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What is your daily office routine?    0  13
Write query to fetch second maximum salary from employee table.    2  24
Do you know about aggregate functions? What is row num function? Can it be used all databases?    0  15
What are joins, explain all types of joins?    0  15
In the below query i have performed the commit transaction statement but still the values after the save are not saved. Can you please let me know why are the statements after save are rolled back even after commiting the data. help me with the understanding declare @trans2 varchar(10)='transaction2' begin transaction @trans2 insert into emp values(100,'xy',600); save transaction @trans2 insert into emp values(200,'pq',700); insert into emp values(300,'pq',800); commit transaction @trans2 rollback tran @trans2    1  14
Can we create SP inside SP ? If no Y ? If yes Y ? Explain with an example ?    1  31
If i insert record in table A and these record should update in table B by using Trigger.How to achieve this.    1  49
I Defined SP1, Sp2 (sp=StoreProcedures)In Package Specification but I Implemented Sp1, sp2, sp3, sp4, sp5 then What type of Error You will find????    2  89
Can I recover a damaged SQL Server 2008 database with the undamaged .mdb and .ldf files?    3  73
can i create trigger on synonym is it possible or not please help me    1  81
what is architecture of your datastage project??? i came across this question many times in interviews in specific what can i answer plz help me    0  47
You loss one datafile and DB is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. You have full database backup of 1 week old and partial backup of this datafile which is just 1 day old. From which backup should you restore this file?    1  32
There are 100 datafiles, numbered from 1 to 100. File number 10 is deleted and it has 500 MB of data. The database is working in archive log mode. How can be the database recovered ? While doing recovery the archive logs applied are from nos 1 to 100, but 50 gets corrupted. What do we do? Can we proceed further? If so how?    0  22
I have 2 tables with 1 million rows each. I have updated 1 row in first and 1 million update on second table. Now I commit both the updates. Which one will commit fast and Why?    0  29
I have a table like this Table Name:Products Productid Price 1 10 1 10 2 20 3 30 3 30 But i want to output like this. productid price 2 20. please replay me.    1  57
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Un-Answered Questions
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how report can be generated if we have the database designed in oracle 10g? 292
Which is the best place or learning center for MS SQL?????In Bangladesh????? 270
How does propagation differ between Advanced Replication and Snapshot Replication (read-only)? 234
Hi how to import oracle sequence in Informatica? Please write stored procedure code that will import oracle sequence in Informatica SP transformation as per below scenario Oracle table product list Pro_id, pro_name 101, LED Lights. 102, 20watt CFL Lights. 103, 30 watt CFL lights Now a new flat file with new product list needs to be added to oracle table product list with oracle sequence. flat file product Prono,pro_name, 1, 20 watt tube light 2, 30 watt tube light & target should be like 101, LED Lights. 102, 20watt CFL Lights. 103, 30 watt CFL lights. 104, 20 watt tube light 105, 30 watt tube light thks reg suvarna joshi 346
how to use DTS package in 2000,2005,2008 in sql server 201
How would you configure your networking files to connect to a database by the name of DSS which resides in domain 174
how to send file attachment from oracle forms 737
i am having a report Jan to Dec are the columns if the present month is Mar only Mar to Dec columns should appear in report output 236
what is difference between group above and group left report 579
what is the difference between data migration and production migration. 352
Can you have more than one content canvas view attached with a window ? 321
i am writing a query select EmpNo from Emp how can i call in after parameter form 394
Which environment variables are absolutely critical in order to run the OUI? 186
What is built_in Subprogram ? 369
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