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The limit of cash payment made towards frieght when parties given pan cards and truck number    0  3
Can anybody answer to my question fictitious assets journal entriesĀ     0  3
Do You Need Bank Instrument To Fund Your Projects?    1  4
WHAT IS FORM E1 AND E2    0  4
what TYPE OF INVOICE SHOULD RAISE TO C&F agent ?    0  6
i want to wearies heads under direct expenses and indirect expenses    0  7
Dear Sir, i am doing excise part, now I have a dout Please clarify any one. my question is I submitted July month return in before 10th August. But we sold material in july to x party excise value 12% - 1000, 2% - 20 and 1% - 10 Rupees respectively, we paid this amount in the same month it's no problem sir. but now x party reject the material and invoice in september month. may i adjuste above paid amount in september month return? How can i adjuste and where can i metione this details in Excise return? please give answer it's help full for me. Advance thanks for every one reply.    1  12
What is difference between financial lease & operating lease (IAS 17)? Also pass the journal entry treatment for both the leases. qx-limited   1  15
What is Deferred tax?? qx-limited   1  16
Journal Entry:- Till taking for the months Rs 10000.    1  15
what is the script forms standard text in fico bosch   0  12
Income Tax Department sends cheque for INR 2 Crore as Refund after completion of Assessment for A.Y.2011 - 2012 to a Company. As per IT Return filed for this year I.T. due to Government was INR 60 Lac but was assessed at INR 70 Lac. TDS due to Company was INR 3 Crore which was admitted as INR 2.7 Crore by Government. Government also adjusts Tax dues for A.Y. 2009 - 2010 of INR 40 Lac which was disputed earlier by the Company and Appeal was lying with the CIT. Government pays Interest to the Company amounting to INR 40 Lac. Provision for Income Tax made by the Company in its accounts for F.Y. 2010 - 2011 (A.Y. 2011 - 2012) was INR 50 Lac. What would be the Journal Entry at the time of receipt of Refund of INR 2 Crore from the Government in A.Y. 2014 - 2015 in the books of the Company?    0  9
what is asset under constractions indus   0  11
How to adjustment of CST ? and also tell me about C-Form affairs ? wipro   0  15
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Spin-off & spilts 159
what is the manual procedure for accounting 150
what is accounting in automobile 195
Hi all i did my M.B.A financ enw iam doing a job as a finance executive but i feel it is not good 4 me can any 1 plz guide me 4 the better career my job profile is (INVOICING)hw it is help me out 4 the better career shell i continu ein the same 1 by learning sap or oracle or shall i shift to any other if any other which job is suites to me plz suggest me 184
What is the use of form D in sale tax 160
What is the limitaion of the Trial Balance?! 207
What is the difference between Balance Sheet , Chart Of Accounts and trial Balance? 197
what is turn over? what is vat? what should ido to become a expert in acount? plese ans me 105
How to calculate Term Loan interest and the double entry for Term Loan ? What difference between hire purchase and term loan ?? 779
pls. tell me with detail (what is the rate of service tax and w.c.t. for a contractor who do civil work -make building and repairing. what is the format of generate a bill for (with material and labour both ) what entry should i pass in my accounts bokks. general and sales entry. 190
Hellow this is ravindra wanted to know about excise duty rates pls suggest 104
what is the difference between "reserve" and "fund" 753
How to make an adjustment entry for the variation of physical asset Vs book value of asset. For example: As per asset register there are 1000 computers where as 950 computers are available in stores. How to make an adjustment entries for the difference of 50 quantities? 211
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