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for example u can take ebay or plifcart online shoping web application--------- write acode in vbscript in qtp---- search box and write (iphone6)and click on go button then opened diff prise iphones in next page but u can select 30,000 to 90,000 list pls write code?     0  8
Hi, Pls let me know good institutes/trainer for SAP TAO. Any help/inputs is very much appreciated. Thanks.    0  7
Rightway global solutions, madhapur, hyderabad is a good institute for software testing?    0  9
What is mutation testing?? And when we use it??    1  20
Today an interviewer asked me if severity assigned by tester and priority is by developer then why tester assigned priority of defect in defect report ??     1  25
i have read that "non-reusable actions can not be called in any other test".but in 'call to copy action' copies non-reusable action in other test also..can u pls help to understand this..    0  10
How many maximum tables we can join by using SQL JOIN??      1  22
What is difference between Application testing and Web application testing??    1  23
How will you test language converter e.g. (English to Spanish) without Automation tool? OR What are the test cases or scenarios for language converter? Conditions: 1. without Automation tool, 2. You know only English language. 3. Make sure the tests should produce 80-90% pass result.    1  28
What is the sdlc? what is the mannual tester roles? Write test case............? Sqlquerries...? How many test cases do you write down  perday.........?    1  30
What tool do you use in mobile testing?    0  16
Black box Testing    3  35
What is system testing? when we use system testing in our project?    1  31
What is the difference between unit testing and smoke testing    1  34
hi friends.....please help me...i have very ambiguity which one be selected between selenium or ETL-TESTING..    0  16
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Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version? 335
i have to login into gmail loginpage i have to pass testcase into userid and password by using functions. the test case of user id is it should take only lowerletters alphabetin between 4 to 6 should not take spectial should not take numbers.testcase for password is it should take numbers and it should not take alphabets note the following things must happen 1 when i give correct password and userid that password and userid should be seen in QTP result and notepad,xl sheet 2 when i gave in valid password the system willgive message please give valid password that particular messaage should be seen in QTP result,norepa and xl sheet 384
What are the basic forms of variations? 231
What is the difference between action & script ? 220
what is the function to execute batch jobs? 686
what function you write to do database testing with the help of qtp? 192
Can any one send me the QTP Basic Coding Samples? 398
how many performance test scripts have you written? what was the performance issues you had? what did you recommended to that issues? what kind of performance requirements did you have? how did you tune the system for performance? how did you ramped up the users? how did you find the bottlenecks of the system? did you find any coding issues and if yes what kinds of? 224
how to use regular expression in Test Complete Functional tool 1903
hi,will someone give the answer for the following questions.These r the questions asked in virtusa 1.Testing Methodology 2.Where u maintains the Repositories 3.Tell me about CMM LEVEL -4 …what are steps that to be followed to achieve the CMM -IV standards? 4.What is CVS and why it is used? 162
what is TAS language which is used as a language for some projects/ 196
What are the key points to create a framework in QTP for oracle forms? 424
How do you compare the structure of 2 tables in database and check whether they are similar using qtp. 218
Hi am New to Automation Testing , any one can you help me what are the basic questiion are asked an interview? 173
in keyword driven frame work..where Driver Script is locate? is there any inbuilt script for driver script?who writes the driver script?how to call it any body can tell me with an login,inbox, logout). 453
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