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Do You Need BG/SBLC ?    1  149
“Planning is looking ahead, and Control is looking back”.    0  121
Is there any difference between NPA and bad loans?    1  274
If I have $35.00 total bill. what is the tax and service charge? how do i calculate it? How do I back out the service charge and tax?    0  121
Explain finance committee with the help of flow chart?    0  310
jam topic on nuclear family vs. joint family    0  578
What is Bank Guarantee?    2  1531
what is bridge finance    5  3456
Client have one Asset for follow one depreciation method after one year client wants to change the depreciation method,is it possible?if it is possible tell me about the process?       1  651
how to calculate the sand quantity for please work 1:3    0  334
Budgetary control? cash profit? cash credit? live stock?    1  972
strategic alliance    1  479
1. Find the number, when 15 is subtracted from 7 times the number, the result is 10 more than twice of the number 5 15 7.5 4    1  952
What is the link between the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement?    2  1466
my client wont maintain customer wise credit control area how we maintain credit control customer wese?    0  971
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Un-Answered Questions
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Iam a MBA 1st sem student so how do fase the campus interview which books i study 630
hi i'm Praveen Kumar, i'm selected for sbi 2010 exam. what are the types of questions in sbi? wher can i read online or is there any book which you would prefer. my number: +91 9962365897 thanks in advance 491
what should be the recommendation of taxation in private company? 500
What is the Net present value of eurekaforbes 710
what is the difference b/w acquisation by subsidy & acquisation by a company? 2286
finance is batter than marketing 512
hiiiii Respected sir/madam gd morning sir/Madam Can you please give me following questions of answer.? 1) what is the main difference between Current Assests and Fixed Assests? 2) working capital Management? why? which steps requried for working capital management at the statring day of the any type of business? 3) Ratio analysis? why? (Note: 1,on the above questions of answer the following points are exculded) 1) object 2) theory 3) features (Note :2,on the aove questions of answer the follwing points are inculded) 1) Practical oriented 2) aspects of business please reply.................. 486
How can Banks reduce multi banking with the ultimate aim of increasing profitability? 817
what is bailout fund and what are the main drawbacks of bailout funds? what is the role of bailout fund in an economy and what are the impact of bailout fund on market , economy , the bailout provider and the bailout reciever? 692
what are the approaches to current account convertibilitry 405
mis & qis formats 681
yes any body is there for my question plz help me. what is meant by capital market? plz give me ans in the form of concept,aspects of business,object etc. 846
what are the fundamental reasons behind the present worldwide economic downturn? 744
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