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(This Month) ... First of its kind encrypted with a motto to post as many interview questions as possible along with answers that were asked in various company interviews and expected questions which may be asked in job interviews, to help the needy young generation who are going to face interviews. This site will enlighten the nature and scope of interview questions that will be asked in various company interviews, keeping in view the present interviews scenario.

Many eminent personalities from all walks of life have contributed a lot in posting interview questions and answers relating to all categories viz., Software, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Government & Private Sector and what not every branch has been covered in this site.

The viewers can also add questions and answers that they have faced in any job interviews, to share their interview experience and knowledge with the upcoming young generation.

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New Interview Questions

 Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : mohammed 
  :Q:  excess cash withdraw from bank for staff salary than remain amount deposited into bank., what will be journal entries for above transactions
 Interview Questions :: CPosted By : hsvg 
  :Q:  using only #include <stdio.h> and #include <stdlib.h> Write a program in C that will read an input from the user and print it back to the user if it is a palindrome. The string ends when it encounters a whitespace. The input string is at most 30 characters. Assume the string has no spaces and distinguish between and lowercase. So madam is a palindrome, but MadAm is not a palindrome. Use scanf and %s to read the string. Sample Test: Enter a string: madam madam is a palindrome. Enter a string: 09023 09023 is not a palindrome.
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : sathish 
  :Q:  what is the metal ratio in granular subbase coarse for one cum ? And please explain the morth table ...what is the difference between grading 1 , 2, 3 what it means..plz explain
 Interview Questions :: Aptitude QuestionsCompany : Edcon 
  :Q:  Hello,I've been called for an interview test from edcon, they told me to come with an calculator and pen .I have no idea what I'm going to be calculating,can someone please give me clues of what to look out for the most, thank you
 Interview Questions :: TaxationPosted By : prem 
  :Q:  How to show reject material in ER1
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : Student 
  :Q:  What is difference between ceramic and vitrified tile
 Interview Questions :: GATECompany : GE 
  :Q:  .students decide to gift principal 4200 rupees. if teachers give 50% more than the students and an external person gives 3 times to that of much do teachers give.
 Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringCompany : XYZ 
  :Q:  as started in the job offer notification, is our basic salary of 1lakh good for you if employed?
 Interview Questions :: Human ResourcesPosted By : praveen 
  :Q:  If my salary is 11,ooo then how much my Basic ,HR & DA.
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : nehan 
  :Q:  how to calculate differential current when we testing differential relay..suppose we have 1000kw generator,630amp VCB,what value we should put /inject so that relay trip the VCB? PLLZ justify ur comment
 Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOtherPosted By : ramesh 
  :Q:  i have tested one module at the i found one defect for it. it is fixed by developer but i want to know the impact of these defect on other module which has dependency on defect found module. Other than regression how we will use best practice for to find any impact on other module as it's near to deadline for testing
 Interview Questions :: PharmacyCompany : Emcure 
  :Q:  Give details of pilot plant?
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : abhishekdubey0212 
  :Q:  Difference between Lugs and Thimbles
 Interview Questions :: Business ObjectsPosted By : shikha 
  :Q:  when I am trying to schedule the report its running faster then I tried to run it manually?? why is it so that there is difference of time between scheduling and manual run for report
 Interview Questions :: InstrumentationCompany : Engro 
  :Q:  what will be the pressure in tank which has the total level of 2 meters and is filled 1.2 meters ?

