Databases Interview Questions
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How to create DSN..Explain?

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What is the difference between SQL, DDL, and DML?

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What are inner join and outer join?

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What are many types of joins are there?

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what are Triggers?


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what are stored procedures?


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what are many types of index's are there and what are they?

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what are views?


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what is web server?


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What are functions

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What are the different table present in MYsql?

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What is the difference between mysql_fetch_array and mysql_fetch_object?


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what is the difference between oracle 81,91,11i

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How client makes connection with server in client/server architecture?


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Is Oracle 7.3 is a single user or multi user..Is it possible to use this as a backend for web applications?

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how do u setup a replication site?


whats the maximum size of view state??


what is the difference difference between procedure and packages


What is a Built_in subprogram ?


what is IDE,DMV in sql server?


what is package and it uses and how can u call a package


how you will identify the mapping level bottleneck ? if there is a mapping level bottleneck then how will you try to improve the mapping


I got an error SQL1042C. An unexpected system error occurred. Explanation: A system error occurred. One possible reason for this error is that the database manager is not installed correctly or the environment is not set up correctly. On OS/2, while trying to start the database manager, a very common reason for this error is a corrupted NET.ACC file. The command cannot be processed. The tables and views would not be opened. What is the way to open the dataase? pls help me


How consistent is the view of the data between and within multiple sessions, transactions or statements ?


Where would you look for errors from the database engine?


what are parameter, we can check after creating a database in terms of QC and for each tables what should be the parameters for QC and QA?


suppose data is copie to oracle to sql by using DTS. Actully it taken 2 hours. suppose some day distribute the server in the middle of 2 hours. after how can i get the data ?


What are statistics, under what circumstances they go out of date, how do you update them?


query to Compare data of two tables between two different Databases(Oracle and SQL Server) Eg., Source Database: Oracle Table: Employee Target Database : SQL Server Table : emp


what are the differences of where and if in SAS?