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I am a trader supplying goods to an exporter in other state. Is it enough if I get form H from him, to avail tax exemption?    0  2
what is the bank reconcilation    0  2
what is roc which works roc    0  5
Is tmb is nationalized bank?    0  9
I am a Leaving Cert Student. From Solutions to exam questions etc. I know what to do with the following adjustment but I cannot explain why. A thypical Adjustment is: A building is acquired for €60000 plus VAT at 10%. The amount paid to the Vendor was entered in the Buildings Account. No entry made in the VAT account. Could you explain why the VAT amount is deducted from the VAT amount in the TB? And why it is sometimes an Asset in the BS. Thank you, Mary    0  33
advance received from customer what is the general entry    3  92
How do I pass entries towards advance paid to program ependiture. ex: Rs.20000 advance paid to Program officer. and he come back with program expenses venue Rs.1000, food expenses Rs.10000 and travel Rs.4000 and accommodation Rs.6000. Kindly give me the answer that how do I pass the entries and how should I adjust advance.    2  53
the amount of tds is remain same shall will be deducted by deductor or deductee    1  59
why tds is considered as asset    0  33
i forgot to deduct tds in Contractor non corporate in july 15 so what should i do now? Please Suggest.    1  70
I forgot to deduct TDS on individual contractor and Exceed amount 70000 so what should to do?    1  51
what is the difference between tds tax code and tds tax type in sap fi    0  27
where outstanding debts being Rs 48000 and 20% considered to write off . pass jounal entry.    1  101
Machinary worth Rs 2000 and sold to Rs 1200. Bought new one Rs 4000 and carige inwards Rs 5 How many amount trafer to Capital a/c?    1  102
what is the treatment for employee contribution and employer contribution in in pf in accounts under which head??    0  53
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Un-Answered Questions
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in a company, if employee contributing To PF equal to employer contribution. can he voluntarily stop his contribution while he is in service with that company? 266
how to calculated all taxes their information in details 546
What is total income? 96
can penalty be imposed under sec 96 of vat act west bengalfor goods destroyed or damaged 665
can external audit be seen as merely an overhead cost adding no value to the orgnisation 962
What is Balance sheet in Tally? 584
How to make an adjustment entry for the variation of physical asset Vs book value of asset. For example: As per asset register there are 1000 computers where as 950 computers are available in stores. How to make an adjustment entries for the difference of 50 quantities? 435
what is your achievements? 316
i am the student of icwai (intermidiate) What is the tds and how use the different state .. 405
Why you choose commerce faculty & not science or Why you are in commerce & not in science ? 509
My Brother is running a small business of Window glasses & Mirror etc. He needs Bank Loan (CC/OD Limit)against current account. So, I need a project report to apply CC Limit. Please Help me. My EMAIL ID is :- Kindly send the report to above ID ASAP. Thanks & Warm Regards Sarvpreet +919888669523 544
Expand--------TAO 282
How to calculate gross salary from bsaic payment, D.A, T.A, H.R.A? 26562
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