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What WHERE CURRENT OF clause does in a cursor?    0  2
Can you use a commit statement within a database trigger?    0  2
Difference between NO DATA FOUND and %NOTFOUND?    1  3
Can cursor variables be stored in PL/SQL tables.If yes how. If not why?    1  3
What are various constraints used in SQL?    0  2
Display Odd/ Even number of records?    1  3
How you open and close a cursor variable.Why it is required?    1  3
What is OCI. What are its uses?    1  3
What is the purpose of a cluster?    1  3
What is a OUTER JOIN?    0  2
Difference between an implicit & an explicit cursor.?    0  2
What is difference between Rename and Alias?    0  2
Select the Nth lowest value from a table?    1  3
Display the records between two range?    1  3
What a SELECT FOR UPDATE cursor represent.?    1  3
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Un-Answered Questions
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which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me??? 752
How can you tell how much space is left on a given file system and how much space each of the file system's subdirectories take-up? 893
what is Single Byte Overhead...? 792
In Oracle Clinical 4.5.0, can the VIEW_TEMPLATE_ID column in DATA_EXTRACT_VIEWS table contain NULL value? 517
How many objectname will be created for a single table drop function? Why 'flashback' query giving error "ORA-38312: original name is used by an existing object" while getting the table? 508
How can we tune a oracle database if log file sync issue comes 543
Table - Products has number of products as below Productid ProductName 1 iPhone 2 iPad 3 BlackBerry Table - SalesPersonProduct has the below records Salespersonid productid S1 1 S1 2 S1 3 S2 1 S3 2 Write a SQL query that returns the total number of sold products 1007
In XIR2 if we lost the administration password .How can we regain the password?thanks in advance. 407
how can we add a field to the oracle standard forms through Form Persanlization or custom.pll 478
what is tripstop report? 17
i applied prompt on country when i run report it shows list of all countries but want it to show only four countries name 560
What will be the maximum size of an extent of a segment if the tablepac's default storage values are specified as (initial 8K next 16k minextent 4 pctincrease 100).Explain. 442
How do you find out from the RMAN catalog if a particular archive log has been backed-up? 517
What does GEQO stands for in PostgreSQL? 15
I need a Technical evaluation between Oracle and SAP ? please do a need ful. 434
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