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This Month ... An unique site ... First of its kind encrypted with a motto to post as many interview questions as possible along with answers that were asked in various interviews and expected questions which may be asked in interviews, to help the needy young generation who are going to face interviews. This site will enlighten the nature and scope of interview questions that will be asked in various interviews, keeping in view the present interviews scenario.

Many eminent personalities from all walks of life have contributed a lot in posting interview questions and answers relating to all categories viz., Software, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Government & Private Sector and what not every branch has been covered in this site.

The viewers can also add questions and answers that they have faced in interviews, to share their interview experience and knowledge with the upcoming young generation.

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     New Questions  
     Category ::  Instrumentation Interview Questions Posted By : swastikdjain 
     Q :: if I did short to both AO connections, channel will burn or what? m sure in AI it will damage to channel. But what will happens in AO?

     Category ::  SAS Interview Questions Asked At : Acc 
     Q :: Which is Best Institute for learning SAS BASE & SAS BI in Hyderabad? Can anyone suggest me ?

     Category ::  Accounting AllOther Interview Questions Asked At : techmahindra 
     Q :: what do you mean by financial analysis and technical analysis ?

     Category ::  Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Asked At : Wartsila 
     Q :: what is the id1 & id2 setting in differential protection relay of CSPC?

     Category ::  ICET Interview Questions Posted By : ds verma 
     Q :: which of the following river does not form delta?

     Category ::  Instrumentation Interview Questions Asked At : Reliance 
     Q :: if RTD damage in plant, how we know?

     Category ::  Instrumentation Interview Questions Asked At : Reliance 
     Q :: what are the on/off valve precaution?

     Category ::  PHP Interview Questions Posted By : hey_what 
     Q :: Any good PHP developer looking for change

     Category ::  Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : sunit 
     Q :: take 100kva DTR( delta/wye ), what ll happen if we connect 11kv to LT side instead of connecting to HT side? will the DTR behave as a step up transformer or something else????

     Category ::  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions Asked At : HGS 
     Q :: why do you prefer BPO jobs after completion of your Graduations ?

     Category ::  Accounting AllOther Interview Questions Asked At : HP 
     Q :: What goodwill.

     Category ::  JavaScript Interview Questions Posted By : vinaybathula143 
     Q :: In Java coding we will write a public static void main()? Why won't we write as a static public void main()

     Category ::  Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions Posted By : raobangale 
     Q :: why should we calibrate pH meter with 4,9.2 and 7.4 buffers particularly?

     Category ::  Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : Shrikant.pareek 
     Q :: Direction of flow of active power and reactive power with logic?

     Category ::  HR Questions Interview Questions Asked At : Accenture 
     Q :: I have applied to accenture in-person and they have scheduled me interview at 26thjuly but they have not shared me venue details and still my candidate status is showing as "scheduled for weeken walkin"? what should i do now?

     Category ::  Accounting AllOther Interview Questions Posted By : rahul 
     Q :: What is the role oF Jr Financial Analyst ? And what are the General Questions Asked for this Profile For freshers ?

     Category ::  Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : rone 

     Category ::  Power Plant Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : brajesh_genus 
     Q :: what is scanner air fan & how dose it work & is there any interlock in power plant

     Category ::  Power Plant Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : saurabh singh 
     Q :: dear sir i have completed one year post diploma certificate in thermal power engineering from national power training institute durgapur ...plz suggest me for power sector job

     Category ::  SSC AllOther Interview Questions Posted By : mchoudhary396 
     Q :: I think CPO so 2014 cut off Gen.70,Obc-58,St- 55,Sc-52

     New Answers  
     Category : Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : ln sahu db power ltd. 
      Q :: What is the difference between induction motor and the Synchronized one?

      A :: 3 phase induction motor is self starting device . its relative speed between stator and rotor field not equal to zero. while in synchronous motor its average torque is zero, i.e. relative speed between stator and rotor field is zero .hence it is not a self starting device.

