I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology.Presently doing MBA(Global
Business).Went for an interview.There they asked me "Why
did you do MBA after doing B.Sc.?"

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Answer / sumera114

Yes ,It was a brave and challenging decision.I took it as
a welcoming oppurtunity to prove my adptability.I was quite
successful in my attempt to excel in new stream. This trait
has been a add-on to my personality.

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Answer / alkesh dinakar

Sir because i think at present ther are lots of
opportunities in the corporate world and MBA is like a
Gateway for the Corporate world. So thats why i thought of
doing MBA.

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Answer / aman kumar

I was very interested in zoology ,that's why i did .But as
far as career is concerned i always wanted to work in
private sector at managerial post ,also if u want to stay
there in the sector u need a technical hand that will
sharpen your skill of management.

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Answer / janhavi

I've done B.Sc(PCM)and MBA(FINANCE). In science, we can get
knowledge only about the subjects,what we study
particularly but MBA has the wide diversification from
which we can get aware of the things happening in the outer
world and can get knowlegde almost in all the various
aspects such as economically, politically etc....

one more reason:i was interested in Maths subject so want
to work in finance related jobs like banking,
administration, etc...

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Answer / abhishek dutta

I believe Management is a pseudo science.

Management is a science as well as an Arts so i don't think
I am shifting my career to any different zone...

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Answer / nidhi

coz clubing what i learned from science, not the bookish
thngs, and what i am learning while doing MBA creates an
edge over the others. in science also we deal with the
practicals but in labs, but an MBA faces practicals out of
the lab i.e in the practical world.

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Answer / mary lavanya

Sir iam interested in zoology thats y i did...But in job
carrier to go upper position we should have some business
skills thats y i took this....

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Answer / nagaraj bca student

bcz in my learning stage i want to know about what is world
now i become fell in career stage how should we live... so
in living for getting all requirements... i selected
business line...

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Answer / s.anton fred calvin

sir,i have done my b.sc zoo because my interest in
practical works,but when future is concerned i think this
is not a
correct field to work, so only i choose M.B.A for my career

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Answer / dipayan saha

sir because i think that i will get more opportunities of
jobs in private sector and salary also will be at its high.

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