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Interview Questions :: SAP BasisPosted By : deepak

:Q: what is the difference between with core

Interview Questions :: SAP BasisPosted By : deepak

:Q: what are SAR & CAR files in sap?

Interview Questions :: Test CasesCompany : TCS

:Q: I want 100 test scenario for gmail

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : DAE

:Q: Fault current shall be part of tech specs of power cable or not?.

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : jay

:Q: how to calculate spacing rod in column

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : rajesh

:Q: What is full rate on plywood box in haryana sale tax:

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : angrybullet

:Q: I have a 380 KVA DG set. How can i find out 1. My Fuel Consumption per hr ? 2. Electricity produced in 1 Hr. ? 3. If load varies then how does it affect fuel consumption & electricity produced ? Please HELP !!! Really need an answer.

Interview Questions :: Certifications AllOtherPosted By : raj

:Q: salary package for sap fico fresher (zero experinece)

Interview Questions :: ASPPosted By :

:Q: Hi, i am looking for join learn real time project on dotnet please tell me which is the best institute now i am staying in a ameerpet. thank u for advance.

Interview Questions :: SAP Business Objects BO BOBJPosted By : vasu

:Q: Can any please explain the limitations of detail object in Webi.

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : swapnil

:Q: How to calculate multiplying factor of dc energy meter

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : chandru

:Q: Consider three heater bank connected in 3 phase star with neutral.Each heater bank connected in each phase.So each phase get 230 volts question is,during balance condition, current flow in neutral or Not

Interview Questions :: PharmacyPosted By : mahesh

:Q: what we do when calibration of any instrument is fail ?

Interview Questions :: GeologyPosted By : arunkumar

:Q: how does fog forms...???

Interview Questions :: SciencesCompany : Pharmaceutical

:Q: primary standard used in Kf and mention technical reason

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Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : prerna

:Q: What is SHRINKAGE and ATTRITION..? If anyone knows please let me know..!

A :: Shrinkage: total absent/total rostered attrition: total attire/(opening count+closing count/2)*100

Interview Questions :: Organic Chemistry Posted By : urmi

:Q: Why we use TMS in NMR spectroscopy?

A :: TMS is used as the internal reference in NMR spectroscopy because of its following characteristics: > High volatility > High solubility > Chemically inert nature > Shielding effect

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQL Posted By : eshwer

:Q: Hi All, I am new to both this blog and technology. I was able to see a response for one of the questions on triggers as below. I would like to know why are we using " if rtrim(to_char(sysdate,'day'))=rtrim('sunday') then" instead, can't we use " if sysdate = 'sunday' then". I can understand the use of "rtrim", but dont know y v r using to_char. I have seen this in many cases but did not get a convincible explaination. Please help me with this and do excuse if this question sounds silly. Thanks in advance...... create or replace trigger trg_sun before insert on <table name> begin if rtrim(to_char(sysdate,'day'))=rtrim('sunday') then raise_application_error(-20345,'no transaction in sunday'); end if; end trg_sun;

A :: Run this query and check the result you can easyly understand y we used trim function.. select length(to_char(sysdate,'day')), length(rtrim(to_char(sysdate,'day'))) from dual;

Interview Questions :: SAP Basis Posted By : chaitanaya

:Q: What are the differences between system refresh and client refresh?

A :: when you say system refresh you aree copying your data from Prod. system to your fix system or may be on your training/quality system. Here it replaces all the data and you need to backup your data on target system (printers, users, rfc, and other system dependent stuff) If you dont do that it would be replaced from your Prod (source). Also while doing system refresh you dont have option of seggregating the data (as you use your backup and redo logs till your sync time). This is a long tiring task includes a lot of post steps... :-) Client Refresh can be seen in a way where you are copying data to an exsisting client where you will be defining the type of profile (cust, users, master data or so on. This is little simpler compared to system refresh.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : nagendra

:Q: what will happen when a electric bulb is connected between two will giow or not

A :: if two phase voltages are equal that means 230v.then what will happen

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : anand vishwakarma

:Q: 1ampear me kitna watts hota hai aur elcb ka pura naam kya hai

A :: 1amp me 120 watt hota hai

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : biswa bihari

:Q: what are the types of starter ?

A :: 1 two point starter 2 three point starter 3 four point starter 4 d o l starter 5 star delta starter 6 auto transformer starter 7 semi automatic star delta star 8 automatic star delta star 123 is dc 45678 is ac

Interview Questions :: Botany Posted By : mathivanan palraj

:Q: Differentiate alpha-taxonomy and omega-taxonomy ?

A :: William Bertram Turrill introduced the term "alpha taxonomy", which is based on morphological and physiological facts, and he believed that this accommodates all observational and experimental data relating to the constitution, subdivision, origin, and behavior of species and other taxonomic groups. He mentioned about omega taxonomy as an ideal arrangement because there was no consensus among scientists then to include the exact criteria necessary to classify organisms.

Interview Questions :: SAP FI CO Posted By : pallavi

:Q: can any one extplain me about sap fi test script,please?

A :: Test Script - Set of Commands that for test

Interview Questions :: SAP SD Posted By : nagarjuna m

:Q: To start a transaction how many ways are there and what are they?

A :: only two ways to start the transactions one is T-code anther one is path (SPRO-IMG)


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