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what is a code in vb amount display in words    0  6
. Program for sorting of numbers in vb script?    1  19
What are the limitations of Ajax?    2  68
Which request is better, Get or Post?    1  52
What is the difference between RegisterClientScriptBlock, RegisterClientScriptInclude and RegisterClientScriptResource?    1  52
How many types of ready states in Ajax?    1  47
What is the difference between proxied and proxyless calls in AJAX?    1  40
What are the goals of Ajax?    1  43
What are all the different data types that JSON supports?    1  42
What are the controls of the Script Management group?    1  42
What are the components of the ASP.NET Ajax Client Library?    1  42
How can we handle exception handling in Ajax?    1  42
What are the types of post back in Ajax?    1  41
Can we use nested update panel in Ajax?    1  47
Define the role of the Update Panel?    1  33
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is $emit, $broadcast and $on in AngularJS? 13
what is a dataset 431
Can we create Crystal Report object in QTP?If yes then what it is and what are its various properties? 1410
my english is not too good then what we apply for a php programer post 631
Describe what u had done today? 219
What can be the challenges during testing a program or a system? 600
Which one handles exception automatically between $digest and $apply? 29
What are Arithmetic Expressions in AWK? 24
I have to write Shells (Linux + Unix)for publishing packages and reports. Is it possible ? What are the differents executable programs ineed to call ? 525
how to delete windows application in 475
on “sed” command EmpData(Sample Database) 1122|j.b. saxena |g.m. |account |12/12/52|6000 2233|n.k. gupta |d.g.m |sales |31/12/40|9000 4545|anil agarwal |director |account |06/07/47|7500 5656|lalit choudhury |executive|marketing|07/09/50|5000 1265|chanchal singhvi|g.m. |admin |12/09/63|6000 0110|shyam saksena |chairman |marketing|12/12/43|8000 5566|jai sharma |director |account |23/12/89|7000 7733|jayant |d.g.m |sales |29/02/70|6000 1. From the above database substitute the delimiter of first 3 lines with “ : “ 2. From the above database substitute the delimiter with “ : ” 3. Insert the string “ XYZ Employees” in the first line. 4. Store the lines pertaining to the directors, d.g.m and g.m into three separate files. 5. Using address store first 4 lines into a file Empupdate. 6. Find the pattern “account” in the database and replaces that with “accounts”. 7. Select those lines which do not have a pattern “g.m”. 8. Insert a blank line after every line in the database. 717
what is diff between static and dynaic arrys? 453
What is the use of ARGIND? 36
Explain digest life-cycle in AngularJS? 37
if u ve resrevation for train and u get a number supose 1234xxxokie.after sucessul entering all required fields. now u put that number in search and want to chk wether these ar same or not if both ar same then its okie otherwise test fail.what would be the vb script code for it to compare these two values of different page. 410
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