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How I can maintain Generator battery, Where to buy at best price?    0  4
What are your long term and short term career goals ? What has influenced your thinking while evaluating your career options    0  12
What steps would you take to achieve your sales targets?    2  117
Difference between for S5700-28C-EI-AC and S5710-28C-EI-AC?    1  109
Tell me about how you persuade people to accept your point-of-view.    1  226
What do you realistically believe to be your earning potential?    0  88
Give me an example of how you convinced someone to do something that they were not too keen on doing.    0  88
Have you applied to any other areas apart from marketing?    0  90
What makes you better than the other people I'm seeing today?    0  118
What two or three things are important to you in your job?    1  160
What criteria are you using to evaluate the organizations for which you hope to work.    0  93
What steps would you take to nurture commercial awareness and a sales focus in this customer service team?    0  77
Tell us about your experience with focus groups.    0  69
We are looking for a truly inspiring Marketing and PR Executive, someone who can create a culture of open communication, trust and respect. What strategies would you implement to achieve this?    0  72
How would you go about identifying consumer / customer needs and wants?    0  75
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Un-Answered Questions
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How do you manage your territory and your distributor? 1488
what will yo do to acquire new clients? 498
about lic 426
How do you manage performance concerns with employees? 429
elicit areas of development 1132
Explain some ways you create a sense of urgency to close the sale? 623
What is meant by B E group shares? 728
what is market status for Miniature Circuit Breaker in INDIA? 371
what is indirect selling in case of small scale IT company? 611
why marketing is process of gardening not hunting? 1693
Tell me about a time when you had to many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks. 367
If your company markets through both B2B and B2C channels, describe any channel differences in approaching customer-centricity. 6
Tell us about a situation where you convinced someone in a sales situation? 587
Describe a typical day for you. 29
How I can maintain Generator battery, Where to buy at best price? 4
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