Non Technical Interview Questions
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Why have you shown interest to join us?


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Where you would like to be in 5 years?


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Why do you want to work here?

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How do you define success?

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What personal trait is needed to be a success in this job?

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What do you think it takes to be successful in a sales career?

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How you would be able to handle criticism of your job ?

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Tell us about any situation that frustrated you a lot in your work ?

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What are you looking for, when you look for a job

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What is your biggest strength ?


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What are the most important things in making a company successful and what is the role of an employee in its success ?

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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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explain the importance of the study of business management. Explain th functional areas of business management.


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define marketing in your words except book definition


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Un-Answered Questions { Non Technical }

You have been give n the responsibility of creating an e- learning course on credit cards in seven days. You are on schedule for the first three days, on the fourth day, your favourite cousin comes to hyderabad and asks you to show him around. What would you do??


plz send me karnataka bank previous exam question papers for officers post,my email id is thanks in advance....


how to find the co-efficient of variation for the following data x: 42 45 35 38 50 55 48 50 36 40 y: 15 10 18 22 25 18 17 20 18 12


I want start a small diary farm with 10 cow plz guid me?


why would you like to change your career from IT?


How to build diary farm?


plz send the kvb clerk post model question papers to


You have been given the additional responsibility of helping the BDM. You are asked to find the decision makers in various companies who would purchase 'c++' training courses. how would you go about this task??


many of our friends are selected in HGS,first source,infosys bpo as non voice executives degree qualification we have doubt that all these companies are work as call centers can any one please suggest it would be most helpful


I am working in IT sector and also doing regular MBA so want to know tricks regarding management of Job and Education on same time? I get some tricks here by Internet Surfing Someone have any more ideas?


why would you like to change your career from IT?


how components may have extremely high mtbf and comparatively short mean life?


what is finance and accounting solutions


You are helping X Company in recruiting candidates for the admin department. You have received over 50 resumes and need to pick 5 candidates to be interviewed by the x management. This takes up 4 hours of your time every day and you are falling behind your deadlines in creating e-learning modules. How would you ensure that you do not lag behind?


Sir I have got qualified in IBPS Clerical examination conducted in Nov'2011. I am expecting one question by interview " Where do you See after 5 years from Now in Bank"? Pleas advice me with good reply in this regard Sir.