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verfication vs validation    0  14
can u share your though about test leakage matrix with template?    0  12
What is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?    0  10
hi guys, could you please prepare script for given format ? 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,...etc use vbscript for this...?    1  24
How do we do testing if requirements are not documented properly?    0  14
How do i startup with Remedy testing tool. Couldnot able to find any links for startup. Please help me to startup with this remedy tool.    0  13
Can you please tell me test scenarios for online shopping Paypal ??    0  15
Hi guys, Please suggest some thing these points are correct???, Is UFT 12 and QTP outdated ??? and also VBscript is also deleted/Removed from QTP ???? Javascript is added latest and tool name is called JFT ??? From this year ??    1  26
Write test cases for agent login screen agent name will 4 to 20 character. password length not mention two buttons, 1-submmit and 2-Reset    1  46
what is automation(qtp)bug pls giv me one ex?    0  25
What is the Change management ?    0  33
Explain about "Defect life cycle" in HP Quality Center ?    0  31
exact definition of QA and QC ?    1  65
Loadrunner is enough to monitor all the servers while load testing? if yes how can u monitor & which servers u monitor & how can u access those servers through LR explain it??    0  57
14. How many test cases are necessary to cover all the possible sequences of statements (paths) for the following program fragment? Assume that the two conditions are independent of each other : - ………… if (Condition 1) then statement 1 else statement 2 fi if (Condition 2) then statement 3 a. 2 Test Cases b. 3 Test Cases c. 4 Test Cases d. Not achievable Please explain this how to solve?    0  42
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to validate a Testcase.and is the testing Methodology. 671
In general, how do you see automation fitting into the overall process of testing? 411
wht is Manual Testing Frame work 455
Which criteria should take in account while doing CMS testing of any project? 288
if yahoo ceo asks you to do performance testing for yahoo site, what are the inputs you ask from them? 459
Hi, I am working on microsoft infopath forms..It is standalone form..(not dotnet or web.) . I am not able to indentify any objects in it.. I am currently using active accessibility in the macro for the same but its execution is too slow.. Kindly help in case you have better solution. 1077
Through array we can execute the testcase how ? give me example 404
hi,iam learning testing tools in mindq.i want to put 2+exp. is there any problem with that. tell me what are the Interview questions for experienced peopole. please give me the answer. thanq 1061
Could anyone share FAQs for QA/QC position. 550
How to write test case for this scenario. The Contact Information screen shall be displayed to the user during Case Update 282
When I click on a link in web page.Link should open in new window.can anyone please let me know the script for this ---Koti 1318
3.if a questions asked as,what is the quality standards you are following? what i need to tell. 301
how test an real time application using the loadrunner .plz give me an example 897
What will be your approach if a particular script in Load Test fails? 478
what does 80hz refresh rate indicates? 665
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