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The process of discovering relationships using data analytics tools, such as statistical software, statistical graphing, and mapping software is referred to as pattern mapping.    0  98
Problem about Huawei S5700 in eNSP    1  126
Cisco vs HP vs IBM vs Dell    1  195
Does S5700-24TP-SI-AC support dual power?    2  277
a. Explain the three (3)  Facets of Supply Chain b. Explain the work of logistics c. Explain the three (3) description of customers d. Explain the importance of information technology in logistics    0  281
6. Assume that a data stream is 01011100. Encode this stream using the following encoding schemes: a) RZ encoding b) Manchester c) Differential Manchester d) NRZ-L e) NRZ-I    1  1309
what is variable?    0  657
what is the difference between BI and BW security?    0  665
Which managerial function gives attention to influencing and motivating employees to improve performance and achieve corporate objectives?    2  4391
If you are a team lead in any IT company, and two employees are under your supervision. If one employee is good and other cannot behave professionally and personally, then how will you handle this situation? banking   0  716
what is your self n what is your hobise n why?    1  2535
I'm working with a crosstab in cognos now. Page 1 contains crosstab Page 2 contains list Fact - Revenue Dimension - Product line, Year If I click on the revenue (cell value) it should goto the particular record in another list which is located in a separate page. However, the fact could not be bookmarked. I don't know why. Do you have suggestions? Thanks in advance. thought-works   0  713
How retrive the deleted file frm UAT by doing migration in SAP BO 4.0 accenture   0  580
In SAP Business Objects XI R3.1,4.0 Central Configuration Manager is down means what we have to do? wipro   0  2484
why prototype is used? kaizen   1  1581
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state the role of cost accounting in large scale industry 563
why u choose mba after bca? 8735
what is the difference between BI and BW security? 665
In the creation of the material master if user maintains MRP Type as ‘VB’ (Manual reorder point planning) unless until user will not maintain the Reorder point Qty & fixed lot size Qty system will not allow creating the material which is right process. Hence the same rule should be applied for MRP Type ‘ND’ also. So that user cannot fill the MRP Data unless he will not choose ‘VB’ 1389
Why are you interested in this position? Our company? 2251
How retrive the deleted file frm UAT by doing migration in SAP BO 4.0 580
What id the meaning of MIS ? MIS nasure, charactersitcs, purpose ? how can the leanr about them ? 641
Describe your ideal job and/or boss. 2134
What are the key performance indicators of Business process analyst? 1141
Can you help me what kind of PM interview questions company can ask based on below job description?: *Work with business development, editorial, marketing and other departments as needed to understand and prioritize project requests. *Work with online creative, IT, and development departments to gather and disseminate project requirements. *Maintain weekly web projects production calendar *Assist in the quality assurance process associated with code releases to development, staging and production servers. *Participate in planning meetings for new site initiatives. Document, clarify and articulate requirements and bring thoughts to the discussion. *Distribute reports summarizing project milestones and associated tasks. *Create rough wireframes and functional diagrams for developers using Microsoft Visio. *Work with third party vendors to procure services associated with web development. *Work with our partners to ensure deliverables and associated tasks stay on track. Can you help me what kind of PM question company can ask based on above job description? 854
From where I should start to prepare for cat? 576
what is variable? 657
What are your strengths and talents? 541
what do you mean by "Closures with help of Top Management and Colleagues" 753
What is computer-based information system (CBIS) mean? 807
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