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Difference between file polar and file adapter ?    0  281
What is the mechanism of a transaction ?    0  112
What are the pretch predicates in tibco bw ?    0  176
Difference between adapter component and bw component ?    0  123
How to achieve load balancing mechanism using a property ?    0  193
What is max size and where u can define the size of the message over jms server ?    0  136
If I start multiple instances of the same process(which is listening on a queue), will I have multiple receivers on a queue ?    0  104
How u can manage ur bw memory if u want save ur memory, which property?    0  164
What is Broker Data Types?    1  547
What is WP19 Cancel Activity & WP20 Cancel Case?    0  199
What is WP18 Milestone?    0  193
What is WP17 Interleaved Parallel Routing?    0  220
What is WP16 Deferred Choice?    0  231
What is WP13-WP15 MI with Synchronization?    0  161
What is WP12 MI without Synchronization?    0  190
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Un-Answered Questions
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When Should You Use Flow Diagram View? 730
What are the different types of eways that you have worked in your project. 1086
Where Do U Set JMS Heap Size? 1659
Explain the Architechture of SRE and JCAPS. 2454
What is WP9 Discriminator? 153
what are the dis advantages of pub sub model 2646
what is Negotiation? 990
What is a Delimiter?Wahat is a global delimiter and its difference with other delimiters? 1409
What is WP13-WP15 MI with Synchronization? 161
What is the Workflow Patterns in XPDL? 166
Hi, i am electronics and communication engineer and don't have any strong programming background. i only know basics of c and C++. Will doing training in TIBCO/Webmethods (4-5 weeks)help me to get an entry level job in any of the field. As i mentioned i don't have strong programming knowledge is any of them is a good career choice for me. if yes which one and can anyone help me to tell from where to start. if not is there any option to get into IT sector except QA. 526
what is the purpose of the dervied role? 962
How many minutes have you spent in your lifetime reading documentation or actually (gasp) working with any webMethods product on a real project? 646
What are Workflow patterns? 179
How can you see partner data using webservice. 788
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