Version Control Interview Questions
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can database be accessed without sharing the folder.

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What are version control tools? How are they use full can any body name few version control tools.

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What is configuration management?


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What are the system requirements for Merge?


What is the difference between the Standard and Professional Editions of Merge?


Does Araxis offer floating (network) licences for Merge?


How do Merge subscriptions work?


Is there a version of Merge for Mac OS X?


Is there a version of Merge for Linux?


Which versions of Merge are Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant?


Can you uninstall an older version of Merge before installing a newer version or build?


What is the recommended way to use three-way file merging?


What is the difference between a Change and a Conflict?


How to make Merge to just show the changes between files?


How does the Hide Empty Folders command in the folder comparison window work?


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What reporting packages are available for SoucreSafe?


What platforms can I automate VSS using OLE?


How do I apply a label to an older version of a file?


How do I pin all the files within a project?


How to Structure and Partition your Project?


How can I use SourceSafe to version stored procedures with Visual Studio 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0?


Is there a SourceSafe developers guide?


What is the difference between the Standard and Professional Editions of Merge?


When any person create a new file in the project, he will add it to the Source Control System in the correspoding to folder. This process is called "Checkin". Most of the source control systems provide a windows explorer like user interface. You can checkin files in different ways: 1. Drag and drop files from windows explorer to appropriate folder in source control explorer. 2. Go to appropriate folder in source control system, right click on the folder name and select 'Add Files'. This will launch a file browser which will allow you to select files. 3. Integrate with Visual Studio - most source control systems are integrated with Visual Studio when you install their client software. This is the easiest way to work with source control systems. When you right click on any file in the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, it will give you the option to checkin or checkout files. After you add (checkin) a file to source control , the file is "controlled" by source control system. If anybody want to change the file (including the person who created the file), he has to "checkout" the file from Source control. When you checkin a file to source control, it will make the file in your computer 'Read only' so that you cannot edit it. This is to remind you that the file is controlled by source control system. You can add new files to source control, but you cannot checkin an existing file unless you have checked out that file.


What is the advantages of using clearcase tool instead of sharepoint with regards storing files?


What's the best way to find out more about the capabilities of QVCS?


What is the "best" CM tool to use?


How does Subversion handle binary files?


How to Undo a Checkout?


Do you agree addressing the versioning issue is something GPO clearly needs to do, in conjunction with authentication and permanent public access ?