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what does yield function do? what is the difference between return and yield?    1  335
What are the different ways to generate random numbers?    1  568
What is the process to run sub-process with pipes that connect both input and output?    2  404
Write a program to read and write the binary data using python?    1  503
How does global value mutation used for thread-safety?    1  346
What are the steps required to make a script executable on Unix?    1  350
What is the procedure to extract values from the object used in python?    1  400
What is the process of compilation and linking in python?    1  345
What is the use of join() for a string rather than list or tuple method?    1  332
How is “self” explicitly defined in a method?    1  347
What is the function of “self”?    1  419
Why does delegation performed in Python?    1  363
Write a program to check whether the object is of a class or its subclass.    1  365
What is the function of negative index?    1  346
How the string does get converted to a number?    1  315
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