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Gratuity & PF calculation & New Changes in rule ?    0  40
Dear sir how i calculate the p.f & esic amount + & - like if a employee p.f amount is 122.05 so how much calculate 122 & 123. this is the same problem in esic pls give the answer    0  52
Recruitment is positive process while selection is negative process why?    0  65
Worst ever IT consulting companies If you find any fake companies, kindly share it.    2  231
what is the HR Metrics?    1  319
If my salary is 11,ooo then how much my Basic ,HR & DA.    0  219
what is difference between planning and strategic?    0  180
what are the hr implications of Technical approach an External resource approach    0  142
What is the role of resource manager in the organization?    1  502
How much confident you are in working individually in terms of    0  439
How are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to overcome the recession period?    1  644
i want to do sap course as i am fresher(mba hr) is it usefull to do sap hr without experience    0  313
I have a list of wagetypes. To get those wagetypes which infotype needs to be created?? Is there any table available to know this?? I have already tried V_T512Z but i don't have access to that table in my client system.    0  274
The present state of recession in the IT Industry - as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis    0  491
This Problem May Arise For Most Of The MBA'S That AFter Studing MBA Which Job SHOULD We Have To Apply HR POINT OF VIEW¬†    0  539
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the variable and verticals of a firm or a consultency 734
Hi Friends I am selected for syndicate bank po interview..?Any one have idea about interview send details to me...My email id 465
what control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs? 637
How to Calculate costs associated with bad recruitment? 725
2. What do you enjoy about your work place? 3. What is your work ethic? Give an example when your work ethic was challenged and how you dealt with it. 2372
10. Whom would you pick as a leader icon and why? 11. What would you like to study if you had a chance all over again? 12. Why do you want to join our Company? 3858
list the detailed advantages and disadvantages of off the job training 2334
How can we communicate as realistic a picture as possible of a job and of the organization to prospective employees? What kinds of issues are most crucial to them? 544
Why u switch your career from BSC ( foods & nutrition) to MBA ( HRM) 843
In which condition Both the acts are covered i.e ESIC and WC Act? 1310
all questions and answer related to recruitment job? 534
I have 2 yrs exp in hr (recruitment,admn) now i'm working as a crm with some hr exposure? Is this ok ? 461
i am a mba professional,but i ve secured 59.5% in mba.will i get job in hr field ps tell me? 374
I have completed my fashion technology course and after that i did my MBA,during interviews they used to ask like why i choose MBA after fashion technology. 522
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