? Assume:I have 2 Domains and 5 ms servers and i have deploy the application in managed servers in cluster Envirolment how to migrated? any budy give me steps ?    0  317
What is LDAP and how to configure LDAP server to weblogic server? any budy give me steps    1  239
What is the life-cycle of an object?    1  1813
How is object created in java?    4  1310
What is an object in Java and what are its benefits?    3  906
What is Difference between Serializable and Externalizable in Java serialization?    1  776
What is difference between compatible and incompatible changes in serialization?    1  671
What is deserialization and how do we do deserialization?    3  595
What is serialVersionUID and what is its need?    1  590
How do we make a class serialize?    3  649
Why do we need main method to execute a java program?    1  760
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Un-Answered Questions
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Is there any way to find whether software installed in the system is registered by just providing the .exe file? I have tried the following code but its just displaying the directory structure in the registry. Here the code : package com.msi.intaller; import java.util.Iterator; import ca.beq.util.win32.registry.RegistryKey; import ca.beq.util.win32.registry.RootKey; public class RegistryFinder { public static void main(String... args) throws Exception { RegistryKey.initialize(RegistryFinder.class.getResource("jRe gistryKey.dll").getFile()); RegistryKey key = new RegistryKey(RootKey.HKLM, "Software\\ODBC"); for (Iterator<RegistryKey> subkeys = key.subkeys(); subkeys.hasNext();) { RegistryKey subkey =; System.out.println(subkey.getName()); // You need to check here if there's anything which matches "Mozilla FireFox". } } } 386
How to display names of all components in a Container? 1306
What is isolation level? How to set it? 675
Tell me about your ability to work under pressure 661
EDS (Electronic Data Systems India Pvt Ltd) at Chennai on 16-12-2006. 7131
what is server side caching? 588
How vendor Naming registry supports JNDI? 817
How data can be inserted into long row column of database? 807
why Bean class implements all business method of Remote interface but bean bean class not implements the remote interface 969
what is the Relationship between EJB and CORBA architecture? 2293
What is inner class?what is the use of inner class?where we create the object for inner class? and inner class can extend any class or inner class can implement any interface? 600
Realized? 558
How to connect to a remote database using Applet? 1023
when a request is generated from apache tomcat 5.5 and goes to oracle 10g or mysql,,, how the oracle or mysql reads the request as apache is a web server and oracle 10g is application server? when the oracle 10g provides response, how the apche tomcat reads it??? 672
what is the meaning of following code snippets Class c=class.forName(driverClassName); Driver d=(driver)c.newInstance(); 2250
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