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salary received for 15 days and other 15 days are absent please give me the journal entry    0  2
Reconciliation a/c in SAPM ERP    1  4
if average inventories is 12000. closing stock is 3000 more than opening stock. then what's is the closing stock?    0  6
How do I get a C form with the bank Guarantee?    0  9
Month end closing entries with example    0  10
if Mr. A Charge to Mr. B 5% CST, Mr. B Paid 5% CST To Mr. A so Mr. B c Form Give To Mr. A This Is right or wrong    2  17
In our company we are making payment through X bank and again we opened a new account in Y bank and we deposited cash in this bank rs.10000.and cash is used from X bank. then what will be the entry & how to adjust with old bank    1  18
Paid , life insurance premium Rs.2500    1  17
How much cst will be charged on a laptop which is to be delivered from Karnatka to Gujarat?    0  10
is a pvt ltd. comp. can give advance against salary to his director.    0  11
Mr.X working in an organization,He as taken to salary advance 10,000 on 15/1/2016.He total salary payed on 30,000 5/2/2016?    1  25
What Kind Of Requirements for Vat Refund And Assessment Cases    0  16
th point in when will details wil get filled in ER1 2a and 2B?capg    0  17
Why current assets Liability said & current Liability Assets said...?at tally ERP9    0  19
where does petty cash to cash entry go in tally    1  24
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the difference between f.f.s and c.f.s? 663
Country-Western songs emphasize three basic themes: love, prison and trucks. A survey or the local Country-Western radio station produced the following data: 12 songs about a truck driver who is in love while in prison 2 about people in prison who are not in love and do not drive trucks 8 about people who are out of prison, are not in love, and do not drive a truck 13 about a prisoner in love 28 about a person in love 18 about a truck driver in love 16 about truck drivers who are not in prison 3 about a truck driver in prison who is not in love Find the number of songs about: a) How many songs were surveyed? b) truck drivers? c) prisoners? d) truck drivers in prison? e) people not in prison? f) people not in love? 441
what is form 8? what are all the details to be collected while buying c form 451
Short answer on Amalgamation 382
Hellow this is ravindra wanted to know about excise duty rates pls suggest 326
Can u provided all the dues date and depositing date which are used in general manner or Income tax.. 139
What is specific reserve 671
Financial Accounting 666
Expand---------NMOP 255
Can salary paid to promoters before incorporation be taken as a part of pre-incorporation expense? If yes how is the TDS part to be dealt with? 956
What is Budgeted capital ? 336
The partners agreed to take hero honda vehicle of Rams as firms vehicle by giving credit to his capital account. The vehicle was valued for Rs 65000/-Pass necessary entry 414
difference betwwen the 4.6 & 4.7 ecc versions 547
1.R-1 Form Kya hai? 2.R-2 Form kya hai? tax return form no.kya hai? 4.C-Form kitne % tax par diya jata hai. 5.D-1 & C-4 form kitne % tax par diya jata hai. 1580
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