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Define procedural knowledge and declarative knowledge.    0  55
Define shallow knowledge and deep knowledge.    0  67
Differentiate between documented and undocumented knowledge. 3. How is knowledge collected?    0  73
List the major sources of knowledge.    0  56
What is inheritable knowledge?    1  84
What is relational knowledge?    1  76
What are the techniques to represent knowledge?    1  73
What are the properties of a good knowledge representation system?    1  84
How many types of entities are there in knowledge representation?    1  111
How should knowledge be represented to be used for an AI technique?    1  68
What are the undesirable properties of knowledge?    1  88
You're tasked with implementing a crowd that walks around the streets of a city. Describe some ways you could implement this in a fast and efficient manner. How do you ensure that crowd members don't touch each other while moving? How do you get crowd members to get out of each others way, and ensure that no two crowd members can get stuck trying to get around each other?    0  58
You're implementing a medieval strategy game in which pikemen should always walk in front of archers, and catapults should always be behind the archers. Explain how you could implement the movement system to ensure that you keep pikemen in front and catapults in the rear as much as possible. Explain how your answer might be different depending on whether or not the units simply need to end up in that configuration when they reach that destination, or if they need to maintain that formation while moving.    0  49
As you're starting work on your game, one of your colleagues suggests avoiding pathfinding completely, and just using potential fields for pathfinding and navigation. He suggests that you just overlay a big 2D grid over the world, with each cell indicating the distance to the nearest obstacle. Is his idea feasible? Why or why not? When would it cause problems? Regardless of the answer to that question, what are some of the other ways that such a system could be used?    0  53
Explain what is the difference between bagof/3 and setof/3 predicate in Prolog?    1  85
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Un-Answered Questions
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he process of removing detail from a given state representation is called______. a) Extraction b) Abstraction c) Information Retrieval d) Mining of data 35
One of the main cons of hill-climbing search is, a) Terminates at local optimum b) Terminates at global optimum c) Does not find optimum solution d) Fail to find a solution 19
I am an it student.I need answer for the question " why do you want to work in non it sector?" 463
How the new states are generated in genetic algorithm? a) Composition b) Mutation c) Cross-over d) Both b & c 35
 What does the Bayesian network provides? a) Complete description of the domain b) Partial description of the domain c) Complete description of the problem d) None of the mentioned 57
Fuzzy logic is extension of Crisp set with an extension of handling the concept of Partial Truth. a) True b) False 23
I need a MATLAB source code to recognize different regular geometric shapes such as: squares,rectangles,triangles,circles and ellipses in different sizes using neural network. All of the images containing these shapes should be in binary format with the size of 300*400 pixels. would you please give me a MATLAB code to detect these geometric shapes? 2255
Which is used to provide the feedback to the learning element? a) Critic b) Actuators c) Sensor d) None of the mentioned 28
hi this is rahul i have 4 yrs ep in testing and iam working one mnc .i looking for change but my qualification is bsc computers its correspondane course. in which they will accept this type of courses plz let me know 916
Data set1 for 2008;1000,2000,3000,1500,2600 Data Set2 for 2007;500,1500,3000,250,4500 How to compare 2008 data versus 2007 data in percentage? 947
What is the space complexity of Greedy search? a) O(b) b) O(bl) c) O(m) d) O(bm) 25
Fuzzy Set theory defines fuzzy operators. Choose the fuzzy operators from the following. a) AND b) OR c) NOT d) EX-OR 50
Where to find information on Bots and Intelligent Agents? 1042
Which method is used to search better by learning? a) Best-first search b) Depth-first search c) Metalevel state space d) None of the mentioned 28
Which search agent operates by interleaving computation and action? a) Offline search b) Online search c) Breadth-first search d) Depth-first search 34
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