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:Q: What is BusBar integrity test and how it is conducted?

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:Q: Question 103 - (a) Let | - > = 1 | x > + 0 | y >, | | > = 0 | x > + 1 | y >. Find the value of 2 | x > + 3 | y > in term of | - > and | | >. (b) Let m to be the reduced mass. Find the value of m in term of Ma and Mb where 1 / m = 1 / Ma + 1 / Mb.

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:Q: How many Steel used in 1 cum tower foundation

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:Q: pf full updated bifurcation for 2017

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralCompany : Genpact

:Q: Types of errors in account

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:Q: Write a PHP code to print following number pattern: 123 456 789

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:Q: CHEMICAL ENERGY BALANCE - EXAMPLE 11.3 : For liquid benzene, the CP constants are : a = 129440, b = - 169.5, c = 0.64781. Reference temperature is 298 K. The temperature of benzene is 60 degree Celsius. Calculate the enthalpy of benzene by using the formula H = a (DT) + (b/2) (T^2 - TREF^2) + (c/3) (T^3 - TREF^3) where ^ is power, DT is temperature difference with TREF = 298 K. H is in J / kmol. DT = T - TREF.

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:Q: CHEMICAL ENERGY BALANCE - EXAMPLE 11.2 : Calculate the cooling duty, H required to condense and cool acetone from 100 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius at atmospheric pressure. The heat of vaporization for acetone at its normal boiling point is 30.2 kJ / mol. The boiling point of acetone at atmospheric pressure is 56 degree Celsius. The flowrate of acetone through the condenser is 100 mol / s = N. Value of sensible heat needed to increase the temperature of acetone in liquid form from 25 to 56 degree Celsius is 4.06 kJ / mol. Value of sensible heat needed to increase the temperature of acetone in vapor form from 56 to 100 degree Celsius is 3.82 kJ / mol. Unit of H is kJ / s.

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:Q: Can any one plz help me to find aptitude questions on UG.NX software??

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:Q: Why neutral is not used in three phases dol starter

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:Q: Can you tell me about the landscape migration to cloud ?

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:Q: what is the procedure getting road permit form online

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:Q: Hello everybody, How many people do you think one sprint team can have in average?

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:Q: Need a question about royal enfield

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:Q: why you want be a qs

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Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : sanasam ulen mangang

:Q: Describe 5 components of SFC ?

A :: 5 component are 1. CO2 cylinder 2. Pumps 3. Heat exchanger 4. ABPR (most important ) 5. Detector

Interview Questions :: COBOL Posted By : bhupendraprajapati

:Q: why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

A :: Level 01 is used to define record and record cannot be repeated using OCCUR clause.

Interview Questions :: Chemical Engineering Posted By : kangchuentat

:Q: Question 103 - (a) Let | - > = 1 | x > + 0 | y >, | | > = 0 | x > + 1 | y >. Find the value of 2 | x > + 3 | y > in term of | - > and | | >. (b) Let m to be the reduced mass. Find the value of m in term of Ma and Mb where 1 / m = 1 / Ma + 1 / Mb.

A :: Answer 103 - (a) For | - > = 1 | x > + 0 | y >, multiply it with 2 to produce 2 | - > = 2 | x > + 0 | y >, then 2 | x > = 2 | - > - 0 | y > as first equation. For | | > = 0 | x > + 1 | y >, multiply it with 3 to produce 3 | | > = 0 | x > + 3 | y >, then 3 | y > = 3 | | > - 0 | x > as second equation. Finally first equation plus second equation to produce 2 | x > + 3 | y > = 2 | - > + 3 | | >. (b) Let 1 / m = 1 / Ma + 1 / Mb = (Ma + Mb) / (Ma x Mb). Then m = (Ma x Mb) / (Ma + Mb). The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

Interview Questions :: Organic Chemistry Posted By : sudhir

:Q: How would you separate naphthalene and benzoic acid in an ethyl acetate solution?

A :: In this solution of napthalene and benzoic acid in ethylacetate, add solution of 5% NaHCO3 and mix well. The benzoic acid will form a sodium salt due to neutralisation reaction and is dissolved in water layer. The ethylacetate layer will have napthalene dissolved in it. Evaporate/ distill out ethylacetate solvent, you will get napthalene white solid. To the above aqueous layer add slowly Dil HCl solution till pH 1-2, benzoic acid will precipitate as white solid, filter it and dry to get pure benzoic acid.

Interview Questions :: Organic Chemistry Posted By : sudhir

:Q: what is ph of benzene

A :: pH is water based phenomenon due to dissociation of H2O molecules into H+ and OH- ions, this concept being called as ionic product of water. Benzene is an organic molecule and does not dissociate into H+ ions, hence its pH can not be measured and told. If we really want to check pH od benzene, then we can mix benzene with neutral water [pH 7] , separate the benzene layer away and check the pH of water layer. Most probably it will be 7.

Interview Questions :: Finance Posted By : muhammed musthafa v

:Q: what are nationalised banks?

A :: Nationalised banks are those bank which is owned by india government .atleast than 51% of the share is held by government . these banks are governed by RBI under banking regulation act 1949 Eg:canara bank , union bank of india

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : vasanthakumar

:Q: what will happen if we use petrole in diesel engine and diesel in petrole engine

A :: Diesel engine have injector to spry diesel and burnt the air fuel mixture at temp with spark plug, but if u use diesel in petrol engine ,there ignition temp is higher than petrol so it will not combusted at the petrol engine temp , so we cannot use petrol instead of diesel ,both are specific property in combustion chamber...

Interview Questions :: Oracle General Posted By : prna

:Q: Describe the different type of Integrity Constraints supported by ORACLE ?

A :: SELECT MIN(SAL) FROM (SELECT SAL FROM (select sal from emp group by sal order by sal desc) WHERE ROWNUM<=3)

Interview Questions :: SAP Business Warehouse Posted By : padma

:Q: I have 10 cubes I created multiprovider I want only 1 cube data what u do?

A :: Whenever we crated multiprovider ,by default system generates technical object called 0INFOPROVIDER,based on this we will get required in infoprovider data

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : sabyasachi

:Q: which is heavier 1kg. of iron or 1kg. of cotton?and why?

A :: As we can see that the density of oron is way more than cotton therefore 1kg iron>1 kg cotton P.s-this answer is based on general knowledge and is experimentaly proved using weight machine


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