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If i insert record in table A and these record should update in table B by using Trigger.How to achieve this.    0  13
I Defined SP1, Sp2 (sp=StoreProcedures)In Package Specification but I Implemented Sp1, sp2, sp3, sp4, sp5 then What type of Error You will find????    1  27
Can I recover a damaged SQL Server 2008 database with the undamaged .mdb and .ldf files?    3  31
can i create trigger on synonym is it possible or not please help me    1  39
what is architecture of your datastage project??? i came across this question many times in interviews in specific what can i answer plz help me    0  25
You loss one datafile and DB is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. You have full database backup of 1 week old and partial backup of this datafile which is just 1 day old. From which backup should you restore this file?    0  16
There are 100 datafiles, numbered from 1 to 100. File number 10 is deleted and it has 500 MB of data. The database is working in archive log mode. How can be the database recovered ? While doing recovery the archive logs applied are from nos 1 to 100, but 50 gets corrupted. What do we do? Can we proceed further? If so how?    0  14
I have 2 tables with 1 million rows each. I have updated 1 row in first and 1 million update on second table. Now I commit both the updates. Which one will commit fast and Why?    0  16
I have a table like this Table Name:Products Productid Price 1 10 1 10 2 20 3 30 3 30 But i want to output like this. productid price 2 20. please replay me.    0  21
when normalization is required    0  33
.  have a tablle like this: cust acc ----------- a 1 b 2 b 3 c 4 c 5 c 6 I Want below o/p: cust acc --------------- a 1 b 2|3 c 4|5|6 Please any one can you have any ideas share me. I have urgent requirement. CUST         ACC a            dv b            fg b            bh c            mk c            cl c            so result:- A  B   c dv fg mk    bh cl       so    1  35
How to genrate automaticlly empid like gt001    0  34
.dbf file corrupted Dear Friends, I am using DBF file in Foxpro. DBF file corrupt and show message "Not a database file" Waiting for your reply. With regards!    3  34
The use of LAST_VALUE() AND FIRST_VALUE() with an example    1  56
if table named a is there and 4 records are there then how to swap (1 and 3) and (2 and 4) records at a time    0  37
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Un-Answered Questions
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In a property booking section want a query to check that property is booked from StartDate to EndDate.Booking Table field are given id proerty_id start_date checkout_date no_of_visitor booking date status Waiting yours answer.. Thanks In Advance... 459
why dont we assign not null constraint as table level constraint. 384
Give two methods you could use to determine what DDL changes have been made. 1000
can u combine pipeline parallelism and partition parallalism? how and whan? 373
interview questions with answer for cts 195
What is striped backup 351
If the valueset if of type –TABLE then how many tables can we attach in the valueset ? 320
Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i 229
How to synchronize 2 schema's objects? 287
What is the Tune Query 264
22. Display the order number, number of lines in the order, total number of items and total value for all orders that have a total value greater than $100 258
Single File Database: Develop a student record management program, which uses single file as its database. It is not supposed to create additional files at any part of the project and should never rewrite total content. It must be capable of storing 100000's of records. It should support variable length records to be added, deleted, modified, listed. 540
types of receipts and detail desription about recipts and tables effected by receipts? 226
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