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One of our Sundry Debtor paid the Bill amount to our sundry creditor. What is the accounting principle. Which is the use Voucher in TALLY?    0  9
Which is the best ITIL Certification Training Institute in Chennai?    3  2444
In case of any eventuality, who is your next of kin?    0  1772
I'm very sorry. I address in hope to search Viraf Langrana, born 14 Oct.He was en engineer on the ship chanakya till 1982.    0  483
what are the necessary qualities for the successful personnel manager    1  1681
difference between direct method of recruitment and indirect method of recruitment    1  5738
what do u do after losing current job withougt information ? san   2  1954
what do u do after losing current job withougt information ? san   0  712
can u brief me your resume quantum   0  934
If you were given the full authority in the selection of teachers, what criteria are you going to use so that you can select the best of them all?    2  1656
why is personnel management is considered as one important aspect of present day management? give 5 reasons or factors.    0  1121
Hi to all , I had a quirey regarding my experience. I had done my MBA in Hr and working as an personnel executive for last four years off rolls in a manufacturing unit .... now i got a oppurtunity for a central government company on regular basis and i need to attend the final interview. My problem is that some of my friends are saying i need to have a EPF number compulsory to prove that i am experienced and mere experience certificate given by employer is not enough ,, is it true. Cant i get in to job on this consolidated job experience ,,, is it that a EPF number is compulsory to prove that i had worked in a large organisation. plz rely to    3  1673
what is the process of p.f.sub code abc   0  2772
1. Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities. 2. What do your subordinates expect from you on the job? 3. What are the major stresses and challenges you face on the job? 4. What, if anything, do you dislike about your job? 5. What do you like best about your job? 6. What are the critical differences between average managers abd top-performing managers? 7. Think about the skills and knowledge that you need to be effective in your job. What are they, and how did you acquire them? 8. What have been your biggest mistakes thus far? Could you have avoided them? If so, how?    0  5202
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I cleared the Federal bank po exam. Now i am preparing for the interview. But i am so much confused what i hav to prepare.. And how i behav in front of them.. Am a little bit tensed about that.. In fact, am poor in my language.. Could any one help me for improving my language skills???? 519
Which is the best institute in hyderabad to learn CS? 902
I'm very sorry. I address in hope to search Viraf Langrana, born 14 Oct.He was en engineer on the ship chanakya till 1982. 483
Imagine that your appointed as the manager of a reputed company. How will you plan the various activities in your organisation 443
What are some career opportunities for entertainment managers in the field of Music Management? 576
How important is experience for EM managers? 997
what is the process of p.f.sub code 2772
What are some opportunities for entertainment managers in the field of Sport Management? 699
HCL,TATA,BIRLA,ACER,SONY,SAMSUNG,HEROHONDA,TVS<BAJAJ,JET Airlines,HSBC,ICICI,HDFC AXIS all thos industries chirman name and their yearly income? 1868
how can i get past literature review about recruitment and promotion. 2428
I want to learn how to read and understand different terms of Letter of Credit to correctly in order to preform Letter of Credit issued against my company by my client. Please let me know where I could find out the point wise definition/explanation of each article. Thanks 402
How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals? 786
what is inspection and supervision reports and their uses 1456
What is the market like for EM majors? 676
how to prepare for cat exam ?.. hn 3 months? 997
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