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when the ABC's personal bank to to his business bank money transferred(paid) then how to pass the entry.    0  2
 A firm pays commission to its manager @10%on profits arrived at after charging such commission.What will be the amount of commission if the profits before charging such commission is Rupee 22,000?    0  4
what is journal entry for the credit sales and purchases    0  7
Credit balance of suspense A/c will be shown in    0  5
The main objective of preparing a 'journal' is    0  6
what is meant by ratio analasis    0  7
how to Pass Paid salary ESI & EPF ,TDS entry In tally    0  6
what single discount is to2 successive discount of 10%& 15%    0  11
record the following transaction in the various books of accounts F Black loan us $5000 paid by cheque.    0  13
what is nature of bills receivabe AC     0  11
Discuss the factors to be considered by the auditor in order to determine an audit strategy.    0  10
What are the basic steps to be taken by an auditor in order to express an opinion on client’s financial statements.    0  14
The limit of cash payment made towards frieght when parties given pan cards and truck number    0  14
Can anybody answer to my question fictitious assets journal entries     0  15
Do You Need Bank Instrument To Fund Your Projects?    1  22
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Expand-------NAC 149
Aptitude Test Questions 138
What is CAARO? 233
What is general ledger? 511
Why companies are issuing their shares at premium and discount? What benefits the companies and the investors can get in both the cases? 49
Expand-------MTRS 208
what are micro-cap, small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap companies? 101
which Electrical items is Exciseible 246
Which of the following errors are not revealed by the Trial Balance: (a) compensating errors; (b) errors of commission; (c) wrong balancing of an account; (d) wrong totalling of an account 72
Dear Sir/Madam, Executive Trainee...Finance I had been called for NTPC Group discussion and GD please guide me for getting success in GD and interview... 276
An applicant paid excess amount to the Government Office through a demand draft for a particular permission/license instead of actual fees. Later he went to government office and requested to return the previously submitted demand draft. Can he get back the Previously submitted demand draft(which was not adjusted into government account) duly paying he actual fee? 119
can i have practical examples of AS-30 574
what is mean by account concept,and how to perpare a full accounting concept journal,ledger,trail balance,and balance sheet how it will prepare in upto fainalaztion. 187
I want to know the TDS ammount which deducted by company. 1501
what do you maen by Expected rate of return ? Is there any formula for expected rate of return? what is systematic & unsystematic risk ? how to calculate both the risk? 300
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