Fashion Modelling Interview Questions
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How to become a full time Model ?

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Who would you prefer to work for, If you had a choice of all designers in the world? and Why?


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What do you see in the stores that you think is really great?

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What are your short term and long term design goals?


Have you ever worked with a designer?


Are there any special projects you would like to work on in design?


Which magazines do you read and what is your favorite magazine?


How to become a Model and what are the qualities needed?

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If I model for any product could I move up to higher levels?

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I don't have much money.Is it possible to enter into this Modeling field to become Model with Lack of money?

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What is a Portfolio?

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How many pictures I need?

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i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious casting. i know there are some very important things every model must care in her bag wherever she goes. so what are this things? thanks in advance!

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how to choose a photographer?

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can you do glamour modelling at age 18 with lingerie on .where is the best place to start?

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Un-Answered Questions { Fashion Modelling }

i am a model....from nigeria and i need a fashion or any modelling job....anywere on earth


Hi folks, I wud like to bcecome a parttime model currently working as a software engineer.Can any1 let me what are the qualities to become a ad model?Ill be satisfied if i act in ads ?


My high school sewing class is planning a fashion show of their designs for next spring. I am in charge of organizing the entire show. Can you help me with theme ideas and tips on making sure the show runs smoothly?


What was a Beret sleeve?


i am an 18 year old boy with good looks but i am just 5 feet 6 inches tall.can i do ranp modelling? how?


Which two individuals are credited with bringing Punk fashion as a style to a wider market?


What was a parure and who made them famous and desirable?


Which new invention by James Hargreaves in 1764 eventually wiped out the domestic industry of spinning yarns?


how can i enter in ramp modelling.


Which famous British towns copied the Kashmir shawls producing a British version?


can i have the list for the winners of miss madhya pradesh contest


What was Kashmir famous for especially in the early Regency era?


What was a paletot?


In which centuries were decorative black velvet or silk patches used to cover smallpox scars?


i have the passion to do every thing to become a ramp model.