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The table has 3 columns 4 rows. The output is which column has least null values( A COL SHOULD BE THE OUTPUT) Write the query plz. A B C ================ 1 NULL 2 NULL 3 4 NULL 5 6 7 NULL NULL O/P C = 2 4 6    0  7
The table has 3 columns 4 rows. The output is which column has least null values( A COL SHOULD BE THE OUTPUT) Write the query plz. A B C ---------- 1 NULL 7 2 4 NULL NULL 5 NULL 3 NULL NULL    0  6
Hi Guys, I have a situation where I need to access the column values from rowtype variable. However, the column names are dynamic. below is sample code: declare Cursor c1 is select * from emp; Cursor c2 is select column_name from xyztable; v_c2 c2%rowtype; v_str varchar2 v_value varchar2(200); begin for rec in c1 loop open c2;---this cursor has column names like EMPLOYEE_ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME etc. loop fetch c2 into v_c2; exit when c2%notfound; /* now lets say i want to access value of LAST_NAME from cursor c1, so I am writing below code, however it does not work as expected */ v_str:= 'rec.'|| v_c2.column_name; -- this will give me string like "rec.EMPLOYEE_ID" v_value:=v_str; end loop; end loop; end; / Plz help ASAP.Thanks.    0  8
how to i write the query 'NISHI' TO N I S H I    4  132
difference between bind variable and variable    0  45
if i am using dml statement in function. then i am writing select statement what was the output    1  69
how to we delete a row using varray    1  48
t1 col1 col2 nishi 5000 lucky 6700 akash 7000 i want that a query that when i insert 7000 it will show me data already present and data will not insert. if data is not present it will insert.    0  38
i have a table with 1 lac of data.i want to insert this data into another table. i want every 5000 of data insert use a commit.using counter and if error is comming in the 5000 of data it rollback.    0  39
if i have a procedure with 1000 line.when i run this in 61 line i got the error but i want to continue the programe without error.can anyone tell me how to handle that error.    0  38
table name :Tab fields name 1.trx_no (pk) 2.trx_date 3.account code (7 char) 4.account type (1 char) 5.amt Tab contains account code day wise debit and credit transaction , account type fiels can have 2 value D for debit and c for Credit . write a query to display the account code wise total debit and credit bal for the month of april 2004. write a query to display account code wise new amt credit for the april 2004    2  77
table name: prod there are three fields in the table that are 1.proddate 2.prodQty 3.model Day wise prodQty is stored in the table prod write a query to display total prodqty in the year 2004 april.    1  77
There are 5 records in a table and we have implemented two triggers that are :pre_query and post_query how many times these triggers will fire.    0  65
I want to execute a piece of code before calling a procedure. How to achieve it?    0  81
How to read 2nd highest sal from EMP table?    2  170
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From the database level, how can you tell under which time zone a database is operating? 532
Assuming today is Monday, how would you use the DBMS_JOB package to schedule the execution of a given procedure owned by SCOTT to start Wednesday at 9AM and to run subsequently every other day at 2AM. 346
I have some query regarding Report generation from Oracle Apps "PO module". I have to generate a report where table columns are as below: Vendor_name Invoice No PO Number Item_Quantity Value of Goods Date of Shipping Name_of_the_transport Date_of_receipt_issued. Now my questions is :from which table/column I can get the information of "Name_of_the_transport" column. Thanks in advance. 1668
Can you have a nested transaction? 680
what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)for 2-3 exp? 3139
In which dictionary table or view would you look to determine at which time a snapshot or MVIEW last successfully refreshed? 1026
Which is better Oracle or MS SQL? Why? 2897
Other than making use of the statspack utility, what would you check when you are monitoring or running a health check on an Oracle 8i or 9i database? 392
1)for snapshot replication which agents used? 2)for Transcation replication which agents used? 3)for merge replciation which agents used? 618
How to do performance tunning a database in DB2 V8.2 UDB in linux 796
If a parameter is used in a query without being previously defined, what diff. exist betw. report 2.0 and 2.5 when the query is applied ? 665
why the Ctl file u put only in bin folder why not in other folder 495
Hi, IN oracle apps HRMS, if the employee changes his department, and when a conconurrent program is run for calulating the pay, The latest Dept id is not diaplayed, howeber the previous deptid is considered. Please can someone tell me where is the program going wrong, which side? 1153
which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me??? 861
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