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I have experienced electrical maintenance HT ,but I completed be ECE ....can I apply c license or not ???? Pls help me friend s...    0  1
I have 10 amp MCB for my air conditioner of 1.5 ton capacity. When I connect the ac direct it is started running but when connected through stabliser the Mcb Get trip and air conditioner couldn't start.please confirm whether Mcb is required to be upgraded to 20 amp. There is no fault in ac and the stabliser. Please advice the reason of tripping the mcb when connected through the stabliser.    0  2
Why reverse relay used    2  4
How relay works, reverse relay, master relay, os relay, earth fault relay and what is its setting point    0  3
What is the mmf,rgt and ngt please brief completely    0  3
On what basis the the size of Lightning arrester for buildings are selected ?    0  3
what is the problem when i want to close a circuit breaker by local position it closes well.but when i close it in remote position it trips    0  3
What is flash memory?    0  4
How to calibrate Toxic gas detector?    0  4
i have a motor 55kw how u will calculate cable specification for this motor    0  5
Column is a compression member then why we provide reinforcement on column?    1  7
Water filter calculation formula    0  5
What is difference between Sample test and Routine test in safety standard?    0  5
why the carbon brushes are broken in srim while the motor runningtime    0  4
Explain Need of a starter in a dc motor.? Also explain any two starting and speed control method of dc motor?    0  6
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I have completed B.E. Instrumentation & control in 2009. i have 3 year industrial job experience in chemical, I want to join M.E. in external. so, Plese say easiet way and good institute name. 357
what is function of DCS , and how is it work , explain with difination 487
How DC earth leakage currents can be reduced ? 367
what is W.T?specify the acceptable range? 280
Which will have more strain energy 1.Spring 2.Circular disc 3.Solid square plate. 572
Why coupling should be located very near to the bearing? Why lap joint not recommended for tensile force? 818
What transistor level design tools are you proficient with? What types of designs were they used on? 535
Sir,I am going to sit for IOCL written test exam. recently.Can anyone tell me the name of 'Objective type Question Book on Instrumentation Engineering ' which will help me. Pl. mail to / / 507
project plan for bug tracking system? 616
Can XLPE/SWB/PVC (P3) 7C X 2.5mm2 be replaced by Can XLPE/SWB/PVC (P2) 7C X 2.5mm2??? P3 vs P2 41
An active element is one which a. Supplies energy b. Absorbs energy c. Supplies energy and convert energy from one form to another 71
Calculation of curtain wall of box culvert 220
can anybody mail the exact sylabuss for ECIL 409
what is load vs Torque curve & why it is used? 415
What is pulse tube used in low temperature application? 343
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