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when my application is overloaded?    0  8
how to connect application to database by using the command?    0  8
what is the relationship between garbagecollection and thread?    0  9
If My Application is down what are the resonations?    0  9
What is WMLScript?    0  39
How WMLScript is differ from JavaScript?    0  38
What is WMLScript standard libraries?    0  46
What is the WMLScript?    0  43
How to validate a user input using WMLScript?    0  39
How to explain WMLScript Syntax?    0  38
Which flow control statements we used in WMLScript?    0  44
What is WMLScript dialogs library?    0  43
What is the WML Operators?    0  44
How is WMLScript is differ from JavaScript?    0  38
How to use WMLScript WMLBrowser library?    0  39
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi Looking for web developer..who has hands on experience with HTML/DHTML, CSS,Javascript,XML. minimum 3.8yrs is mandatory. can 589
How to test iBackup and storage products? 480
what is web methods? 776
1.What is Ipconfig? What purpose u can use it? 2.How can u know what ports are busy in ur machine? 3.How can u know particular port is free/ not in ur machine? 4.How many drivers in JDBC? Which Driver u r using? Why? 790
How to validate a user input using WMLScript? 39
What is difference between HTML5 and HTML? 887
What are Firewalls how they are used for testing the webapplications? 656
what is the difference between xpath document and xml document? 6228
Who are the founders of YAHOO & GOOGLE?When they founded? 560
What is DOM? 626
what are the differences between webpage and webservice? 489
What are possible ways XML used in j2ee WebApplication.Like storing data in to database and for data transfer .Apart from this any uses. 813
What is the program structure of WMLScript? 19
if i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on success, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result? 396
How does WMLScript function written? 17
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