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how to create sold to party, ship to party in inquiry , quotation in sap sd    0  2
hi everbody, i have a problem in my project.. Native Error Code: -407 "Assignment of a null value to a not null column"  hi everbody, i have a problem in my project.. Native Error Code: -407 "Assignment of a null value to a not null column" i have no idea, what should i do..please help :(    0  2
dear fico expert' asset accounting..i completed all configuration steps..and purchased asset also..with tc.f-90..problem here depreciation run with( isnot successful..spool is not showing any depreciated value's..i want sale asset and go for further posting..please help.    0  3
hello sap guru's...while creating outbound delivery VL01n i getting a error..msg no VL461,VL248..i saw solution step's in i could not proceed this outbound delivery..plz give a detailed explanation to solve error..thanking u senior's...junior    0  3
down using t-code -48 i have posted a dp..amt of 160000.while invoice was fully posted..but i cleared it t-code 58 instead of fbln1 in still shows open item..give a solution..tq    0  3
Why do Hash joins usually perform better than Merge Joins?    0  3
What is the end point of concrete wsdl???    0  3
how would you lock the wbs elements? that the user can not release the pr    0  5
what is time profile in ps?where do we define them?list the different types of time profile?    0  5
Consider a Phone Log table as below. It records all phone numbers that we dial in a given day. SOURCE_PHONE_NUMBER DESTINATION_PHONE_NUMBER CALL_START_DATETIME 1234 4567 01/07/2011 10:00 1234 2345 01/07/2011 11:00 1234 3456 01/07/2011 12:00 1234 3456 01/07/2011 13:00 1234 4567 01/07/2011 15:00 1222 7890 01/07/2011 10:00 1222 7680 01/07/2011 12:00 1222 2345 01/07/2011 13:00 Please provide an SQL query to display the source_phone_number and a flag where the flag needs to be set to Y if first called number and last called number are the same and N if the first called number and last called number are different. Desired Output: Source Number Is_Match 1222 N 1234 Y    2  10
The use of LAST_VALUE() AND FIRST_VALUE() with an example    1  8
What are the table names in oracle database...?    0  5
find the script to recycle application pool in iis in specific interval?    0  5
Please tell me how to discuss about the salary in the hr interview. My current ctc is 3.32l and my expectation is 6.0 L. If they negotiate i can come up to 5.5l. How i can handle the situation. Please answer.    0  6
Q4. How will you get the count of record without using COUNT verb in query?    0  6
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain the classification of Database Management System? 1145
Can any one please give me a test case for transaction of money thro' mobile phones. I really need it soon. i need the test case in ieee format.please anyone help me. 219
What is different between informatica version 8 and 9 version 417
what is the diff between manual test plan document and automation test plan doc.can u explain indetail. 312
Once automated, what are the types of functionality provides the highest Return On Investment (ROI) to the company? 2619
how can you do retesting (datadriven test) using notepad amd by using functions NOTE u should not use datatable methods 211
BDC program to migrate data to SAP R/3 database. The data will be uploaded using transaction ME11. (Session Method) plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul 310
in u flatfile some of fact records are missed then u load the diminision records are not if u load diminsion records what about fact table records 157
update data in an xml file which resides in solution itself, using silverlight 4.0 139
What is the procedure to do text determination? Tell the process? 839
Like OPTION EXPLICIT statement what are the other statements used in vbscript and their usage. Please post me all the statements please. 243
What is a PLAN table? How will you use it? Give the various fields of PLAN table? 414
What is extraction setup? 315
whenever install patch cluster, system will be restart what is the problem? 154
can u draw class/object diagram for ATM 2743
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