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(This Month) ... First of its kind encrypted with a motto to post as many interview questions as possible along with answers that were asked in various company interviews and expected questions which may be asked in job interviews, to help the needy young generation who are going to face interviews. This site will enlighten the nature and scope of interview questions that will be asked in various company interviews, keeping in view the present interviews scenario.

Many eminent personalities from all walks of life have contributed a lot in posting interview questions and answers relating to all categories viz., Software, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Government & Private Sector and what not every branch has been covered in this site.

The viewers can also add questions and answers that they have faced in any job interviews, to share their interview experience and knowledge with the upcoming young generation.

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New Interview Questions

 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : a.saha 
  :Q:  Coverage of 25mm.thick ratio of 1:4 cement mortar?
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : MECO 
  :Q:  Camber of 15 mm is to be provided at free end of the cantilever what dose it mean??
 Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOtherCompany : Cognizant 
  :Q:  What's the difference between efficiency and productivity?
 Interview Questions :: Crystal ReportsCompany : Cognizant 
  :Q:  Kindly Help for this Below Scenario, I am going to implement Power BI into our internal software. I’m familiar with the fact that each user can pay $9.99 a month to build and view reports but what I need to know is how can we embed Power BI into our application so that any users that log into our application can see the reports without the monthly fee. I’ve researched enough that it can be done. What I am not familiar with is how to do it or the pricing of embedding it into an application. I think they do pricing on how many renders you do or something. Would you be able to look into how we could embed it into our software and the cost?
 Interview Questions :: SAP BasisCompany : IBM 
  :Q:  what is the prerequisite for doing sap release upgrade
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : shweta gupta 
  :Q:  Tell me about Tesla.
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : AIS 
  :Q:  I want to ask a question which i faced during testing of Capacitive Voltage Transformer in AIS. We have measured the C1 , C2 individually , but when we start to measure the total C1+C2 , the testing equipment shuts down and says low loading. Kindly is it possible to find the total capacitance by using measuring device. kindly briefly explain the procedure.
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : sudhirr kumar 
  :Q:  What is rate of concrete surface rendering work per sqm
 Interview Questions :: SAP Business Objects BO BOBJCompany : Mind Tree 
  :Q:  Difference between publication and report bursting?
 Interview Questions :: SAP Business Objects BO BOBJPosted By : karthika 
  :Q:  Yesterday report is running fine(in 5sec.).but today report is running 4hrs.but client want performance improvement.all parameters are don't have access at universe have aceess at report level only.what you do?
 Interview Questions :: SAP Business WarehouseCompany : Mind Tree 
  :Q:  I have cube.for cube data coming from 3dso' one dso having special cube you got special char u can resolve this?
 Interview Questions :: SAP Business Objects BO BOBJPosted By : karthika 
  :Q:  difference between prompts,filters,inputcontrols.three are filters.but exactly in which situation three are used.not in definition wise.tell me in scenario wise.
 Interview Questions :: SAP Business Objects BO BOBJCompany : HP 
  :Q:  I have 2 blocks in my report.2nd block is below the 1st future when I add data to the 1st block it overlaps with 2nd block.i don't want this.i want when 1st block increases with data 2nd block come below 1st block.what you will do to achive this?
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : engrsaleemmughal 
  :Q:  How much the quantity of Dry material of Crush for 1:2:4 Concrete, using pan 3/8'' down....
 Interview Questions :: Organic ChemistryCompany : Alembic 
  :Q:  Any one is alembic pharmaceutical ltd. On starting to job ?

New Answers

 Interview Questions :: Human Resources Posted By : parul agarwal 
 :Q:  Why did you choose HR as your career?
A :: Human Resource Management is a combination of people plus processes.And as I am a people oriented person, posses empathy for others as well as certain level know how to get work done from others therefore I think I am best fit for HR profession.In addition, I like to work on different software and follow processes which even equip me with the weapons required to successfully accomplish my task.
 Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : sheikh 
 :Q:  what is shunt trip coil? what was the function in rmu?
A :: Shunt trip coil usually mounted in circuit breaker and activate on the receiving of any fault signal and tripped to circuit breaker on status of TRIP
 Interview Questions :: C Posted By : manjusha k 
 :Q:  52.write a “Hello World” program in “c” without using a semicolon? 53.Give a method to count the number of ones in a 32 bit number? 54.write a program that print itself even if the source file is deleted? 55.Given an unsigned integer, find if the number is power of 2?
A :: #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { if(printf("hello world")){ } }
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  write a Vb script to find a whther a selected drive exits.
A :: Option Explicit Dim objFso, objFile,iCount,strDrivers Set objFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FilesystemObject") MsgBox objFso.Drives.Count For iCount = 1 To objFso.Drives.Count strDrivers = strDrivers & vbNewLine &objFso.Drives.Item(iCount).DriveType Next MsgBox strDrivers If objFso.DriveExists("iTunes") Then MsgBox "Driver is Exists" Else MsgBox "Drive is not exists" End if
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  How to search word in a string without using instring function?
A :: Solution1: text or Textarea checkPoints solution 2:if condition method
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  reverse the string without using reverse string?
A :: Option Explicit Dim strValue,iCount, strNewValue strValue = "CapGemini" For iCount = Len(strValue) To 1 Step -1 strNewValue = strNewValue& Mid(strValue,iCount,1) Next strNewValue = Trim(strNewValue) MsgBox strNewValue 'Expected value --------------------------- --------------------------- inimeGpaC --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  compare the string without using stringcomp function?
A :: 2. how to compare values without using String compare function? Ans: Option Explicit Dim strValue strValue = "Thatavarthi" If strValue = "Thatavarthi" Then MsgBox "Both strings are same" Else MsgBox "Both strings are not same" End If 'Expected out Put --------------------------- --------------------------- Both strings are same --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  print the array values in ascending order?
A :: arr = Array(4, 6, 2, 7, 3, 5, 1, 8, 10, 22, 33, 15, 11, 8) For i = LBound(arr) to UBound(arr) For j = LBound(arr) to UBound(arr) - 1 If arr(j) > arr(j + 1) Then TempValue = arr(j + 1) arr(j + 1) = arr(j) arr(j) = TempValue End If Next Next s = "" For i = LBound(arr) To UBound(arr) s = s & arr(i) & "," Next Msgbox s 'Expected output --------------------------- --------------------------- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,10,11,15,22,33, --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  find the length of the string without using length function?
A :: Option Explicit Dim strValue,iCount, intcounter strValue = "thatavarthi" intcounter = 0 for icount = 1 to len(strValue) intcounter = intcounter+1 Next Msgbox intcounter 'Expected Value --------------------------- --------------------------- 11 --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
 Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By : cnu_thatavarthi 
 :Q:  join all the array values without using join function?
A :: Ans: Option Explicit Dim strValue, arrValue,iCount arrValue = Array("Srinivasulu","Thatavarthi") For iCount = 0 To UBound(arrValue) strValue =strValue&" "& arrValue(iCount) Next MsgBox strValue 'Actual Output: --------------------------- --------------------------- Srinivasulu Thatavarthi --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

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