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How many types bend used in civil reinforcing    0  3
what is alignment?    0  3
what is balancing?    0  3
for the steam temp 420dec de superated to 120deg how much of water required    0  3
How to calculate flow of air bubbler type level transmiter  According hight and density     0  3
How can one connect three source of electricity in a house..the source are 2 gen and one electricity.    2  6
Where is the best place to mount  distribution panel in a house.    0  4
function of apfc pannel    1  4
What will happen when we will connect lamp in between phase and earth.     0  3
in catridge heeter  watts =110, 260 v ,  i checked in multimeeter meeter shows 50 ohms but oms law r=v square /w  260*260=67600, and 67600/110=614.5 ohms  how to caluclate exact ohms in heetre s     0  4
why we used dc supply for field in dg set    0  3
Hi, How I can calculate mass flow rate for an axial fan with diameter "400mm" and speed 1500RPM? thx    0  6
What is the difference between surge arrestor and surge capacitor?    0  6
what are upstream faults and downstream faults in power system    1  10
What is the function of NER and NET?    0  7
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Un-Answered Questions
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why do we measure VIBRATION in -24vdc and why we adjust gap voltage -9vdc to 10-vdc? i am trying to get this information since 5 years, yet i haven't get reliable answer, i hope i can get from you. 162
If you have two 132KV distance scheme and you are using fibre for comms but the two relays on are not compatible interms of comms what can you use to allow communication between the two relays. 122
What is effective communication? 192
trasnfarmaer core make 67
We have 110Vac ,10A ac supply which is converted into 110VDC & How much DC current? which factor is reqired for dc current calulation? 885
how many filters at durty side in air intake system in siemens v 94.3a 218
does any one has gate solutions of 2007,08,09 metallurgical engg papers? 700
how can i determined the size of burfi ring? 200
model question paper for supervisor trainee 249
which taype question pattern in hr round in telecom feild. 357
I am requiering interview questions regarding Close Ferro Crome Furnaces 224
what happens when you connect a.c and d.c supplies 100
why we use charcoal layer in aqua silencer to purify the gases?? 120
how do you stabilize a waterlogged area in road construction 788
Hi, I am Jose. I am an Mehcanical Engineer. I am planning to appear for BHEL ET exam.Can any one help me how to prepare fo this test? Is there any question paper pattern for this test? 208
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