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when my application is overloaded?    0  173
how to connect application to database by using the command?    0  159
what is the relationship between garbagecollection and thread?    0  155
If My Application is down what are the resonations?    0  152
What is WMLScript?    0  150
How WMLScript is differ from JavaScript?    0  148
What is WMLScript standard libraries?    0  163
What is the WMLScript?    0  143
How to validate a user input using WMLScript?    0  161
How to explain WMLScript Syntax?    0  156
Which flow control statements we used in WMLScript?    0  146
What is WMLScript dialogs library?    0  153
What is the WML Operators?    0  158
How is WMLScript is differ from JavaScript?    0  150
How to use WMLScript WMLBrowser library?    0  151
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Un-Answered Questions
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How do I align pictures so that one may be higher or lower than the other? 54
What is the difference between local link popularity and global link popularity 947
what atttributes we use to create a webservice? 592
What are the types of WMLScript comments? 75
if i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on success, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result? 501
what is XLink and XPointer ? 872
What is Firewall? 583
XML serialization ? 491
1. How can u know that the DB has connected to ur WLS? 2. What happen when u deploy a ear file in web applications? 3. What happen when ur DB and proxy server(Apache) are down n ur weblogic server is up? 4. How can u configure ur proxy server(Apache)? 5. How can the proxy server(Apache) communicate with ur WLS? 6. How the request process to ur WLS through the Proxy server(Apache)? 7. How can u know that ur heap memory is full? 8. When will u do garbage collection? 508
If we force XML for web design, the browzer size will reduce. How? 730
When do the Submission appear on the engines? - SEO 77
What is the purpose of keyword in SEO? 71
How we call WMLScript from WML page? 70
How to add video and audio in HTML5? 107
I want to crate my personal website. I am having my website on which provide some space but it templete based. I want to gain free web space and plz tell me how to custmize it....plz suggest me... Thanks... 845
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