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How to to create number ranges in billing document  as plant wise    0  3
Any one knows an Institute in Hyderabad where "Robot Test Automation Framework" is taught? Please email me:    0  4
in third party process when vendor is delivering the goods to customers which invoice vendor will send along with dispatch and whoose name?    plesase give me solution.....    0  5
After creating sales order user changing the quantity in purchase order ? what happens ? and where is the control?    0  4
in third party process if low risk customers credit limit exceed,where can we block the customers? where is the control?    0  4
i want to create multiple purchse requisition(pr) to single sales order where is the control?    0  5
what are the critical issues u face in ur project?    0  4
What are the testing techniques and what are the difference between Unit testing & White box testing is Unit testing comes under White Box testing, if WBT is a technique under this we do Path Testing, Loop Testing so what we do in Unit testing    0  5
Could any one please me the send details, 'how to start working with SAP R3 and CRM, as it has already installed in the PC' requesting as novice.    0  4
What are the best practices while building a Cognos Framework Manager Package ? As in, what calculations would you not like to be handled in FM and rather get it directly from Database.    0  4
can any one explain about blue prints&performance tuning in cognos?     0  3
I was asked these questions during a job interview question. I totally stumbled on # 1 and for # 2 even though I answered but not a very convincing way. I would appreciate a concise and well phrased asnwers: 1) During SDLC, when would you be asked to take it "offline" 2) Throughout SDLC process, where would you implement test automation and why?    0  6
list the types of dialodg    0  8
what is default length of textfield ?    0  8
A banker has a seif with a cipher. Not to forget the cipher, he wants to write it coded as following: each digit to be replaced with the difference of 9 with the current digit. The banker chose a cipher. Decipher it knowing the cipher starts with a digit different than 9. I need to write a program that takes the cipher from the keyboard and prints the new cipher. I thought of the following: Take the input from the keyboard and put it into a string or an array. Go through the object with a for and for each digit other than the first, substract it from 9 and add it to another variable. Print the new variable. Theoretically I thought of it but I don't know much C. Could you give me any kind of hint, whether I am on the right track or not?    0  5
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Un-Answered Questions
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What happens if we use an Inverter instead of the Differential Sense Amplifier? 431
why do we maintain conditions in the step Assign deduction rule to counting rule, hoe it will effect the absence and overtime? 602
How to identify column in VSFlexgrid? My VSFlexgrid window is identified as 'Active X Control' 1128
what is test scheduleling? 121
how to use unicode data in vb6 regarding to telugu language, my output is in only telugu language 777
sanity testing is done during regression it true.if it is true plz explain? 145
Tell me what you know about Web UI customizing? How can we edit labels? 341
I am not doing well in my oracle class and desparetly need some help. My main problem is the join chapter. I am very frustrated right now because I got my first zero in my in school lastweek. I excell in every other subject except oracle. I really would like to learn the program, but it looks dim for me right now and it is too late to drop the class without getting 'F'. Can someone pleae help me. with this one because I only have a few days before my assignment is due. If you leave your email I will get intouch with you immediately. Thanks 308
what is the Difference between Recordset and Querydef? 339
in struts how to use hibernate with struts> 434
What are adaptors? 175
what is the partner process ? 135
What are the best factoring methods in use today ? 295
how to write ciertification in QTP? 315
What is the different between GUI map and GUI map files? 290
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