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when my application is overloaded?    0  313
how to connect application to database by using the command?    0  288
what is the relationship between garbagecollection and thread?    0  318
If My Application is down what are the resonations?    0  258
What is WMLScript?    0  251
How WMLScript is differ from JavaScript?    0  248
What is WMLScript standard libraries?    0  255
What is the WMLScript?    0  241
How to validate a user input using WMLScript?    0  267
How to explain WMLScript Syntax?    0  255
Which flow control statements we used in WMLScript?    0  264
What is WMLScript dialogs library?    0  241
What is the WML Operators?    0  258
How is WMLScript is differ from JavaScript?    0  253
How to use WMLScript WMLBrowser library?    0  244
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to write a SOAP Client using Apache SOAP for Java? 1390
What is DOM? 718
What is WMLScript? 251
What is the use of a program in SEO related information? 90
Types of applications that can benefit from using XML? 1399
What is pull down menu box,how giving links using vbscript 1801
1. How can u know that the DB has connected to ur WLS? 2. What happen when u deploy a ear file in web applications? 3. What happen when ur DB and proxy server(Apache) are down n ur weblogic server is up? 4. How can u configure ur proxy server(Apache)? 5. How can the proxy server(Apache) communicate with ur WLS? 6. How the request process to ur WLS through the Proxy server(Apache)? 7. How can u know that ur heap memory is full? 8. When will u do garbage collection? 548
How to test whether the navigation i.e. from one page to another is working r not using QTP for web based application 452
What is the difference between an alert box and a confirmation box? 133
What is difference between HTML5 and HTML? 1122
Explain Processing Instructions mechanism ? 662
How do you troubleshoot when a website displays '404:Page Not Found;'. what are the various steps that you take to diplay the page requested? 1355
Login form located at the home page acepting the name of the customer and its address, credit card and name of the products, a customer wnats to purchase, after the form has been accepted the website will issue order number for knowing the status. 1026
Hi All, I am new in flash so please help me, When I make a website on Flash & when we wright code on buttons in AS2[CODE: on(release) gotoAndStop ()], we found when we click twice on a button the page automatically switch. (means, code do not work properly). Thanks, 996
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