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Interview Questions :: TaxationPosted By :

:Q: what is period VAT revised return can be filed?

Interview Questions :: SASPosted By : amit miskin

:Q: I have 3 years of work experience at a startup and recently got certified in Data Science with SAS. I need to know how to get into the analytics industry

Interview Questions :: EnglishCompany : ANI Instruments

:Q: What is the exact information do you require to uplift your performance?

Interview Questions :: AuditPosted By : joseph sathia kumar

:Q: for how much loan a borrower has to submit QIS

Interview Questions :: AuditPosted By : rohinee

:Q: while calculating drawing power for the purpose of cc limit ,while deducting creditors from stock whether to consider debit balance of creditors ,in total of creditors' credit balance ?

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : santhosh

:Q: what is the use of l10n testing?

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : prabaharan

:Q: Difference between smoke and sanity testing

Interview Questions :: ASPCompany : STC

:Q: What is asp

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : manish kumar

:Q: Tell me about Agile scrum and what is your role in Scrum ?

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : kv

:Q: List the various vector functions used in ab initio with syntax.

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : kang chuen tat (malaysia - pen

:Q: Question 73 - (a) A dryer reduces the moisture content of 100 kg of a potato product from 80 % to 10 % moisture. Find the mass of the water removed in such drying process. (b) During the drying process, the air is cooled from 80°C to 71°C in passing through the dryer. If the latent heat of vaporization corresponding to a saturation temperature of 71°C is 2331 kJ / kg for water, find the heat energy required to evaporate the water only. (c) Assume potato enters at 24°C, which is also the ambient air temperature, and leaves at the same temperature as the exit air. The specific heat of potato is 3.43 kJ / (kg °C). Find the minimum heat energy required to raise the temperature of the potatoes. (d) 250 kg of steam at 70 kPa gauge is used to heat 49,800 cubic metre of air to 80°C, and the air is cooled to 71°C in passing through the dryer. If the latent heat of steam at 70 kPa gauge is 2283 kJ / kg, find the heat energy in steam. (e) Calculate the efficiency of the dryer based heat input and output, in drying air. Use the formula (Ti - To)/(Ti - Ta) where Ti is the inlet (high) air temperature into the dryer, To is the outlet air temperature from the dryer, and Ta is the ambient air temperature.

Interview Questions :: MathematicsCompany : TCS

:Q: Why do you want to work for BPO company

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : rajesh

:Q: what is the max diameter of bar will provided in 100 mm thick slab

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : mahesh borase

:Q: What Is C.G. And M.I. in simple

Interview Questions :: DB400Company : HCL

:Q: I have a PF with out any data but the dependent LF is having data?

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Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : sonica

:Q: Please give me any example of High severity and Low priority type of bug ?

A :: Suppose you have an application which is having functionality of exporting to excel sheet file. But that functionality is totally not working.But for current release this is not useful.So it can be fixed in the next release as a Change Request.

Interview Questions :: Cognos Posted By : anoop jb

:Q: Types of Performance Tuning?

A :: There are many ways to improve database performance. One of them being creating indexes on table columns that are queried the most. Another is create table partitioning. A whole lot else can be accomplished at the report level by fine tuning the query or the filters created automatically by Cognos Report Studio

Interview Questions :: Core Java Posted By : yugveer jangir

:Q: What are types of Java applications?

A :: J2SE-1.Stand alone application 2.Client-server application J2EE- 1.Web-application application 2.Enterprice and Distributed application 3.Interoparable application

Interview Questions :: Automation Testing AllOther Posted By : kishan

:Q: pls suggest me a good institute for loadrunner in hyderabad also what about a practice project?

A :: vijay still working in ts technologies, not only vijay a group of performance experts r there in ts technologies they will solve any performance testing related issues

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : atish katariya

:Q: how to calculet the volume of torispherical head in pressure vessle design?

A :: Torispherical Head Volume = (0.0847 * D³ ) + (π * D² * S.F )/ 4 Where, S.F. = straight face D = inside diameter of torisperical shape

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : sneha

:Q: what is SIT? Explain with Example?

A :: Sandeep can you plz elaborate System Integration Testing with example

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : aradhana

:Q: write an 8085 assembly program to swap two numbers without using a temporary register

A :: Suppose two values are at 2000h and 4000h LDA 2000H MOV B,A LDA 4000H STA 2000H MOV A,B STA 4000H HLT

Interview Questions :: SAP MM Posted By : debashish

:Q: Q. How to inventory excise duty in SAP?

A :: Actually The account key used in the Excise condition Determines If it will get Inventorised or posted to Cenvat Clearing A/c .If the a/c key is Deductible then It is Setoff condition If not then the Excise value will get inventorised.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : tawishi rana

:Q: if u hv been invisible for a day what will you do?

A :: I will go around and solve crimes any thief doing wrong work, i will kick and punch him then they feel that other kick me and they fight in each other

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : munna kumar

:Q: what is the difference between 2 legged to 4 legged stirrups?

A :: 2 legged stirrups means only one stirrups is provided at one layer and 4 legged stirrups means 2 stirrups are provided at single layer.


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