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Can you alter start with clause?    0  6
What is window clause?    0  5
Which data type doesn't allow null data type?    1  5
What is the use of time stamp in select statement?    0  5
What is extent clause in table space?    0  5
Difference between global and parameter variables?    0  5
How did you export data from database to excel file.    0  5
Maximum how many triggers can we use in trigger and How to find out how many records it fetched.    0  5
which will default fire first¬† statement level trigger or row level trigger    0  4
Assuming that you are an End User How to find that in the payment Batch some of the Invoice was ¬†Missing To pay How to find That??    0  3
In Oracle Applications We are Using Sub Ledger Accounting. When we Transfer the Data all modules (AP,AR,CE,FA) to SLA We done Some customizations? What are They??    0  3
In AP we done Customizations for Late Payments Charges. For Reporting Purpose What are the Documents Prepared for Customer Understanding??    0  4
Oracle    0  8
can we use transformer in datastage without any input link?    0  13
what is scan listener.    0  34
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to calculate the approximate size of the SGA based on the size of the block,shared_pool,redo_buffer_cache and db_buffer_cache? 827
defination of bitmap index 420
Hey i want to join oracle apps so will you pls tell me that which institute is best in hyderabad. 538
using primary can we relate two table, with out foreign key? 1060
I want to export the data date to date from oracle database then what can i do? 876
What is integrity and what is constraint??Explain with example 454
Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i 386
What are the different windows events activated at runtime ? 1223
ERROR:Insert or update on table"accnt" violates foreign key constraints "acct_to_curr_symbol" DETAILS:KEY(accnt_curr_id)(-2)is not present in the table "curr_symbol" ......solve The Problem.. 469
How well can multiple sessions access the same data simultaneously ? 481
which gives Oracle R12 Financial training in delhi please give me answer its urgent? 631
how to delete duplicate rows from a join tables(I have three tables on that join) how do you know which join is need to be used? The select statement I have is: SELECT gc_skill_type.skill_type, gc_area_tec.area,, gc_technology.id_technology, gc_area_tec.id_area_tec FROM gc_skill_type, gc_area_tec, gc_technology WHERE gc_area_tec.id_skill_type (+) = gc_skill_type.id_skill_type AND gc_technology.id_area_tec (+) = gc_area_tec.id_area_tec order by gc_skill_type.skill_type asc, gc_area_tec.area asc, asc 1148
Where would you look for errors from the database engine? 1224
how do u place it in required folder 391
Can you alter start with clause? 6
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