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explain about endpoint url,endpoint alias?    0  2
what are the functions or operations support 'WSDL"    0  3
difference between 8x and 9x    0  2
in which scenario we will use no tx,in which scenarion we use local tx?    0  2
Why we use Local transaction and there boundaries.    0  2
In ftp, if we need to change username and password. what we have to do?    0  2
in filepooling process the document is not updated in target location means its in error directory how to achieve this problem?    0  2
How can you see partner data using webservice.    0  2
Join types in Trigger?Explain?    0  2
can we invoke morethan one service in trigger?    0  2
Difference between Scheduler service and adapter pooling notification?    0  2
Difference between Trigger disable and trigger suspend?trigger queue location ?    0  2
Difference between custom sql ,dynamic sql ? when we use custom sql,when we use dynamic sql?    0  2
when we are using loop and when we use repaet?    0  2
the document is published but not subscribed where the document stored and how to trace the document?    0  2
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Un-Answered Questions
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can u combine pipeline parallelism and partition parallalism? how and whan? 369
In interview How do explain in Testcase of Calcuator,Cellphones, Email testing? 286
Write the steps in Creating ActiveX Dll and Active Exe? 238
Please Tell me About Fish-Bone Model. Thanks in Adv. 237
difference between impromptu and cognos8 305
Both BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere have the ability to plug in to many different web servers. Does PeopleSoft support the web servers that they plug into? 391
I want to do smoke test in my application but i have learnt the application before recording but im getting an error class name not found while running the script.I want to check each links and each text in my application. Can anybody answer my quesion plz.If it is possible i want test script for Yahoo login form with "New User" Login. 304
How to Use GetTimeZoneInformation() function? 1051
What is meant by Asymmetrical protocols? 387
What is the main control parameter for settlement? 296
How to Select an item in a TListView when the checkbox is checked ? 324
What is server control 207
Can you have a nested transaction? 404
what is InfoCube?what are the types and uses and in which Case it suppose to be use? 432
Hi I want to test regarding cookies.. Session should be good for 4 hours and once expired user is returned to login page.. How can i test the session is good for 4 hrs?? Whether i need wait for 4 hours? 348
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