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Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : dharmesh vala

:Q: effect of Ph during analytical run ?

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : pl lakshmanan

:Q: Rate analysis for construction of a solid block masonary of size 400x200x200 in C.M.1:5 in superstructure .Compressive strength 5.00 N/ Confirming to IS: 12894:1990, with necessary scaffolding, raking of joints and pointing the same. I require rate per Cum.

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : yat

:Q: Hi, I would like to check if my understanding is correct I have a negative amount for provision of income tax in my balance sheet from my previous financial year.What are the accounting treatments for income tax paid and then refunded to you for the current year? Is this correct? For payment Dr provision of income tax cr bank For tax refund Cr provision of income tax Dr bank Do I need to input anything in income tax expense acct?

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By :

:Q: Stringer How many cm goes to landind

Interview Questions :: SAP SecurityPosted By : nirmala

:Q: i want to know how to list out the mass activities and mass organizational levels...

Interview Questions :: SAP SecurityPosted By : nirmala

:Q: could anyone tell me how we can copy the mass roles from sap_all profiles???????

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : sheikh

:Q: How to define Kirchhoff current law and voltage law along with simply examples.

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : kangchuentat

:Q: Question 82 - (a) The Hyperion sewage plant in Los Angeles burns 8 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to generate power in United States of America. If 1 metre = 3.28084 feet, then how many cubic metres of such gas is burnt per hour? (b) A reservoir of natural gas produces 50 mole % methane and 50 mole % ethane. At zero degree Celsius and one atmosphere, the density of methane gas is 0.716 g / L and the density of ethane gas is 1.3562 mg / (cubic cm). The molar mass of methane is 16.04 g / mol and molar mass of ethane is 30.07 g / mol. (i) Find the mass % of methane and ethane in the natural gas. (ii) Find the average density of the natural gas mixture in the reservoir at zero degree Celsius and one atmosphere, by assuming that the gases are ideal where final volume of the gas mixture is the sum of volume of the individual gases at constant temperature and pressure. (iii) Find the average density of the natural gas mixture in the reservoir at zero degree Celsius and one atmosphere, by assuming that the final mass of the gas mixture is the sum of mass of the individual gases. Assume the gases are ideal where mole % = volume % at constant pressure and temperature.

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingCompany : Bosch

:Q: Build with fixes has been deployed on QA environment if asked by your manager to reproduce how can you reproduce the issues? (by using the previous build) Can you access the previous build? If so ,what are the tools or how can you access?

Interview Questions :: Test CasesPosted By : nathasha

:Q: Positive and Negative test cases for the speedometer?(minimum 5 each)

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : uzzal

:Q: Why capacitor bank ratting Kvar?

Interview Questions :: Load RunnerPosted By : rkuma183

:Q: How to handle the dynamic value in the script if the boundary and dynamic value both are changing as a... 1.special char. 2.Hex code or binary code

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : GIDC

:Q: Gidc technical que paper

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : kf

:Q: 1. A 380 / 220 V r.m.s. 3-phase 4-wire circuit carries loads of 8 + j8.1 ohm; 4 + j4.1 ohm; and 2 +j2.1 ohmin the three phases respectively. The length of the circuit is 100 m, and the resistivity of the phase conductors is 0.0005 Ω/m. The neutral conductor is of the same size as the phase conductors. a) Select a reference angle 0for the first phase. Then write down the three phase voltages in both polar format and complex number format. b) Make appropriate assumptions, and take temperature effects on resistance is insignificant. Calculate the currents in the three phases. (Note: Determine conductor resistance, and apply Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law) Based on the result, suggest a main switch rating for the circuit. c) Show your preferred direction of neutral current in a diagram, and then determine its value. (Note: Apply superposition principle, and Kirchhoff’s Current Law) Use its magnitude to show that in this circuit, the unbalanced load may increase the voltage drop in some of the phases. (Note: Also observe the common volt drip in neutral) State your assumptions, if there are any. d) Suddenly the neutral wire of the circuit is broken. Estimate the new currents in the first phase, i.e. Phase L1. State your assumptions, if there are any.

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : kf

:Q: a)In a 3-phase 4-wire circuit, a circuit breaker is selected to protect the circuit whose highest fault level is 6.6 MVA. Determine the required minimum breaking capacity in kA. (Note: Covert 3-phase power in terms of kA to find answer.) b)Using the below, determine the required minimum making capacity in kA as a “peak value”. Rate breaking capacity (Icn) ka: Icn<= 1.5 Factor = 1.41 1.5

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Interview Questions :: SQL Server Posted By : koppalahareesh

:Q: How to get number of days in a given year?

A :: declare @y int; set @y = 2016; SELECT DATEDIFF(day,cast(@y as char(4)), cast(@y+1 as char(4))) Days

Interview Questions :: Group I Posted By : sanjeeva

:Q: Hi wat is the probable cut off 4 group -1 interview? i would get 400-410 marks ....?plz post u r mains xpected marks...

A :: I sanjeeva reddy. I think 420-430 for general category

Interview Questions :: Zoology Posted By : shrisha

:Q: What is the difference between schizocoelous and enterocoelous coelom formation?

A :: SCHIZOCOELOMATES: 1.The body cavity is formed by the splitting of the mesoderm. 2.All the schizocoelomates are protostomains. 3.It's cleavage is holoblastic,spiral and determinate. 4.Examples: Annelids, Arthropods and Molluscs. ENTEROCOELOMATES: 1. The body cavity is formed from the mesodermal pouches of archenteron 2. All the enterocoelomates are deuterostomes. 3. Cleavage is radial and indeterminate 4. Examples: Echinoderms, Hemichordates and Chordates. Schizocoelomates and Enterocoelomates are together called Eucoelomates.

Interview Questions :: Data Stage Posted By : ram

:Q: This is UNIX question asked in DataStage Interview. Say I have n numbers of records in a text file. I want first 3 records in 1st file, last three records in 3rd file and remaining n-6 records in 2nd file. (Note: we don't know how many records are there in the File. I am getting one file on daily basis and I want three target files as asked above)

A :: head -3 filename.txt > t1.txt tail -3 filename.txt > t2.txt cat filename.txt|sed '3d,$d'|sed '$d'|sed '$d' > t3.txt

Interview Questions :: SAPScript Posted By : manisha

:Q: Can i Have Some Realtime Examples on Scripts ?

A :: merduck in po print

Interview Questions :: SAPScript Posted By : manisha

:Q: How to read text in sap scripts ?

A :: Use subroutines to read_text

Interview Questions :: SAPScript Posted By : manisha

:Q: Are labels possible in Smartforms ?

A :: yes

Interview Questions :: SAP FI CO Posted By : pasha

:Q: Best faculty for SAP -FICO in Hyd

A :: FI - Satyanarayana sir CO-Ramesh Sir Then we can get different knowledge

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : nancy

:Q: how will you introduce yourself in any interview?

A :: Hi sir ... my name is Nancy born and bought up in banglore i stay in kr puram ....about my qualification i have done my sslc in st.annes school i have done pu in my st.anne's college in halsur i have completed my graduation in sssnc hobbies are listening to musics , watching musics this is all about my self to tell thanku

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : nancy

:Q: why you want to join BPO / Call-centre?

A :: Bpo is a fast growing sector where bpo is stable company in india we can learn more as well as can more in bpo ..Which bpo has 2 divisi0n inbound and outbound


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