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(This Month) ... First of its kind encrypted with a motto to post as many interview questions as possible along with answers that were asked in various company interviews and expected questions which may be asked in job interviews, to help the needy young generation who are going to face interviews. This site will enlighten the nature and scope of interview questions that will be asked in various company interviews, keeping in view the present interviews scenario.

Many eminent personalities from all walks of life have contributed a lot in posting interview questions and answers relating to all categories viz., Software, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Government & Private Sector and what not every branch has been covered in this site.

The viewers can also add questions and answers that they have faced in any job interviews, to share their interview experience and knowledge with the upcoming young generation.

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New Interview Questions

 Interview Questions :: TaxationPosted By : greeshma g 
  :Q:  Haii My daily wage is 500. And the minimum working days will be 23 in a month. How can i calculate my pf and esi
 Interview Questions :: Engineering AllOtherPosted By : faisal 
  :Q:  How to write a test case for an extra Commerce website can any one tell this with the help of a table
 Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : sandeep 
  :Q:  Why we are having specification 100% above in case of assay as there is only 100% of compound?
 Interview Questions :: SeleniumPosted By : naazneen 
  :Q:  in real time, where do u log defects using selenium?
 Interview Questions :: Linux AllOtherPosted By : srinu12 
  :Q:  This question is belong to linux support. "one of my customer told to me, my application is getting slow response". how to resolve the issue. what are the steps you will follow to resolve the issue.
 Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsPosted By : gybryl 
  :Q:  A noiseless 8kHz channel is sampled every 1msec. What is the maximum data rate?
 Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsPosted By : gybryl 
  :Q:  A channel has a bit rate of 4kbps and a propagation delay of 20msec. For what range of frame sizes does stop-and-wait give an efficiency of at least 50%
 Interview Questions :: Test CasesPosted By : nishtha 
  :Q:  write the test case
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : thran 
  :Q:  Do u know any one? how to find out in motor rated amps? formula?
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : pawan 
  :Q:  For 100 cu.m of solid block masonry in CM 1:6, 8" thick. Calculate no of blocks required...? Actually I got it as 1250 no's.. But in my material it is 1100 no's.. U guys plszz check & tell me the answer......
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ved 
  :Q:  What is the ampereage of .75 ton Ac
 Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOtherPosted By : vineetha 
  :Q:  Is there any minimum marks to be given in SBI clerk interview? My interview was very bad..was able to ans only 10% of questions.I know to read and write the local language.Written have done well. Pls ans if anybody knows the cut off
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : nur islam 
  :Q:  What is the use device of the grid.
 Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOtherPosted By : balaji deshmukh 
  :Q:  Why our fingers are not in equal length?
 Interview Questions :: Tourism Hotel AllOtherPosted By : nargis 
  :Q:  how do you feel about the possibility of relocation?

New Answers

 Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : vikas kumar 
 :Q:  What is cavitations?How it is generated?
A :: when the pressure of any region falls below the vapour pressure. what is vapour pressure the very first thing is once pressure is decreasing boiling point of fluid decreasing then vapour pressure is the pressure at which fluid gets evaporated resulting vapour bubbles is formed. overall this is undesired phenomenon it may leads to collapse the pipe
 Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : gudi prashanth 
 :Q:  what is the average steel consumption in multy storey building as a residential and commercial?
A :: Approximately 5.0 kgs per sq.Feet
 Interview Questions :: Data Stage Posted By : prasad 
 :Q:  Hi this madan, in data stage one file in Empno 12345678910 in a table, i want target is  Empno 1                                2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10                                                                                             
A :: yo ca use while loop to get this output take two loop variables one is for condtion in condition you should write like variable<=len(inputlink.string) and in loop variable use inputlink(indexnum,1) then you will get output like what you wanted
 Interview Questions :: CDS Posted By : deepan balan 
 :Q:  If senior officer says jump from a height of 20 feet what would you do gentlemen ?
A :: Yes... I will really jump if i know it is correct to my knowledge bcuz i would have been well trained and understood of my senior officer's thoughts. And also I hope that he won't try to ruin me at any cost...
 Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : ali hassan mirza 
 :Q:  what is stalling of a motor?
A :: Stalling of the motor refers to a condition, where the motor is unable to rotate. This condition can be caused either due to any obstruction in the load or due to any problem with the motor such as bearing seizure, etc. This condition is also known as locked rotor. When the speed of the rotor decreases to a very low value or stops completely due to stalling, the slip of the induction motor increases. This causes higher voltage and consequently higher current to be induced in the rotor windings. The stator currents also increase. The equivalent of the motor stalled condition is that of a transformer whose secondary is short circuited. The high current drawn will cause damage to the windings and cause the rotor to heat up. Stall protection devices work by monitoring the motor current and the speed. If the motor draws higher current at a preset low speed, the relay is activated
 Interview Questions :: Finance Posted By : kiran 
 :Q:  Budgetary control? cash profit? cash credit? live stock?
A :: cash profit Cash profit is the profit recorded by a business that uses the cash basis of accounting. Under this method, revenues are based on cash receipts and expenses are based on cash payments. Consequently, cash profit is the net change in cash from these receipts and payments during a reporting period. budgetory control Methodical control of an organization's operations through establishment of standards and targets regarding income and expenditure, and a continuous monitoring and adjustment of performance against them. live stock live stock refers to the domestic animals like horses, bullock carts ,which have been used for the purpose of the business in daily activities is called live stock.
 Interview Questions :: Linux AllOther Posted By : srinu12 
 :Q:  How find out drivers of installed devices in linux (RHEL)?
A :: lspci -v
 Interview Questions :: Linux AllOther Posted By : mnavalan 
 :Q:  How find out drivers of installed devices in linux (RHEL)?
A :: lsmod
 Interview Questions :: Business Objects Posted By : ravi 
A :: verticle table: column wise analysis horizontal table: row wise analysis cros tab: Detailed analysis(comparative analysis)
 Interview Questions :: C Posted By : baba 
 :Q:  main() { int ptr[] = {1,2,23,6,5,6}; printf("%d",&ptr[3]-&ptr[0]); }
A :: Ans: 12 The expression in printf evaluates the difference of the memory addresses of ptr[3] and ptr[0]

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