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what is the undefined bits in flag registers of 8085 microprocessor?    0  45
how to know weather the controller is 16 bit or 32 bit?    1  318
How can to check the working of a sensor deployed in a project?    0  201
in a sn SR latch made by using cross coupling of two nand gates, if both S andR inputs set o then it will result isro   1  2089
look at following code void foo(void) { unsigned int a = 6; int b = -20; int c = (a+b > 6) ? 1:0; } o/p is 1 why explain promotion rules    1  1996
verify nmos passes good logic 0 and passes bad logic 1.also verify that pmos passes good logic 1 and passes bad logic 0. hp   2  14587
Calculate rise delay of a 3-input NAND gate driving a 3-input NOR gate through a 6mm long and 0.45m wide metal wire with sheet resistance R = 0.065 / and Cpermicron= 0.25 fF/m. The resistance and capacitance of the unit NMOS are 6.5k and 2.5fF. Use a 3 segment -model for the wire. Consider PMOS and NMOS size of reference inverter as 2 and 1 respectively. Use appropriate sizing for the NAND and NOR gate.    0  1822
What is the mealy and moore machine's state diagram that can detect 3 consecutive heads of 3 coins ?    2  3940
What is an anti aliasing filter? Why is it required? honeywell   6  8900
How do you implement a fourth order Butterworth LP filter at 1kHz if sampling frequency is 8 kHz? honeywell   1  4360
please send me the faq's in technical interviews on cand datastructures , unix(shell scripting).    0  1219
can please tel me faq's asking in interviews on microcontrollers tcs   0  1879
what is the difference between the testing and verification? intel   1  3348
im using I2C communication, in that first im sending address of thesalve and then data then after i want to read the data which i was sent recently, in that case before im reading is there any need to send a stop bit before read.    1  3252
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the command/instruction in ARM that does not do anything or does not execute any instruction ? (except NOP instruction) 1572
What transistor level design tools are you proficient with? What types of designs were they used on? 698
Insights of a 4bit adder/Sub Circuit? 1610
Write a VLSI program that implements a toll booth controller? 2270
Are you familiar with the term snooping? 1313
Explain the operation considering a two processor computer system with a cache for each processor. 2439
Explain the operation considering a two processor computer system with a cache for each processor. 1133
Process technology? What package was used and how did you model the package/system? What parasitic effects were considered? 1341
What types of CMOS memories have you designed? What were their size? Speed? 2805
Explain the Various steps in Synthesis? 1682
This program is in verilog and need help to get it working correctly. This is the code i have so far. Please help. Simple testbench would be great. Thanks\ 'define vend_a_drink {D,dispense,collect} = {IDLE,2'b11}; module drink_machine(nickel_in, dime_in, quarter_in, collect, nickel_out, dime_out, dispense, reset, clk) ; parameter IDLE=0,FIVE=1,TEN=2,TWENTY_FIVE=3, FIFTEEN=4,THIRTY=5,TWENTY=6,OWE_DIME=7; input nickel_in, dime_in, quarter_in, reset, clk; output collect, nickel_out, dime_out, dispense; reg collect, nickel_out, dime_out, dispense; reg [2:0] D, Q; /* state */ // synopsys state_vector Q always @ ( nickel_in or dime_in or quarter_in or reset ) begin nickel_out = 0; dime_out = 0; dispense = 0; collect = 0; if ( reset ) D = IDLE; else begin D = Q; case ( Q ) IDLE: if (nickel_in) D = FIVE; else if (dime_in) D = TEN; else if (quarter_in) D = TWENTY_FIVE; FIVE: if(nickel_in) D = TEN; else if (dime_in) D = FIFTEEN; else if (quarter_in) D = THIRTY; TEN: if (nickel_in) D = FIFTEEN; else if (dime_in) D = TWENTY; else if (quarter_in) 'vend_a_drink; TWENTY_FIVE: if( nickel_in) D = THIRTY; else if (dime_in) 'vend_a_drink; else if (quarter_in) begin 'vend_a_drink; nickel_out = 1; dime_out = 1; end FIFTEEN: if (nickel_in) D = TWENTY; else if (dime_in) D = TWENTY_FIVE; else if (quarter_in) begin 'vend_a_drink; nickel_out = 1; end THIRTY: if (nickel_in) 'vend_a_drink; else if (dime_in) begin 'vend_a_drink; nickel_out = 1; end else if (quarter_in) begin 'vend_a_drink; dime_out = 1; D = OWE_DIME; end TWENTY: if (nickel_in) D = TWENTY_FIVE; else if (dime_in) D = THIRTY; else if (quarter_in) begin 'vend_a_drink; dime_out = 1; end OWE_DIME: begin dime_out = 1; D = IDLE; end endcase end end always @ (posedge clk ) begin Q = D; end endmodule 1799
If an/ap = 0.5, an/ap = 1, an/ap = 3, for 3 inverters draw the transfer characteristics? 793
What is Noise Margin? Explain the procedure to determine Noise Margin? 796
Implement a function with both ratioed and domino logic and merits and demerits of each logic? 1636
In a SRAM layout, which metal layers would you prefer for Word Lines and Bit Lines? Why? 1853
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