New Answers

 Interview Questions :: C++ General Posted By : savin gahlawat 
 :Q:  what is data Abstraction? and give example
A :: Act of representing essential data without displaying background details is known as data abstraction.
 Interview Questions :: Accounting General Posted By : a. m 
 :Q:  Home furniture sold goods to Jhon for 150000 on 10th march 2015, due to damage occured in transmit rs 20000 worth of goods have been returned on 16th march 2015. What is the journal entry for both the instances ?
A :: cash a/c Dr 130000 goods in transit a/c Dr. 20000 To sales a/c Cr 150000
 Interview Questions :: Oracle Apps Financial Posted By : allwell dabbs 
 :Q:  as a functional consultant what was your role in implementation project and supporting project?
A :: The Project may be SAP Implementation, SAP Support (post implementation), Upgrade, Roll out etc…. I have given below the responsibilities of a SAP Functional Consultant for SAP implementation project. These will vary based on Project size, scope etc. but I have tried to cover the main responsibilities. Provide expert advice on SAP functionality. The Consultant is supposed to be expert in his SAP module and should be able to provide in detail the functionality available in SAP. He should advice customer on how to use the best business processes as provided in SAP. Collect & analyze customer requirements on the following: Business processes and parameters: This is important for business processes to be covered in SAP and compile the various parameters required for subsequent Configuration. Assist in data transfer mapping: Data is required to be transferred to SAP from the legacy systems (e.g. Master Data like Material Master, Customer/Vendor master etc..) Determining reporting requirements: Standard SAP Reports and any Customized Reporting required. Determine printed forms requirements Suggest solutions to customer based on best business practices so that Customer gets Business benefits by following these SAP processes. Assist in the development of business process descriptions Conduct implementation & training workshops: This is particularly required for SAP Power users and then guidance for end-user training. Most of the implementations follow ‘Train the Trainer’ approach.. Provide guidance on end-user documentation. Provide guidance on test plan. : How to test SAP functionality for the required Business processes and ensure that all scenarios are covered. Conduct unit tests based on customer defined scenarios Coordinate with other module SAP Consultants for Integration requirements. Provide Functional Specifications to Technical team for any Customized developments..
 Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : rahul mall 
 :Q:  What is a blow down valves?
A :: Blow down is a cock who stay on boiler drum for control the solid concentration .....all sludge of water thought out with the help of it ....
 Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : akhil 
 :Q:  what is formula to calculate compressive strength of concrete or procedure??
A :: Make some Cubes of the concrete after 28 days a take it a testing lab . note the load at which it breaks . then load/area of the cube gives the compressive strgth of concrete
 Interview Questions :: Informatica Posted By : skg 
 :Q:  when load type is selected as bulk or normal in session level ?let me know the internal process and give me an example?
A :: A:when you run a session with Normal load IS commits data into the target table as well as commits rowid into a log table. For Example: you have 10000 records in your source,while loading data if your session fails at any point of time then there is a scope of recovery.After you fetch the issue when you rerun the job you need to ensure that your session is running with Normal load and instead of loading from the scratch,IS connect to the Repository service then Repo service connect to the Repo Database and check what is the last rowid commited in the log table and start loading from the max rowid+1 on wards. checkpoint at session level: Resume From Last save heckpoint BulkLoad: when you run a session with Bulk load the IS loads the data into target table and it won't commit any rowid into the log table. so performance will be good because only one operation is happing here but if session is failed at any point of time then there is no scope of recovery. Note: when you work with Bulk load you need to ensure that there is no indexes on target table.if it has indexes your session get fails. Q: I want to use bulk load and i have indexes on target table can't i access? A: Yes you can achieve this by ensuring the option Pre-SQL as :Drop Index index_Name; Post-SQL as:create Index index_Name on table_Name(col_Name);
 Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOther Posted By : janardhan 
 :Q:  Mr. A purchased a car worth of rupees 2,00,000 on cash than what would be the entry
A :: Car a/c dr. 200000 To cash a/c 200000
 Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : pooja kaundal 
 :Q:  what is the difference between lod and loq?
A :: I agree with kizar ahmed
 Interview Questions :: J2SE Code Posted By : saberi 
 :Q:  1+(2*3)+(4*5*6)+(7*8*9*10)+... specified input value
A :: 5167
 Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : prisha prabhu 
 :Q:  what s the full form of GOOGLE and YAHOO?
A :: Full form of Google: "Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth" Full Form OF Yahoo: "Yet Another Hierarchical of Officious Oracle"

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