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I want to ask a question which i faced during testing of Capacitive Voltage Transformer in AIS. We have measured the C1 , C2 individually , but when we start to measure the total C1+C2 , the testing equipment shuts down and says low loading. Kindly is it possible to find the total capacitance by using measuring device. kindly briefly explain the procedure.    0  2
What is rate of concrete surface rendering work per sqm    0  2
How much the quantity of Dry material of Crush for 1:2:4 Concrete, using pan 3/8'' down....    0  2
minimum thickness of pcc 1;4;8 for road concrete    0  3
What do you need to consider when installing a flowmeter    1  3
-200mmwc to 500mmwc range transmitter have there 4mA is -200 and 20mA is 500.what is the range in 12mA?    0  2
what is shunt trip coil? what was the function in rmu?    0  4
stand by earth fault protection (51G) for transformer rating 2000 kVA,Dyn11,33/0.400 V. LV NCT ratio and necessary resistor and metrosil values how to calculate    0  4
How to select the ratio of neutral ct? Is there any relation in between percentage impedance and neutral ct ratio ?    1  4
Which type of alternator used in power station?    0  4
Actually why the transformers ate rated in KVA.?    1  6
What is the unit audit? if our Max demand is something and we found much more unit then how to improve our max demand?    0  4
If our power factor is lagging then who is in profit? I mean consumer or Supplier!    0  4
How to testing voids of filled aggregate in bitumen mix design    0  5
how much weighs a square feet of slab of 5 inches thick    1  8
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sir, i have completed engineering diploma in electronics and now got the call letter for written exam for the post "junior engineer" from rrb chennai. could you help me about the model and type of questions that i should prepair? 757
all the technical question with answers pleas send your email id 452
what is the working principle of a DG Set, Alternator, & exiter 7434
what is integrated ac contact circuit 280
Pls help me to arrive the rates for centering shuttering for highbay using H-frames? 631
May I have a brief note above the voltage barriers? Whats is the purpose? Please mail me if you've operational details, mail id: 524
What is the function of TRAU? 569
what is the difference between RMS & TRUE RMS VOLTAGE 1032
there is an alternator 480 k.w, 400v,50hz, 4-wire running on load having leakage alternator body earthed current 38 A. is it within acceptable limit? if yes then give reference if no then how to bring within specified limit 293
Hi friends, I'm final year mechanical engineering student.Next week i have a campus interview from mando india ltd company.I've prepared aps and reasoning questions well.any one of you guide me to prepare technical questions.kindly give some idea about overall question pattern. 695
How to do fabrication , busbar and wiring cost for : 1. LT Panels 2. C& R Panel 298
Why choke coil is connected in series with starter in tubelight??why starter is connected in parallel to tubelight?? 276
Give idea about General Engineering. From which book i can study this topic. Pl. reply me via email. My email is, also give the name of book/website, from where i can prepare it. 502
how do you close arc into circle in catia 475
i have seen one 8.4 MW synchronous motor in a plant located in bellary it is fixed with brushless rotary rectifier ,anybody can explain its start up principle 400
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