EAI Interview Questions
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Can you spell "Webmethods" properly in the language of your choice?

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Do you buy stocks or bonds from a Broker?

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Can you spell SAP, ERP, CRM, XML and EDI properly?

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In what folder is the webMethods documentation for Broker located?

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n what folder is the webMethods documentation for the Broker Admin package located?

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How many minutes have you spent in your lifetime reading documentation or actually (gasp) working with any webMethods product on a real project?


What Are Event Handlers?

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What Happens When an Event Occurs?

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What Is a Regular Expression?


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How webMethods Developer Supports Tables?

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What Is a Third-Party Source Control Application?

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Is Source Control the Same as Locking?

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How Java Services Are Organized on the webmethods Server?

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What Happens When a Breakpoint is Encountered?

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What Is Data Validation?


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What are Workflow patterns?


What is WP1 Sequence?


What is WP13-WP15 MI with Synchronization?


What is Soundness?


I am a commerce graduate, with service desk experience of 4 years. Not much technical, which module of Tibco will help me and will that have a demand in market. If yes how long time it will take me to learn.


why are you deploying the war (or) ear file?


What is Woflan?


What is WP18 Milestone?


How to Model complaints handling process in terms of a WF-net?


can any one please post Q and Ans for Trading Networks in webMethods


Whether it is poosible to give 2 different inputs for a service in jcaps


What is a Delimiter?Wahat is a global delimiter and its difference with other delimiters?


what are the dis advantages of pub sub model


Hi i want to learn TIBCO. I am not good at programming.. Which module should i prefer to learn in tibco. i am having 2 years exp in another sector, now i m planning to change my career path. Please suggest me.


how to configure sap adapter 4.1