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The user have auth-obj in his profile but he's not able to execute, if he run su53 he's not getting the error and also we cannot able to execute st01 if I do user buffer also its not fetching any data what should I do?    0  2
in real world, how do we log reports using selenium? is it with log4j or testNG listener?? please answer asap    0  2
What WHERE CURRENT OF clause does in a cursor?    0  2
Can you use a commit statement within a database trigger?    0  2
Difference between NO DATA FOUND and %NOTFOUND?    1  3
Can cursor variables be stored in PL/SQL tables.If yes how. If not why?    1  3
What are various constraints used in SQL?    0  2
Display Odd/ Even number of records?    1  3
How you open and close a cursor variable.Why it is required?    1  3
What is OCI. What are its uses?    1  3
What is the purpose of a cluster?    1  3
What is a OUTER JOIN?    0  2
Difference between an implicit & an explicit cursor.?    0  2
What is difference between Rename and Alias?    0  2
Select the Nth lowest value from a table?    1  3
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the keyword used for self reference? 773
I want to insert userid of a customer,order time,etc in a table called ordermaster with orderid as primary key.Same time the product codes and required quantities (a1,2 and a2 4 and so on)inserted in another table orderdetails with same orderid reference.How the code will be in JSP using MySQL? 415
Welcome link is dynamic. How do you handle? What is your approach and write script.plz send answer 405
what is the end to end process meaning in my project(my project is development)and functionality plz tell me 328
What are attractors and repulsors? How do they interact with a steering system? When are they useful, and what are their limitations? When can they be used for obstacle avoidance, and when are they insufficient? 19
Can I use VSS on Unix or Mac systems? 19
Assume you have to build 30 systems (mix of Solaris + Linux) in a brand new place (ie: no existing infrastructure). How do you tackle this? 1528
Which protocol is used for proxies? 2070
1.If there is one receiver,then To send 10 materials at a time through BD10 tcode, How many Master Idoc create? 2.If there is one receiver,then To send 1 material at a time through BD10 tcode, how many Master Idoc generated? 3.Can I Send Multiple Messges through BD10 tcode? 338
What is netweaver???what is the relationship with ABAP? 455
can any body help me with providing a a case for usability testing... 498
BDC program to migrate data to SAP R/3 database. The data will be uploaded using transaction ME11. (Session Method) plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul 444
How to test Webservices and how can we write test cases for that 1548
Is there anyway to automatically update the Datasource name in Database Checkpoints object when we migrate tests to a new release? 1739
where is excise amount posted?is he asking abt table name or any other t code? if he said table name so how to find the table name? 539
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