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MBT Interview Questions
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Why have you shown interest to join us?

6 17164

Where you would like to be in 5 years?

23 29349

Why do you want to work here?

8 17648

How do you define success?

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what is penetration testing?

3 7896

What is smoke testing?

13 12718

What is pairwise testing?

10 18777

What is concurrency testing?

6 16951

what is test log..? what it consists?

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What is Data Flow Testing?

11 23878

what is volume Testing?

14 33123

what is Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V)?

3 9199

What is driver in testing point of view?

3 6619

what is stub?Explain in testing point of view?

12 21027

what is Regresstion testing? when it will be needed?

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Un-Answered Questions

How can you first report in Business Objects by using broadcast agent?


what will happen if outlet of electric pump is closed though pump is running?


hi;my name is rahul; im from india;well i have undergraduated student in english studies; then i caried on my studies in social developement departement from which after a year i v got a profesional licence degree in social institutions management; and now im applying for studying mba in usa ( concentration:marketing management)in2008; since 2years up to now im doing trainig in different associations; my sponsor is my question is: do i have any chane to get visa in my case; and in ur opinions ladies and gentemlmen what s the most convincing motivations and answered could tell the in embassy? plz don t hesitate to share me ur point of views


Give the safety precaution when working in a high place.


what about your moleg in pogrees with company


what atttributes we use to create a webservice?


What are your strengths and weaknesses


a program using one dimensional array that searches a number if it is found on the list of given input numbers given by the user and locate its exact location in the list.


how can see the ac indoor or out door ac which Tr


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the total number of disk writes by MySQL.


What is Triangular filter?


i am a begnner so am learning Error handling :tried using Recovery manager didnt work i want to be able to handle errors , e.g. if while running the test the folwoing does not show up then how can i use the If then else and goto next step in the test, as in many scenarios it does not show up Browser("The Shopping Channel -").Page("The Shopping Channel -_8").Image("easy pay").Click


How to restart a DB2 program?


What are the causes of L.O. high temperature?


what is vtg limit of earth and neutral at transformer side?


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