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What are the different check points for SIT and UAT while testing an Internet Banking application. Consider any one functionality of Internet Banking    0  6
How can we capture 200 correlation value then how can handle it dyanamically.    0  7
In an ATM machine , after entering pin -> not able to withdraw money. What are all the possible reasons. Debug    0  8
Hi..i am planning to write ISTQB foundation level exam..could any one suggest me training center for istqb..also, where can i write istqb exam in chennai..could u plz list the prometric centers for istqb in chennai    0  6
What is the role of Testing Engineering in a product company    0  9
where we do database testing in real time project ? and how ...??    2  24
system testing or sub system testing ? both are same or different ?    1  17
what is system integration testing or UAT testing ?    1  19
I am not able to access controller machine and I have to run test. How would I handle this situation?    0  17
A good link for loadrunner scripting ?    1  25
When QTP object wait time is 10 seconds, and in test script wait time is 5 seconds and in function library wait time is 2 seconds how much time does the wait occur? or which is given priority.    0  17
How to get the testing experience of capital market or banking domain? Are there any demo applications/websites?    0  22
Create an Excel file and pass the values from Flat File? (for ex:data1.txt,data2.txt )    0  17
Which is the most Important step in STLC ? Why ?    2  43
Any one please tell the adhoc testcases for Gmail application?    1  35
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi I want to start online training couses for testing Any body plz help me out how to start the online courses Plz post the answer here or send me a mail for 539
What is the use of "New Property" in "Add properties" of testobject properties in object repository. How can i use "New properties" while writing scripts if i have assign some values to the testobject properties Can anyone help me? plz 453
8. How we test web based application 810
what is the testing approach for windows Explorer(Not IE Explorer) 1066
1.How to record ,capture and also script to capture the close buttons. 2.How to record ,capture and also script to capture the options ---File ->save and File ->close in a browser and PDF files. 3.How to compare the Excel sheet values in a report using QTP scripting. 4.How to compare 2 PDf reports using QTP scripts as well reording. 5.How to compare 2 Excel reports using QTP scripts as well reording. 6.How to save a PDF report to a folder and then translate the report to an Excel type of report and compare that Excel Report with an other excel report. Please clarify me 600
1. How would you Test & then automate an antivirus application? 2. How would u test & automate windows screen saver? (expected: "test scenarios" & "test approch": points) 628
what frame work you are following? 481
How to write test case for this scenario. The system shall compare the requested name with the Service Member Name field in the database 320
plz give me code or steps for pop up exception. or can u tell me how to pause test run for defining handler function? 829
what are the risk factors in the project? what is the base for testplan and entry criteria ,exit criteria for test plan? 412
hi, i faced so many interwies in this plz answer this questions as early as possible... 1).what is exit criteria and entry criteria with proper examples??? 494
What are the emerging trends in the testing and QA arena? 732
Hi, can explain the draw back of manual testing.plz send me the answer to my mail id 375
Hi , I am facing issue QTP 10.0 with oracle ERP 11i .When QTP opens,click sub links on ERP ,FORM is not opening getting unexpected Internet explorer error message with send or don't send report.So unable to work with forms using QTP. 2062
what are the common errors while doing integration,system,functional,regression,user acceptance testing? can anybody please let me know the answers it is too urgent??? 404
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