Python Interview Questions
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what is python?


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post me some questions from pythom script


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Is python the right choice for Web based Programming?

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Given a text file (FILE1) with lots of words (ex, an ebook), and another file (FILE2) with a list of blacklist words (slangs, porn, etc.), write a program to find the top 100 words(most frequent 100 words) from FILE1 which are not present in FILE2.

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where can I get the study material for python

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Explain how python is interpreted.

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What are the rules for local and global variables in Python?

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Explain the dictionary in Python.

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How do we share global variables across modules in Python?

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How can we pass optional or keyword parameters from one function to another in Python?

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Explain indexing and slicing operation in sequences

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What is a Lambda form? Explain about assert statement?

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Explain the role of repr function.

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Explain pickling and unpickling.

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What is LIST comprehensions features of Python used for?

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