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why you choose accounting as your career ? ?    0  2
From the following particulars calculate B.E.P and P/V ratio Fixed Expenses 1,50,000 Variable cost per unit 10 Selling price per unit 15    0  2
What all things are to be done in the internal audit of a company.And is internal audit cumpulsory for all companies??    0  2
wages and labour entry    1  5
what is accounts payable ..what is accounts receivable    0  6
i want to learn income tax work please tell me about all dedutions exempations and income to calculate tax on net income    0  6
i received cheque from the customer and deposited in bank please tell me the both entries in tally    2  15
Can Form H be given based on exicse invoice copy    0  9
how to we pass a purchase entry in item invoice mode where some advance has been paid to the party. the purchase entry should get offset with the advance payment entry so that it does not appear in the bill outstanding or bills due list. please guide.thank you    0  9
Period I :- Sales= Rs 15000. Profit= Rs 400. Period II :- Sales= Rs 19000. Profit= Rs 1150. Calculate : a) P/V ratio. b) Profit when sales are Rs 12000. Cc) Sales required to earn a profit of Rs 2000. d) Margin of safety in period II. e) variable cost in period I.    0  14
what is deemed assesse?    1  25
Eleven lakh eleven thousand eleven hundred eleven writing in number    4  29
hello please anyone can help me, how to prepare the bank reconciliation statement?    1  28
We have an boat manufacturing company .we customer order one boat the cost is 1130 .we have received advance 500 balance he will give after giving boat can you give me journal entry cash A/c Dr 500 customer A/c Dr 630 To Sales 1130 is this entry is correct ?if not please give me exact entry    2  32
what is the purpose of preparing Bank reconciliation ?    2  27
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Un-Answered Questions
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i want about TDS full details with Limit,Rate and Entry in Tally ? 612
i am a mba fresher and i'm learning oracle finance.please give me ur valueble suggetions about my career in oracle finance? what r the requirements 2 get a good job in time? 474
can any body help me with a copy of (any month/year) bank reconsilation statement, 432
what is the journal entry for sales on discont. what is the journal entry for purchase on diicount. 513
What is an Automatic Payment Program ? 380
how intangible assets are entered in B/s. plz send me the answer of this question in my 360
sir i am working in construction company.we have more than one projects.i enter the attendance projectwise in payroll.if payroll autofill i want project wise salaries not overall 245
what is mean by sample account and data transfer rule in SAP FI? 361
Hey can any body tell me..What are negative assets? 400
while passing a journal entry we rite dr. for the a/c to be debited but why don't we write cr. for the a/c which is credited and instead write 'TO'?? 327
journal entries for money received from RBI by the banks IN CASE OF INSUFFICIENCY 299
What is the Branch Accountant Responsbilities ? 1462
differnce between the 4.7 & 6.0 versions? 478
What is finance lease? What are bonus Shares? entry for it. What is Depreciation? What is the Journal Entry? What is DPS? What is minority Interest? where it is shown? 924
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