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How to perform I/O on Sockets?


diff between AMD64 and intel P4


What are you career plans for next five years.


Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you Handle that situation


1.orders for a computer are summarized by the additional features and are requested as follows; Proportion of order No features 0.3 One feature only 0.5 More than one feature 0.2 find; 1. what is the probability that an order requests at least one feature? 2. what is the probability that an order does not request more than one feature?


What is the differance between Project report & CMA Data?


How to make security authorization reports?


What tests should i carry over on a newly rewinded DC Generator with voltage rating of 38 volts and current rating of 350 amps, to certify that the machine is OK?


How to Convert ASCII files to Paradox tables?


What are the inventory report to check inventory status.


Sir im priyanka im selected apsrtc traffic superviser trainee written test..now they conduct interview for me.. what type questions they asked? how i can prepare for that? plz give information about the interview.my mail id m.priya44@gmail.com


What is WEB 3.0? What are the features their in WEB3.0


he working principle of milk analyzer?how it is calculating Fat and Snf?


HELP my visa interview was on 21st dec...n i got denied reason being that my siblings are there. They are legal permanent residents who have settled there...the visa officer deined me the visa saying that i wont come back as my siblings also went on F-1 visa. I am planning to apply again reply to this plzzzzzzzzz


what is the subprime?explain it.