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Hi everybady, i have faced few Qns in one of i attended interview, please help me out with these below Qns. 1. how to join values without using join function? 2. how to compare values without using String compare function? 3. input is Bangalore, but i need output like this below format, what is function to use and get this outcome B A N G A L o R E 4. Input is "CapGemini" but uotput should be like this "inimeGpaC" 5. Input is 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 Can someone let me know results of this Qns, please. Thanks.    0  17
filter the array values without using filter function?    0  13
join all the array values without using join function?    0  12
find the length of the string without using length function?    0  16
print the array values in ascending order?    0  16
compare the string without using stringcomp function?    0  12
reverse the string without using reverse string?    0  10
How to search word in a string without using instring function?    0  11
Dear All, I am geting below IE error whilie executing the QTP scripts in Batch mode "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue . Thanks Balaji    0  39
How I can control asset documents without GR/IR?    0  64
write a Vb script to find a whther a selected drive exits.    0  152
Auto insurance project..How to explain project in interviews.Using Automation tool (selenium).    0  105
Create a file system object to do the following i. Create a folder ii. Create a text file in the folder iii. Update text file with some tex    2  346
Write a program to resize an array of 5 elements to 4 elements and display all the elements.    0  169
What is the use of implicit object named "application" in Application?    0  107
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to write VB script for login module? 1501
what will happen and why if i will acess the methods of superclass which is declared as private by a object of same subclass. 535
Suppose someone gives a VB dll file (component). How to use that in an ASP file? 512
how to validate the date(dd/mm/yyyy)using regular expression in javascript? It should also satisfy the leap year feb 29 problem. Please help me. 3715
what is inner join? what is outer join? what is a constraint? tell me about rdbms? tell me about acid properties? 407
Hi, We developed a webpage using jsp for our team, now we need to know who are employees opening this page,i.e, we need to get the windows user name when ever he/she open the page and stores into a variable. Plz help on this 791
What is the difference between "JTable" and "JTGrid"? can they be used interchangeably? 580
How do you Explicit File output? 70
Public Static Void Main(String args[]) {"Hai.."); } In the above code why string args[] is required.... If we are not giving command line argument.. 600
Write a function for Instr(). We need to write a function that works as same as Instr(). Code or Even pseudo code is good enough for me.? 772
What are different Angular form properties? 66
How to replace junk code recorded by QTP with a mall function. 505
Can automation testing find ssame no. of bugs what we can find by manual testing? 470
hi all, i had a question, that how to find out hiding a coloumn in a table i had a table having the following column names NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER if i right clicked on a NAME column it will displays a menu having the same column names in a list like NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER with check boxes.if i unched any check box, that column name should not be appear in the main table column names could anyone please solve this problem? 537
What is $injector and $inject? 117
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