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Un-Answered Questions
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I want the details about BHEL company examination.Can anyone able to help me please. 393
My broker placed 105 of my shares in Margin Account. he states "verbal auth." How do I return 105 shares back into my regular account. These are great stocks. 386
any one please send me any test case examples with tabular columns in manual testing 503
What is the use of Hyperlink control for DHTML applications? 387
how will one calculate TDS when the bill is with service tax (SAY an AMC bill ) and what treatment will be there when it is a rent bill with service tax. is there any rules in income tax as to deduct double taxation?? pls help with rules sir 351
"how can we find the approximate quantity of materials using in a building or total Expenditure in percentage for rough estimate after known the construction area(sqm)".please if you know something about that please post the answer. 246
what is SAP and its use ? 750
Between macros and functions,which is better to use and why? 398
Why use ISDN? 21
wat is test management ?what are the components available in test management? 346
What is DAO? 450
i wanted to know about questions about c,c++ , which is required for placements.... im a fresher 452
is there any thumb rule for calculating construction cost of the building with pile foundation per sft. area? 1810
Suppose you need to conduct a small marketing research study in your neighborhood regarding the purchase and use of detergent powders. What will be your approach in the process? (4 marks) 1004
Brand has become an important aspect of Business. What are the advantages of building a Brand and what steps are available under IPR to protect its ownership? 790
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