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What fomula is used to calculate: 1. rated frequency withstand voltage, and 2. rated lightning impulse withstand voltage.    0  2
What is the working principle of servo motor? And explain it.    0  2
my temperature transmitter in field showing 700 degree , whereas in dcs showing 459 degree, how to resolve this?    0  1
How to E1 cable get 2.046 mbps.    0  1
what type of motor used to move a 1 ton gate? and relate ratings with load.    0  4
how to do soil testing briefly with details    1  5
In 9E frame of gas turbine how many MW is used    0  4
What is gtsc technology?    0  4
How to calibrate radar type level transmitter for interface level? Total liquid(liq.1 and liq.2), level both the liq individually? For. Both the liquid levels how the signal will go from transmitter to dcs? How to calibrate. Single radar 9:26:55 AM for 2 different liquids in a tank?    0  4
How to parallel a alternator without using synchro scope or lamp methods    0  4
Both generator parallel condition shared load equally but one genrator taking ampere more than the other what are all the causes to make like this    0  4
In D O l starter motor starts as a star connected ,then in star delta starter also motor initially starts as star how come star delta is preferred from dol    0  4
Time required for curing of wall tiles before fixing    0  5
Dear sir, my knowledge about cable size determination is limited. Though I read examples I could not calculate the Cable size required for electric driven pump 40 KW, 380 Volt, 50 HZ, 50 meter from transformer and it is three phase star delta starting. Please help as there is no one in my surroundings to help.    0  4
What are the difference between UPS and VFD    1  5
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1)Why we can use half brick in 4inch wall and 2)why not in 9+inch brick wall 275
What is costing in 100squre feet bricks 12
2. In a container filled with each of the following materials, at a porosity of 40%, determine the upward gradient required to cause the quick condition (a) Lead shot with a G = 13.75; (b) Fibre beads with G = 2.15; (c) Sand with a G = 2.32 296
I had completed my diploma in electronics and communication. Currently am working with a pvt. ltd. (with two years of experiences) company which makes panel using plc, VFD(drivers) and scada monitoring system. so should i get supervisor licence for my supervisor post??? 297
Explain diffrent parts of an instruction format. 2036
What degree do you need to become a biomedical engineer? What isyour average work schedule? 1024
why e1 capacity 2048 define details? 1390
If a 3 phase induction motor is in off condition in the conveyor and rotor of the motor keeps moving with the conveyor than the resistance of windings of motor varies. why is it so ?? 299
I need to connect a synchronous generator to the grid using automatic synchronization and two circuit breakers (one for synchronization, one for end connection to the grid), how to determinate the required diameter of the cables? 502
What is the formula for calculating the Instantaneous Short Circuit & overcurrent for any breaker 254
What are the main components of AMF panel. Is it required to use ATS in LT panel if DG is used as stand by supply? Please send any single line diagram showing AMF & LT panel etc., if possible please send to sreenu_207 @ 2824
where do i get exercises for electronic circuits lab, i.e, designing various waveform(clipper, clamper, rectifiers) 557
I want the syllabus of Section Enginner(Signal & Telecom) of RRB Exam 1307
How much earthing frequency is capable? 338
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