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What is cpac stands in fmcg sales?    0  2
How to motivate subordinates in sales    0  9
Reason for job change    0  7
what are terms used in electrical sales field for Hawells other than C&F   and what are their meanings.???? I m new in this field please help    0  11
how will you outsource the customer and sell the car without the help of company only by cold call in up country?    0  22
what is Setting and strengthening of distribution system.    0  46
Sales Made without collecting c- from. What type of sales is this    0  52
Are you sure that you can convince (persuade) the vendors to accept our company’s conditions?    0  52
can you consider yourself as a leader and result maker?    1  85
are you confident that even if you don't know something you can study it?    0  43
Meaning of planogram alchemist   0  44
Discuss the nature and types of secondary data sources. Also discuss the data research procedure alembic   0  58
Give a relationship between concept, Hypothesis and Theory. What are the Salient features and classifications?    0  46
Discuss the steps involved in Business Research decision-making process. pharmaceutical   0  48
Being a researcher in marketing company, how can you search the opportunities and monitor the threats of your product?    0  50
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Un-Answered Questions
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are you confident that even if you don't know something you can study it? 43
Give me an example of a time when you motivated others. 1896
how will you handle two very important companies at the same time same day? 245
Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? 6551
Could you plz tell me in detail and with proper example that what is ROI and explain me with proper example that how will you calculate ROI of a distributor?with Example and Calculation. 241
what is customer service. 188
i hve 3 yrs of experience in financial market(capital and derivative market)as sales manager, i am handling a team under me which takes care of financial prodduc distribution and i am looking for oracle course, kindly let me know which module will be suitable for me. 147
Which steps do you take to overcome a prospect's sales resistance? 479
Tell me about Your Past Live experience / Project 189
Dear All, Plz tell me what should be correct matter for apply a sales officer post, if i have experience, ability ? 262
How many rejections do you take in a typical week? 332
how many year you will work with us while you are leaving companies within a year? 154
what about medical representative 216
1.) How would you describe yourself? 448
Tell me about a time when you had to many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks. 221
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