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(This Month) ... First of its kind encrypted with a motto to post as many interview questions as possible along with answers that were asked in various company interviews and expected questions which may be asked in job interviews, to help the needy young generation who are going to face interviews. This site will enlighten the nature and scope of interview questions that will be asked in various company interviews, keeping in view the present interviews scenario.

Many eminent personalities from all walks of life have contributed a lot in posting interview questions and answers relating to all categories viz., Software, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Government & Private Sector and what not every branch has been covered in this site.

The viewers can also add questions and answers that they have faced in any job interviews, to share their interview experience and knowledge with the upcoming young generation.

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New Interview Questions

 Interview Questions :: SAP MMPosted By : pratapbarik 
  :Q:  in STO Po shipping tab not appearing
 Interview Questions :: SAP MMPosted By : pratapbarik 
  :Q:  in po shipping tab not appearing
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : Sail 
  :Q:  Required amount of Steel bars, cement/ square feet for roofing of residential building upto 3rd floor.
 Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : devendra kumar 
  :Q:  How many load in 15 kva DG set?
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : devendra kumar 
  :Q:  what is the chemical reaction of solt and charcoal in ear thing?
 Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOtherCompany : HGS 
  :Q:  You have completed in 2012 right,what are u doing in 3 years?
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : u.ganapathi 
  :Q:  If MF is 30000, pt ratio is 110 kV/110 v then what is the ct ratio?
 Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : DLF 
  :Q:  What material should be used for casting the beam-column junction if beams and columns are of different grades?? For example concrete in beams and Columns is M20 and M25 respectively.
 Interview Questions :: SSC AllOtherPosted By : gopi chandra 
  :Q:  Who is the woman boxer to win silver medal in London Olympics of 2012
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ganesh 
  :Q:  Cb closed condition if there is a tcs fail whether cb will trip or not
 Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQLCompany : Oracle 
  :Q:  I want to execute a piece of code before calling a procedure. How to achieve it?
 Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : steersathish 
  :Q:  Explain the following and how these are working with PLC Unit 1 I/O Module Card 2 Adaptor Card 3 Ribbon Adaptor 4 I/O bus 5 I/O Devices
 Interview Questions :: Government AllOtherPosted By : deepak 
  :Q:  Deepak kundu Post- deo in AG(A&E) Ahmedabad Cat-Gen, required place chandigarh,shimla If anyone ready for mutual call me on Mob- 8866243991
 Interview Questions :: Core JavaCompany : Syntel 
  :Q:  What is the life-cycle of an object?
 Interview Questions :: Core JavaCompany : Cap Gemini 
  :Q:  How is object created in java?

New Answers

 Interview Questions :: QTP Posted By : gopinath reddy 
 :Q:  Hi All. Can you please explaing what is checkpoint? How it Will Work? what is meaning of "check checkpoint ("proprtname").how it will compate with expected value? Thanks in Advance............... Lakshmi
A :: check points is one of the option in qtp.its a verication and validation used to validate to expected results
 Interview Questions :: Oracle Apps SCM Posted By : madhu 
 :Q:  Hi, I just want to know the best institute to learn (oracle apps scm functional) in hyderabad ?
A :: GSR Technologies, Who will teach you Manufacturing along with SCM with best real time scenarios. 8499909899. Madhura Nagar.
 Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : muhammad aamir 
 :Q:  What material should be used for casting the beam-column junction if beams and columns are of different grades?? For example concrete in beams and Columns is M20 and M25 respectively.
A :: M 25
 Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : tej4fun 
 :Q:  What is VCB? Where it is installed?
A :: VCB stands for Vacuum Circuit Breaker As the name suggests that the phenomenon of arc quenching will happen in Vacuum medium. It is generally used in MV applications(3.3-36KV) The main advantages of VCB being it has high dielectric strength(8 Times higher than air and 4 times higher than SF6) which makes it easier to quench the arc with less gap between the contacts. Also the life of VCB is considerably high owing to less maintenance and ease of Vacuum bottle replacement. Also unlike SF6 it is not a harmful to environment and less dangerous comparative to OIL CB. Generally the pressure maintained in Vacuum chamber is 10^-6 bar. Regards Raviteja V
 Interview Questions :: Load Runner Posted By : dhana 
 :Q:  Hi I urgently need a substantial answer for one Q on Vusers - Performance Center. Hope you could help me. Q : My application is intended to undergo soon the load testing with performance center. The Vusers we planned are 100. But the dev team says that we should use 100 different UserID/Password's & each Virtual user should login into a different account while testing. Firstly, is this required ? my application can handle multiple logins for the same userid/password, hence is it mandatory to use 100 different account when we can do the same test with one account. If so, for 1000 Vusers we cannot use 1000 logins right ? I need substantial info to prove my point. Secondly, is this possible to assign a different userid/pwd to each Virtual user ? Thanks in advance & awating your reply Harsha
A :: Do the necesary parametrization for the User ID and passwords. For real world behaviour only we are using the differnet User ids and passwords. But if you want you can use same password and userid for 100 or 1000 logins. Or simple you can create the different userids and passwords.
 Interview Questions :: SAP MM Posted By : pratapbarik 
 :Q:  In subcontracting process, BOM is created for a material.Though PO created for same material,BOM do not trigger in PO, why?
A :: Item details ->material data-> components->then it will automatically show the quantities->explode bom .u have to check mrp parameter in t code oppq
 Interview Questions :: Business Management AllOther Posted By : aniket jaiswal 
 :Q:  what is the difference between hard work and smart work?
A :: Hard work means,When I am searching A word meaning by dictecnory And Smart work If i will that word meaning by mobile dictecnory It's simple and smart work This Is A smarter choice U r smart then select it
 Interview Questions :: SAP MM Posted By : pratap barik 
 :Q:  In subcontracting process, BOM is created for a material.Though PO created for same material,BOM do not trigger in PO, why?
 Interview Questions :: Oracle General Posted By : parthasarathi 
 :Q:  What is a OUTER JOIN?
A :: outer join is used to fetch unmatched records along with matched records.. there are 3 kinds of outer joins available. 1.Left outer join :- used to fetch unmatched records at left side table. 2.right outer join :- used to fetch unmatched records at right side table. 3.Full outer join :- used to fetch unmatched records at both side tables.
 Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : sunil kumar 
 :Q:  What is the function of trip neutral close switch?
A :: TNC switch is a three position switch. when it is in close position it will put the circuit breaker in operation by energizing the closing coil and when it is in trip position it will trip the circuit by energize the trip coil in circuit breaker. But the switch After energize the coil it is going on in neutral position Automatically.

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