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Where we have to use RCVF and where we have to use SNDRCVF. Basically what is difference between RCVF and SNDRCVF?    0  29
HI every one i want be mainframes mvs admin interview questions.    1  58
why we are writing test cases?    0  68
What relations are there between the Class Diagrams and Domain models.     0  355
Can i know what are your daily routines of an bo developer for 4 years experience guys    0  439
The Project Management Knowledge Areas: A. Include Initiation, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing B. Consist of nine different areas that bring together processes that have things in common C. Consist of five different processes that bring together phases of projects that have things in common D. Include Planning, Executing, and Controlling processes as these three processes are commonly interlinked    0  438
Please, i am a final year student in nigeria and i have a project on pension fund administration and i need help in starting.    0  481
A software engineer has the capability of thinking 100 lines of code in five minutes and can type 100 lines of code in 10 minutes. He takes a break for five minutes after every ten minutes. How many lines of codes will he complete typing after an hour? infosys   4  1505
Your project got delayed by 40 days and you have to keep it back.what steps you would take. wipro   4  6727
What is the difference between contingency and mitigation plan?    1  3442
What is the difference between contingency and mitigation plan?    1  991
how many types of cookies in php    0  724
What are the two data table in Microsoft Project 2007?    1  3003
What are the steps of software development life cycle (SDLC) and software life cycle(SLC)? Also the difference between SDLC and SLC?    0  1133
What was the biggest challenge you faced in your project? hcl   0  4362
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain the various activities you do (as a PL) when the project is started up. 1047
How did you choose the appropriate lifecycle for your project? 1118
What are the best tools available now for creation of accessible Web sites? 670
Do you just jump in and start coding or do you sit down with a few collagues and create a designthen quickly prototype it? 554
what the latest software develoment Methodologies? 1239
What may be the different component of Build phase? Build is not directly phase in SDLC, but its major part of SDLC, so need to know the different components for this including dcoument process. 669
How to Design a Good Ad? 583
Is UML restrictive to system development? 1908
What is platform-driven design? 672
Write a command to find all of the files which have been accessed within the last 30 days. Output should be stored in a file “December.files” 1344
Can i know what are your daily routines of an bo developer for 4 years experience guys 439
Hi, I have 9backlogs in btech and i am 2008 passed out,am working with an MNC from past 3, am willing to do MS, will it be any problem for me? 1108
What is System Development Life Cycle and the definitions of it's phases and stages? 999
How do you ensure that your project plan is available for others to see? Where will you find the plans of other projects executed (in the past or currently) in the center? 646
Where can I get excellent free Business Analyst training online? 971
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