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i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.    0  3
List out the test matrix    0  4
How to do manual testing of a E-insurance project (end to end process)    0  3
Can you please explain me how to do testing of an E-insurance project end to end process..    0  4
What are the native operators of Datastage? (ETL Tool)    1  14
Hi friends, i have joined as a software tester in a small organization.i don't have any higher guidance. i don't have any particular format for testcases and other documents. please anyone help me to develop my testcases. i want some format.. please send me some sample test cases.  this is my mail id :    2  15
what is sign off process in manual testing?    1  17
Negatives test cases of gmail login page With its severity , priority and expected results columns Through test case template-oodles technologies gurgoan    0  10
Do we have any certifications for ETL Testing ?    0  10
Dear Friends, Please Let me know which is the open source software(Free of cost) to do cross browser Testing.    0  17
Dear Friends, Please guide me how to write test case for work Experiance field range.(It has 2 fields for range)    0  13
smoke test as a example for    0  20
If there are some browsers opened and I don't how many browsers are open, Now I want to close all the browsers that I don't know how many are opened. What would be Descriptive programming for this in QTP using VB Script..??? Please send your answers.    2  33
Dear Friends, please send me some links where i will get all type of web driver programs.    0  18
If there are 100 checkboes in a page then how can we select all chexkboxes at once through descriptive programing in QTP using vb script. Please send the answers...    2  41
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Un-Answered Questions
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Of course, Test Director has recapped as Quality Center. What is the main difference between 8.2 version and 9.2 version of Quality Center? 385
hello frnds this pooja i hav started working on selenium with java ecllipse frnds could u tell me how to handle popup windows and security alerts i m jst trying and couldn't do anything plz help 336
Please Tell me About Fish-Bone Model. Thanks in Adv. 237
how to post xml data from QTP scripts to any application? 310
Could any one share scripts... where we can Parameterize radio buttons and Check boxes. 310
How to write the test cases for STP 38
What is WWPN and WWNN? 203
Please some one answer these Q's 1.Modules in Pension Domains ? 2.What Should we Test on Pension Domain.? Thanks in Advance Stewie 151
How to write test case for android application,alarm clock,LCD display screen. And after seeting alarm mobile get switch off how to write test case.. 572
If in an application there are multiple login then where will this transaction go will it be go under init transaction. 258
Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing 322
if our qtp vb Script may be Currepted then What we want do? 214
how will we change the server system time? 185
Can any1 tell me how to do and Integration test design and test cases for Order Inventory system for use cases. ALso how is that going to differ from System Testing. The system is similar to online ordering system and you can place order by calling customer call center. 273
What is information flow in testing 507
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