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why we need quality assurance?    0  2
How do End User Knows that mater is Make to Order or Make to Stock    0  2
What is the use of dummy customer in Intercompany Sale Process    0  2
How automatic batch determination done in delivery.    0  2
I have few deliveries and I want to create invoice for certain batch wise. How can I split invoice based upon batches.    0  2
What made immediate Delivery and billing for cash sale.    0  2
I want to initiate sales order and the Delivery, PGI and Billing should be done automatically without any intervention of end user. How can I do this.    0  2
I have two different terms of payment one is grace period of 10 days and other one is 15 days. Now I have two set of materials, one is set A and other one is Set B. If a customer initiate a sales order for Set B materials then the customer should get terms of payment of 15 days or else I should get 10 days terms of payment in sales order. How can I overcome this.    0  2
why we need to write test cases?    0  2
If there is only one module or unit then how you test it?    1  7
How to take crash or log reports for android and ios apps?    0  5
What is Your approach while testing mobile applications? Is it diffrent for ios and android?    0  5
1.what is the name of program to create invoice automatic from po.? 2.How to auto upload the bank statement? 3.PO tax has not flown to invoice . why? Debit memo not generated for return of goods.??    0  6
Wht are GRN types??    0  5
Can anybody explain Intellimatch Recollector,Admin module    0  5
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Un-Answered Questions
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Sql Queries: A Table will be given Omiting Duplicate rows and adding a new column 251
how many errors in c explain deply 183
What about manual testing opening in bangalore in September. Not getting a single interview call from last one month. 229
hi all..i want to know oops concepts clearly can any1 explain?? 258
Can any of u help me... How to use Security below listed testing tools 1. XSS Probe 2. SQL Power Injector 3. CAL9000 I have to do security testing using these tools.But I do not have any knowlwdge on this. I am trying to work using Help doc, but use, not able to follow Pls do needful 291
1.What are the applications available in crm marketing? 2. Explain MPCM? 3. Explain campaign mgmt flow? 211
What is Session reduplication and how its done? 244
can we use commit,rollback in triggers and how? 182
I have a SCD Type 2 Dimention for Location In which A Sales Office in Having two Surrogate Keys just because of the change in it's Sales Group. SKey SalesGroup Sales Office BeginDate EndDate 280 SG1 SO1 01APR2000 01APR2010 281 SG2 SO1 02APR2010 31MAR2999 Now while loading the Fact, the Lookup ir returning SKey 280 for records before and after 01APR2010. I am not able to give WHERE condition in the Lookup Properties (TranDate between BeginDate and EndDate). Please help. 258
What is Noise Margin? Explain the procedure to determine Noise Margin? 439
How to launch the Control Panel (and its applets)? 280
Risk Analysis a) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step 298
Different types of ABAP memory ? 159
void main() { int *ptr; ptr = (int *) 0x400 ; printf("ptr=%d",ptr); } output? 170
How to Use GetTimeZoneInformation() function? 1060
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