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which the best institute in india to get trained on telecom protocol testing? am a e.c.e fresher    0  82
what is fading? different time of fading? classification of fading?    0  352
What is the difference between ISA Board & STM-1 in SDH    0  343
can anyone tell me what is Game testing online casino Slot machine any sample test cases or scenarios    0  304
Can I have some basic interview questions on Cramer Development, OSS, COT etc? I am expecting an interview call from the client. I have 2 years of experience in Cramer development in a Telecom Industry.    0  504
what is the trx(EXDB) power after using cobiner (EWDB).show calculation nsn   1  649
what are components of output power for BTS(WCDMA/UMTC)? and which power benefit users ? how users use this power ? ericsson   0  543
Hi friends any body having the exp of protocols testing please provide contact details?    0  525
What is the cost of installation of BTS at a place ? justify the value, i.e. how it will cost that much. infosys   0  599
what is GSM? zte   2  2123
Where is the node of intelligent network (IN) and VAS located in GSM ?? ufone   0  1334
Hi Iam doing a Manualtesting job in small company and my educational background is MCA i want to learn TELECOM PROTOCOL TESTING " please give any suggestion how is my carrier in IT filed and job opportunity am i eligible for Protocol testing ?    0  736
Can any one please let me know good Telecom Protocol Development training institute in NCR. ericsson   0  937
Hi please tell me good institute for protocol testing in hyderabad and feature in IT industry with protocol testing wipro   0  1575
What is the diff. between Synthesized hopping and Baseband hopping nsn   0  949
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain TCP connection establishment and tear down? 469
how to do dg commissoning? 291
I want to understand what is BTS? What are its different configurations and what is the power consumption/peak current for each of these types of BTS? 2197
In these days, is it better to learn Telecom Protocol Testing ? and whether there demand for jobs in the same background ??? 1067
Where the Conditional results after execution of an instruction in a micro processor are stored ? 783
In the early days of GSM the max TRX config was 4-4-4. Now that 6-6-6 is being used, using the signalling space for the extra required b/w, how does the signalling get managed? 911
Define Thermal impedance? 726
how does a Metro Hub works ? 389
What is a runt, Giant, and collision? 1130
Describe a TCP connection sequence ? 6464
Which method is used for Data transfer? 336
What are the Technology characteristics of Bluetooth? 464
Why is Bluetooth called a cable replacement technology? 608
Can any one please let me know good Telecom Protocol Development training institute in NCR. 937
What is ICMP, ARP, Multicast, Broadcast? 360
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