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jam topic on nuclear family vs. joint family    0  99
What is Bank Guarantee?    2  656
what is bridge finance    3  1304
Client have one Asset for follow one depreciation method after one year client wants to change the depreciation method,is it possible?if it is possible tell me about the process?       1  214
how to calculate the sand quantity for please work 1:3    0  135
Budgetary control? cash profit? cash credit? live stock?    1  481
strategic alliance    1  194
1. Find the number, when 15 is subtracted from 7 times the number, the result is 10 more than twice of the number 5 15 7.5 4    1  464
What is the link between the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement?    2  584
my client wont maintain customer wise credit control area how we maintain credit control customer wese?    0  794
what is the limitations of cash credit account    0  1384
what is the difference between trading cash credit account and manufacturing cash credit account    0  598
What are three report formats that are available in Excel?    4  6332
Financial Instrument For Lease/Sale ( BG, SBLC, MTN)    0  848
what is tertiary sales    2  912
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Un-Answered Questions
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Brand has become an important aspect of Business. What are the advantages of building a Brand and what steps are available under IPR to protect its ownership? 817
profit centres 387
what are the activities made during multi currency handling 391
Suppose to top five gainers on BSE same company can loser on NSE? 602
how financial and instututional development affects financing of large and small firms? Are the financing patterns of small firms different from those of the large firms? 421
what is mean by Ratio analysis in the orgnations? 697
CASE STUDY:- Assume you an insurance consultant dealing with an umbrella of insurance products of various insurance companies. You have been approached by the Dean of a college to give presentation on the insurance titled” life insurance fulfills the needs of a person”. The presentation a should include the various needs of a person at different stages of life. You have been requested to include sufficient example to make the presentation more reachable. 615
what did you know about jrg securities ltd 704
How can i start buying a share. How can i find dealers. Can any one give me just an idea about this. When to buy ? How to buy? where to Buy ? How can i sell it ? How i came to know it is right time to sell . so that i can gain money ? Advance thanks 572
Quote the best Indian Examples for Consolidation. 2305
Give an example of Vertical combination,Horizental Combination of Merger? 2089
hi.i have a GD in vijaya bank. can anyone tell me wat kind of topics will be given to discuss. my specialization is dual(marketing & finance). help me out.. 769
Iam a MBA 1st sem student so how do fase the campus interview which books i study 543
how to make a best portflio and its compartive each other and why chosen the different different portfoili. explain with examples? 519
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