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will u accepet a lower position for the time being?    0  14
How to do continuous marquee.. Please send me the code    1  40
How to post anchor tag value through form.    1  35
How many ways can you invloe IS service?    0  39
if i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on success, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result? tcs   0  107
What is difference between HTML5 and HTML?    0  353
soapui abc xyz 22 above data i am prepareing in soapui and run the request and generate response. how to fetch this xml response data using oracle sql query. pls tell me query. cap-gemini   0  201
in soapui i am prepared test data and create request and run the request. response generated. this response data how to validate/verification. how to verify the xml data in database. write query to get xml response data in oracle query. pls help me    0  192
what is the diffrence between xmlparsing and json parsing?    0  367
what is web methods?    0  374
what is difference between mail sendig in .net 1.1 and .net 2.0    0  335
what the types of css and name the types    5  731
write a sql query retrive all xml data. how to retrive xml data wit single sql query. tcs   0  329
Is it right way to earn revenue through google adsense? Is it Possible?    0  262
what is web service and what are they?    2  946
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Un-Answered Questions
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if i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on success, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result? 107
Where do we use xml in 436
1.What is Ipconfig? What purpose u can use it? 2.How can u know what ports are busy in ur machine? 3.How can u know particular port is free/ not in ur machine? 4.How many drivers in JDBC? Which Driver u r using? Why? 551
Have you ever used more than one external style sheet and if so, how did you use it? 338
How do you test the URL of a Web-based application? 1377
what is web methods? 374
1. How can u know that the DB has connected to ur WLS? 2. What happen when u deploy a ear file in web applications? 3. What happen when ur DB and proxy server(Apache) are down n ur weblogic server is up? 4. How can u configure ur proxy server(Apache)? 5. How can the proxy server(Apache) communicate with ur WLS? 6. How the request process to ur WLS through the Proxy server(Apache)? 7. How can u know that ur heap memory is full? 8. When will u do garbage collection? 300
On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your proficiency in CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, ActionScript, HTML, DHTML. 494
What is DOM? 284
Hello! I would like to learn the technique (I don't know if there is a name for it) used by Stu Campbell (a.k.a. Sutu) in his flash comic book Nawlz for animating the image of whale in episode one. The the three tutorials that the artist made explain the basic scenario of the working process but they do not at all go into coding and such. 458
can we do method overloading in java based web services .i am using Axis2 frame work. how to configure the operatios(which are method overload) in services.xml file. plz help me in solving this 1106
What are different Layers in TCP/IP? 276
pls suggest me the material which follows for web testing. mentionthe sites also. thank u sai4sm 357
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