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Un-Answered Questions
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why do u want to become a manager 1434
Write the fetch cycle and execute cycle for following instructions:JMPNZ (jump to the given address if the accumulator not equal to zero) RET(return from a subroutine) ADB (add the contents of register B to the accumulator and save result in the accumulator). 558
what is the procedure to apply for the drug inspector post in andhra pradesh 550
I plan to buy a new flat in Hyderabad which has never been registered before. Area of the flat is 1115 Sq. ft. I intend to know the following things.1.) what should be the amount of registration?.2.) Is there any VAT. If there is VAT what is the percentage?.3.) Is there any service tax. If so, what should be the percentage? as per F.Y 12-13 rule 826
what is the diffrence betwen primary pumps and secondary pumps in aircoditioning field 471
Given a number (N), program to check whether its binary form has periodic or not 484
Please send me rbi previous exam paper with ans for group B at 628
Which types of quections asked in interview for FORMULATION PLANT (PHARMA) 3669
Hi All, Can any one please send me the difference between informatica 7i and 8i versions, Thanks in advance. vinod 448
Write a routine to implement the polymarker function. 845
hii sir. how will CAE/CFD courses useful to freshers? is this courses useful to getting job in automobile industry? plz give rply.. 285
why microbiology failed to experience a period of growth after the reports of Leeuwenhoek? 410
paid two years rent N1200, bought Motor van for cash N3000 283
i m a frsh chemical engineer now i m confuse to attend the interview so anybody pls send model question papers to this 519
Why mostly the HV side of transformer has Delta? 1158
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