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Why neutral cable carry current.    0  4
how many ht 11 kv cable size for 11kv 2000 kva 11kv*433v transformer ?    2  10
How to calculate the size of earth cable to earth the neutral of UPS ?    0  6
What is the pet difference between bent up bar and cranked bar ?    0  8
Question 34 – In the distillation of binary systems by Mc Cabe Thiele method, the equation for the line of top section is given by y = [ R / (R + 1) ] x + XD / (R + 1). 2 points on the line are (0.99, 0.99) and (0, 0.36). Find the reflux ratio of R and XD.    1  8
What is difference between target mean strength and compression strength of concrete?    0  9
Please provided formula for calculate the cable size from step up transformer to M.V panel, run overhead aluminum cables, total load is 5mega watt, total length 900 feet.    0  8
We are designer please help me calculate the size of 11kv cables from step up transformer to M.V panel, total load is 5 mega watt distance 900 feet (used aluminum type cables) please provided formula for calculate the cable with example.    0  7
I just purchased a 4 position cam switch to be used to operate a 3-speed blower motor. The motor is a 10 amp motor and has 3 wires that are used to control speed. The cam switch was rated at 660V 20 amps but when I received it, I noticed that it has AC-15 operational current rating (Ie) of 4/5 amps. If I am reading the label correctly. the 4/5 amps is related to 440v/220V (Ue). Other ratings are AC-3: 5.5A, AC2: 7.5A and AC-4: 1.5A. My questions are 1) Is it safe to use this switch with the motor I have 2) what is the difference between the 20 amp Ith ratting and the Ie operational ratings?    0  8
How to calculate concret slab? W l t(4mts*5*2fts) ratio m25 grade pls tell me procedure    0  10
best manufacturer for busbar for outdoor switchyard having double bus bar scheme, can any one share technical specification of busbar. 132kv voltage ?    0  10
what is meant by parallax error    0  11
In Single Phase AC Supply,If Voltage between Phase and Neutral is 230V means what will be the Voltage between Phase and Earth?    1  12
how to calculate total load in a villa?    0  10
in 1:4,1:6 and 1:8 cement mortar mix how much water required? and find water cement ratio?    0  12
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Icu and Ics and what is difference b/w them. please tell me how to calculate a size of a copper bar for a system or a breaker... reply on... would be waiting for a logical answer. 603
How to measure the dust in chimney(spm)? 996
how does polarised capacitor works?at which situation in circuit it is used 452
HOW TO DESIGN THE body EARTH cable(Copper Conductor) size for 60KVA UPS? 368
when measure the core loss of three phase distribution transformer or three phase reactor loss, one phase shown negative watt loss. why?? 373
how wecalculate breaking capcity of acb mcb mccb .explain with example 130
I want to model a piezoelectric beam in ansys software.How can I model the electrical circuit and how can I read the general current and voltage produced by the PZ? 953
Explain in brief description about the operation of DG sets. 497
Give me an introduction about myself.iam a engineering student, i would like to know, wat is my qualification till my enginering is not yet completed? 3394
what is the excess air in furnace 356
what's the difference between windows serevr 2003 or windows XP. 570
sir, i am completed in diplamo. can i join in iit, anna univercity as lateral entry. pls reply me sir. 352
How to exite natural frequencies in a overhung rotor 371
what is the properties of good transformer oil 358
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