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which level create company code in state level and country level and briefly explain company and company code process suppose example reliance jio is the company code is it create reliance jio in 29 states 29 company code plz explain    0  2
as a functional consultant what was your role in implementation project and supporting project?    0  2
How to capture the screenshot of failed testcase only among a set of testcases?    0  3
How to create batch(.bat) file after creating suite from TestNG?Can anyone explain entire process?    0  3
why we need java instead of c    0  4
i have 10 users, 20 itereatios and duration 1 minute how can design this scenario.    0  5
What is ROWID explain ?    1  9
how to get the data from a winedit box in vb scripting and store it in a variable if data contains "_"(i.e data is TEST_1)    1  10
what is called testware?    1  12
hi, is compulsory .net knowledge need for biztalk server training. if need, how far?.tell me some info abt real time instructors in hyd or other?    0  8
why context switching time should be minimum? How it depends on hardware support?    0  10
What will happen when a system call is encountered in a user program?    0  10
What is Conio.h ?    1  14
How to find response time in loadrunner?    0  11
what are all the challenges you faced in project implementation as a sap fico Consultant? & what are all the challenges you faced in ticketings?    0  13
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Application Designer? 63
what is the meaning silverligt control 546
Could anyone give brief explanation bout datastage admin 733
Which one of the following activities is the most efficient and most cost effective at identifying defects? 1. Prototyping 2. Unit test 3. Beta test 4. Design/code inspection 5. Risk analysis 545
I have a scenario where the our unit of measure is Pc. The conversion is 1pc = 2.9768 m2. Now the client is saying that he will give the prices in Cubic meter. The current requiment is we have to derive a conversion ratio between pc (m2) and cbm. Please advice. 539
Is buffer size and file block size is similar? If similar,at which case it will be same size? 502
How can you implement encapsulation in 6144
How to write a VBscript for web page performance test i need a code send if any knows the code If any knows VBScript book plz send to me the link to my mail plz 1121
What is secret splitting? 181
How to swap two numbers by using parameter passing method byref in a fucntion and return the result to outside of the function? 1079
how to load dimension table and fact table. plz tell me the steps. 594
How would you create properties in ActiveX Control? 534
Hai Friends I am working as a Software Test Engineer in Bangalore. I am taking Classes at weekends on Testing Concepts. I will teach will all the real time examples and writing the Test cases, Document Management and also about what are all the duties of a real time Test Engineer at a company. Course Fee is very minimal and only in week ends. For who attended the class any time support through phone and job guidence. Intrested Friends mail me at 465
i have to login into gmail loginpage i have to pass testcase into userid and password by using functions. the test case of user id is it should take only lowerletters alphabetin between 4 to 6 should not take spectial should not take numbers.testcase for password is it should take numbers and it should not take alphabets note the following things must happen 1 when i give correct password and userid that password and userid should be seen in QTP result and notepad,xl sheet 2 when i gave in valid password the system willgive message please give valid password that particular messaage should be seen in QTP result,norepa and xl sheet 570
What are the character types that are available in postgresql? 68
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