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This Month ... First of its kind encrypted with a motto to post as many interview questions as possible along with answers that were asked in various company interviews and expected questions which may be asked in job interviews, to help the needy young generation who are going to face interviews. This site will enlighten the nature and scope of interview questions that will be asked in various company interviews, keeping in view the present interviews scenario.

Many eminent personalities from all walks of life have contributed a lot in posting interview questions and answers relating to all categories viz., Software, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Government & Private Sector and what not every branch has been covered in this site.

The viewers can also add questions and answers that they have faced in any job interviews, to share their interview experience and knowledge with the upcoming young generation.

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New Interview Questions

 Category :: InstrumentationInterview Questions : Nestle 
  :Q:  What is rtd output signal
 Category :: General PhysicsPosted By : gurpal singh 
  :Q:  Explain band theory ?
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : rose 
  :Q:  What is real time power factor control panel(RTPFC)?
 Category :: Organic ChemistryPosted By : sunil 
  :Q:  why we use 254nm for caffeine analysis as it having maxima at different wavelength?
 Category :: InformaticaInterview Questions : Quintiles 
  :Q:  I have 2records in target table and this record is deleted in source. Now if I run mapping twice how many records do target will have,  source having 10records. Same with incrementally.  Please  answer me ASAP. 
 Category :: Organic ChemistryPosted By : sunil bhusare 
  :Q:  why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ajay 
  :Q:  what is surge??
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : kamal 
  :Q:  Why the rotor winding is short circuited of induction motor
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringInterview Questions : DT Technologies 
  :Q:  Why do you have to use Protecion relay with the function MTB ( Mechanical Trip Button ) for electrical system.
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : rakesh patel 
  :Q:  which type of stability limit is higher,steady state or transient? why?
 Category :: Networking AllOtherPosted By : birendra 
  :Q:  Can we extend the range of Wifi with the use of some softwares, if yes, which one? Or is there any hardware to do so, how much will it cost?
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : yogesh134 
  :Q:  Why 268hp induction motor taking different current in three different phases? (In which two phase having same current and one having higher value compare to other 2 phases.)
 Category :: Manual TestingPosted By : naazneen 
  :Q:  i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringInterview Questions : Apollo 
  :Q:  where connected OLTC for transformers?
 Category :: Electrical EngineeringInterview Questions : Sodexo 
  :Q:  why in 3.5 core means 3 core for phase and .5 for neutral?

New Answers

 Category :: C Code Posted By : rahul bagale 
 :Q:  void main() { int i; char a[]="\0"; if(printf("%s\n",a)) printf("Ok here \n"); else printf("Forget it\n"); }
A :: Ans :Forget it Explation: '' is a char with value 0 in C++ and an int with the value 0 in C.
 Category :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : a k sigh 
 :Q:  what is the difference between the HT Cable and LT Cable ?
A :: HT cable is used for 1KV to 11KV voltage rating whereas LT cable is used upto 1KV. The basic difference in their insulation level/thichness, it is higher in HT cable LT cable.
 Category :: General Physics Posted By : gurpal singh 
 :Q:  Explain band theory ?
A :: Every material is made up of 2 bands i.e conduction band & valence band. Conduction band has more energy than the valence band,valence band contains valence electrons in it.
 Category :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : abc 
A :: the last movie i saw was happy new year which has realeased now in cinimas infact is still going on it is superb i loved it so i watched 4 times it is a great movie is'nt it
 Category :: Taxation Posted By : jyo 
 :Q:  What is the full form of TDS & TCS
A :: ans no. 21
 Category :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : kajanijam 
 :Q:  how terminal voltage increases when load is capacitive (leading pf load)? (explain practically what is happening, not using phasor diagram
A :: The nature of Capacitor is to store electrical energy in the form of voltage in electric field,so voltage increses
 Category :: Instrumentation Posted By : koolfire 
 :Q:  Can you explain drawbacks between P,I,D & PID controller
A :: P,PID controller'S are used to tune the output to a desired value. however for proportional controllers it always has a steady state error as the output will never reach the desired value but will be close to it. For  a PID controller due to its integral and derivative action(rate of change of error), it cancels out the steady state error.
 Category :: Certifications AllOther Posted By : raj 
 :Q:  I have Informatica certification dumps for designer and amdin.If anyone requires, please contact me at
A :: Hey, Please send me the dumps at
 Category :: Instrumentation Posted By : koolfire 
 :Q:  What is scan time of PLC?
A :: Scan time is  usually the process cycle time taken by the plc for reading the status of inputs , evaluating the control logic and then updating the outputs. This is a continous sequential process as the PLC is constantly assesing the input and changing the output based on the contorl logic. Scan time of plc is about 0.1 ms to 10 ms.
 Category :: Health Pharma AllOther Posted By : dhana 
 :Q:  what is the diffirence between deviation and change control? at what situations we can raise the deviation and change control
A :: Deviation is established procedure deviation are two catagery,one is critical and other is non-critical critical deviation-to direct impact the quality of product non-critical deviation- no impact of quality of product. Change control is planned activities. Change control are two types one is temperary and other is permanant temperary change control under QA observation permanant change control are must be reviewed by related department and finaly approved by QA

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