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What are the security measures we have to take for our site not to hack by others? infosys   0  37
what is service now ticketing tool how it works ideal-vision   0  51
hello,please can any one tell me who is best faculty for in naresh it....i heard that mr.nagaraju and mr.rakesh sing both are i am confused to take one particular faculty. classes please if any attend classes just give me clarity of teaching style..i mean ..who is best...    0  51
Any good PHP developer looking for change    1  89
In Java coding we will write a public static void main()? Why won't we write as a static public void main()    0  55
write a text script to display * as below ********** **** **** *** *** ** ** * * * * ** ** *** *** **** **** **********    0  59
write any ttest cases using check points and parameterization    0  79
Write a test case using Test if the images,a particular test exists,check if the page links match,page response is within a certain range,parameterization of the test,the test should comprise of actions,the test should use a custom function,the test should use global repository    0  67
There are 5 web pages.write a script to click the button on 4th web page. accenture   0  103
Capture the Unique label changes on google home page for I am feeling lucky button and save those label changes to Notepad Note: Using QTP quest   0  98
Write a Program to add 2 numbers without using operators (+,-) and without using third variable. Note: Use VBScript only Hint: You can use other operators like '/' & '*'(Division & Multiplication) quest   0  154
Can anyone help me in write coding to get this pattern * ** *** ****    0  126
What is the difference between "JTable" and "JTGrid"? can they be used interchangeably?    0  96
What is JTGrid?    0  78
Write a proc to increment the ip by the given no. of times. The incremented IPs should be a valid one. Ex: proc {ip no_of_incrments} { body }    1  387
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Un-Answered Questions
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RAM one table colums a1,a2,a3,a4 respective values 2,4,7,8 KRISH one table colums a1,a2,a3,a4 respective values 3,4,6,9 IN RAM & KRISH a4 column if comparing values RAM A4 - KRISH A4 ( 8-9 =1 THEN print 5 or (RAM) a4 value 10 KRISH a4 values 2 then 10 -2 =8 print 5*8=40 or diff 5 print same 260
How many types of report in 2008? 239
what is function of stdio.h 240
When selecting the states by giving the country as input using ajax cal, how can we ensure that every time it is hitting the DB and fetching the data? Many time it may load from the cache. 316
How to disable the mod_perl from apache_server as i have used perlfect search on the site and its pagination is not working and the remedy is to disable the mod_perl. 444
how can i get two different fonts in a single line 366
Set up a Sev 2 alert when the Primary WA service fails. A windows batch script needs to be created that will monitor the WA service on the Primary and when the service stops/fails a Sev 2 TT is generated for a particular team ? 200
wap to accept an int array frm the user and print the lucky nos. 298
while using Keyward driven framework in QTPif new requirements are added how to manage it...plz ans 187
iam mca post graduate in 2010 not getting job in JAVA so iam looking for carear in php as market demand is high so it is best option to try for php or not 139
why script is client dependant. 285
what is test scenario? 124
How to identify column in VSFlexgrid? My VSFlexgrid window is identified as 'Active X Control' 1065
Give me sm ideas to write Vbscripts abt protocol testing 292
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