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How many pounds (lb) are available in 1 kilogram (kg), 1 metre (m) has how many feet (ft) and 1 meter (m) has how many inches (in)?    1  3
why the output sugnal is 4-20 ma and not 4-25 ma?    0  2
calculate 1-2-4 ration concrete - cement - sand metal and water required for 1 cum    1  5
what are the qualifications for a cse student to get government job    0  3
How gate result to cube for 7 day? Formula for the cube testing?    0  4
If Three Runs of 1Cx300 Sqmm Cable between Transformer and VCB and the distance between 100mtrs. what will be total length of Cable and if cost 1500Rs per meter,what would be the total cost    0  3
How we select the range of level transmitter in closed vessel ?    0  4
During estimation of walls of superstructure...which unit we'll use with quantity.cube or square    1  6
Reason of secondary of ct always short    2  7
What is the difference between dumpy level and auto level.    0  5
Dear sir, How to calculate 3.5 core pvc aluminium armoured cable meter wise carrying amps rating.Please give the solution with a good example.    0  4
How to take cutting length of Stirrups when 10 leg has given Size is 1200x1200    1  6
why square root 2 is multiplied with line voltage in selection of LA ie 11/sqrtroot3=6.35 kv and it is multiplied with sqrt2 ie 6.35 KV*sqrt2=8.9 kv we will select question is why we are multiplying with sqrt 2?    1  7
how to guess size of hole according to size of bolt,say M12?    1  6
Enumerate some differences between an "orifice" and a "notch". Also tell if "jet" relates more to an orifice or a notch?    0  5
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Un-Answered Questions
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wat book i can refer to succeed in isro exam ...and where i can get the last 5 years questions 1543
What happens if the Displacer has fallen or has a hole in it? 223
sir,in our plant we r using SATEC PM172E power reading meeters in HT panel side it is monitoring the MB data smart viewer(sever).but last one week we did not get readings inthe server only available in meeter.tell me how communicate meter and server. and also what steps we take for checking. 302
Explain in details how you would react to an unexpected incident when your supervisor or manager is not around to give instructions? 3237
If UG power cable both ends are to be earthed or what? If not why? 274
1. What are the three methods of the heat transfer? Give example for each 2. Name the four most important components of a Freon refrigeration system. 3. What is an expansion valve and its purpose? 4. What happen when the expansion valve is excessively open? 5. Kind of refrigerant use in a refrigerating system 6. Purpose of evaporator in refrigeration system. 7. What are the characteristics of Freon 12? 8. Purpose of condenser in refrigeration system? 9. Kinds of refrigerants and their properties. 10. What will happen if there is moisture in refrigeration system? 11. Explain the cycle of refrigeration system. 12. Give the different ways of detecting leaking refrigerants? 13. What is the cold side of the refrigeration system? 14. What is the purpose of liquid receiver? 15. What are specific heat, latent heat and sensible heat? 16. Where id the warm side of a refrigeration system? 17. What would happen if there was water in refrigeration line? 18. What safety device will activate to stop the compressor in the refrigeration system 19. What phenomenon becomes when air mixed with refrigerant? 20. What is the effect if tour refrigeration system has an air? 21. What is short cycling in refrigeration system? 22. What is the hottest part of refrigerant in the refrigeration system? 23. Diagram of refrigeration? 24. Give the function o evaporator? 25. What is a magnetic valve of refrigeration system? 26. In refrigeration, why during operations is running low pressure at the suction side? 27. What is a liquid flooding in refrigeration system? 28. What are the safety devices that are fitted in a refrigeration system? 29. What is flaring tool? 849
Explain Gas Turbine startup and shutdown sequences 2340
How to calculate per unit impedance of transformer? 327
what is 3 phase motors 572
In a sales interview if a person ask us how would you be able to sell our products in this recesion. How would i have to respond them. 269
what are the types of electromagnetic forces developed in practical transformer? 454
can i able to get bhel previous exam question paper? 461
Hi, I am preparing for Indian Forest Service (UPSC). Can you please help me to get previous years question papers (Chemcial Engineerign) (atleast 5). 2206
what is advantages and disadvantages of CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6,CAT7,COAXIAL CABLE,FIBER-OPTIC 17638
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