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How you came to know about this company?

TCS, ICICI, Saint Gobain, XYZ,

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Where are you working currently?


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What is the company you are going to work in USA?

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What is your current salary?

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What is the salary you will get in USA?


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How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?

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Who had taken interview for you?


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Can you give me the dates of your interview?

Terra Infotech,

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Who are the clients for your USA company?

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What are the technologies you are working on?

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Who is the President/CEO of US company?

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What kind of projects US company is working on?

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What is the annual turn over of the company?

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How many employees in US Company?


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Why are you changing your Job?

Wipro, HCL, Cap Gemini, ICA, Saint Gobain,

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What is difficulty in getting appointment for VISA interview?Why Americans are not able to rectify the fault in online applications from Delhi?


Can you file for a waiver the same day as your actual interview?In elsalvador.


I would like to ask what are the frequent question during interview if I will be applying in crew ship?


I have rcvd my I20 and would be opting for VISA interview soon. Is there some kind of monthly quota of visas ? Taking an interview around 20th April or 1st week of May. will be there any difference in VISA quota for the counsular


i have some doubtswhile answering the questions....wat to tell for low gre n toefl scores n also for academics...give me the solution for this question..


i got H1B visa to Nigeria last year, but due to some personal problems i didn't go there.Now i applied for H1B to US and i wanna know that is there any problem with that in interview.


Hi Everyone, I discontinued my education in UK as my dad passed away recently. My visa to uk is still valid. I was just curious if this ,by any chance, considered a negative point to the VO?


hi now i am pursuing hotel management degree after that i would like to go for a higher studies in Canada for MBA.what are the MBA courses available in Canada according to hotel management?what are the requirement i need to curry for the higher study?fee details about MBA and diploma? thank you


who have been in this position?


My H1B is sponsored by a US based company. Currently i am working in india .During processing of H1B i changed the present company in India. I have not provided the docs related to new company. Will it cause a problem in Visa stamping .My i129 has just got approved by USCIS.


How did you meet your spouse?


Hiii, I'm giving my f1 visa interview on December 4th,but the question is I already did my MBA and going for MS in accounts so what would be the best answer for that? Please help me on this.


I am having B1 visa, my company is sending to US for 3 months on B1 visa. below are my questions 1. My manger applied for L1 and if i go to US on B1, how can i attend the L1 interview 2. Do i continue in US if i get L1 visa.


What are some of the problems you have encountered in your past jobs?


Is your marriage registered?