     Category : Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : ln sahu db power 
      Q :: Define motor & pump?

      A :: motor is a electrical device which convert electrical power into mechanical power. it is named according to their application .if it is used for transfer of liquid then it is called pump and for air then it is called blower etc.

     Category : Audit Interview Questions Posted By : ravikrisna786 
      Q :: what is the debit and credit

      A :: Debit means increase in assent or revenue and decrease in liabilities or expenses and on the other hand credit define the terms debit opposite.

     Category : Basis Interview Questions Posted By : hari 
      Q :: How can create a bunch of users at the same time without using SU01?

      A :: Hi, For Mass Users SU10 is the T Code .

     Category : Audit Interview Questions Posted By : ravikrisna786 
      Q :: what is the balance sheet

      A :: A condensed statement that shows the financial position of an entity on a specified date (usually the last day of an accounting period). Among other items of information, a balance sheet states (1) what assets the entity owns, (2) how it paid for them, (3) what it owes (its liabilities), and (4) wh (...)

     Category : Audit Interview Questions Posted By : ravikrisna786 
      Q :: what is the BRS

      A :: It's a kind of statement which is prepare to tally the closing balance of the statement issued by Bank and closing balance as per our books of account bank ledger on any particular date,it's shows the list of transactions with possible reasons & errors creating differences between the same.

     Category : General Aptitude Interview Questions Posted By : kundan 
      Q :: 2 people are playing chess daily..31 days of month..loser gives 2rs to winner per mathes..whole amt will pay at the end of man gives 38rs to other & he had win 5 mathes..then how many mathes are tie??? option a)2 b)8 c)4

      A :: ans is 2 becos total days =31 they were play one match every day so total matchs=31 one give other to 38 rs and also he had lost 5 matches so he give 38 rs(19 matchs)+10rs(5 matches )=24 matchs total rs is 38+10+10(becos he won 5 matchs(rs 10) and along with give 38 rs so total amt is 38+10+10+4(amt of two matchs)=31 days every day one match and one match equal to 2 rs 62=31*2 62=62 so ans is 2

     Category : UPSC Political Science Interview Questions Posted By : rj 
      Q :: A State will consists four elements, what are they;

      A :: Basically 1.Governor 2.Chief minister 3.Cabinet 4.A Legislative body or Council

     Category : Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : jay 
      Q :: 1 KW = how many kva

      A :: KW+KVAR=KVA you have to find kvar (Reactive power) If you know the KVA and KW the formula is KVAR = Sqrt(KVA^2 - KW^2). using the power factor and KW, find the phase angle (the power factor is the cosine of the angle) which will allow you to determine the tangent of the phase angle. Then the following formula will work KVAR =KW * Tan theta Using the same principle, find the sine of the phase angle, then KVAR=KVA * sin Theta

     Category : Electrical Engineering Interview Questions Posted By : rohitash saini 
      Q :: why CT ratio stand for 50/5, 100/5, 25/5.

      A :: c.t is a current transfarmer which measure electrical current in system. we identify it just that 100/5than the ratio 20:1 that is when primary taken 20 amps current then secondary turn taken 5amp.when we put c.t ratio in digital meter after he showing direct reading .

     Category : Instrumentation Interview Questions Posted By : papu 
      Q :: what are the on/off valve precaution?

      A :: • Keep to standard engineering rules in planning the use of and operating the device! • Installation and intervention for maintenance work are only allowed by qualified personnel using suitable tools! • Observe the current regulations on accident prevention and safety for electrical devic (...)

     Category : Informatica Interview Questions Posted By : winnie carole 
      Q :: hi all, can anyone tell where i will get good informatica training in Pune? thanks in advance.

      A :: In Pune I have done Informatica 9.1 in Radical Technologies Aundh. They are well experienced and sincere in training.They guided me by many Realtime scenarios and prepare me well for interviews. So I would like to suggest Radical Technologies the Best.

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