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java is pure object-oriented programming language?why it is platform independent.    1  16
How to define a constant variable in Java?    1  18
For technical interview question please sir send me because tomorrow my interview    1  56
what is ABSTRACTION and what are using in real time project?    1  47
ublic class Java_Coding_Samples { public static void JavaHungr(NumberFormatException ae){ System.out.println("integer"); } public static void JavaHungry(Exception e){ System.out.println("string"); } public static void JavaHungry(ArithmeticException ae){ System.out.println("object"); } public static void main(String[] args) { JavaHungry(null); }    0  77
what is the difference between static class and singleton class? can we create static class?    2  284
how do you Handle Front End Application data against DB with example?    0  151
difference between HashMap, Hashset and hashTable?    2  188
difference between Abstract and Interface?    1  158
How do you iterate in Hashmap?    0  93
difference. between List and Set?    2  150
what are getters and setters in Java with examples?    0  86
what is the Scope of Final Keyword in Java?    1  126
What is the difference between Super and This Keyword?    3  119
What is the difference between static and non-static with examples?    0  92
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Un-Answered Questions
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How database connectivity in XML is achieved? 666
How do you implement polymorphism in our day to day life? 1489
Difference between error and exception 2255
In how many ways we can install SSL certs in Websphere Application server and how can we troubleshoot incase of any issues/problems? 2186
there are N number of matchboxes numbered 1...N.each matchbox contain various number of stick.Two player can alternatevely pick some amount of stick from the higest stick containing box . The player is condidered win if there is no stick after his move.Find the final move so that the move player win. Note:In case the number of stick is equal ,pick the stick from the higest numbered box. 441
what is mean by ooad? where we are using? can you tell me any real time example? 1065
Hi frnd can i any one kindly can post for me portlet,hibernate and spring example application and with flow explantion configuration using Jdeveloper.and related links ar tutorials kindly please send me .its urgent for me .thanks in advance...........else can any one send to 638
What is correlated subquery? 657
In a container there are 5 components. I want to display all the component names, how will you do that? 453
A user of a web application sees a jsessionid argument in the URL whenever a resource is accessed. What does this mean? a. The form must have the field jsessionid b. URL rewriting is used as the session method c. Cookies are used for managing sessions 761
Explain the OOPS concept in Realtime Scenarion ? Take example as CAR. Please explain indetail ? 1172
please send me hr interview questions in it industry 474
What is table mutation and how do you avoid it? 798
what is the role of xml in core java?? and how we can use it?? can somebody give a sample program with explanation and from where i can read more about xml????? 614
Write an algorithm program in java for the following question.. 1) S is a set of integers.X is an integer obtained by sum of two digits in S. Write logic for whether or not the X is from the S. The time of algorithm should not exceed o(n logn). 484
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