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do you have the scripts for integration Ericsson DUS (lte) ????? please support, my job is in risk    0  112
what is main difference between rx quality and sqi.    1  1013
Hi All, Please let me know,What are all the mandatory headers in sip basic call flow?will these headers vary from feature to feature such as sip basic call flow, sip registrations, call transfer, call forward etc. Thanks in AdvanceĀ     0  322
what is Modular hardware?    0  380
Differences between AP, device, firmware, protocols?    1  641
What is firmware? Why may I want to change it?    0  297
Are they different hardware?    0  306
What is an Access Point (AP)? Can it be also a client?    0  336
What is a device?    0  336
Are all my devices compatible?    0  255
How many clients can I connect to an AP?    0  322
How far can a network go? (the distance problem)?    0  315
How fast? (What does 54Mbps mean ???)    1  464
What are disadvantages of Routed networking?    0  277
What are advantages of Routed networking?    0  309
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Un-Answered Questions
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I want to understand what is BTS? What are its different configurations and what is the power consumption/peak current for each of these types of BTS? 7356
What is ARP? 236
What is a runt, Giant, and collision? 2962
What is Managed (also known as client or station) mode? 134
What is Soft-fax and Soft-modem? 129
how noc operate? 1253
What is protocol overhead? 113
How users are connected to a public ISDN through an ISPBX? 160
What is WiFi? How does it work? What is a WiFi router and should we own one to use the Internet? How can we access Internet through WiFi and how is it different from Modem? 1041
What is the cost of installation of BTS at a place ? justify the value, i.e. how it will cost that much. 1295
Brief description about Router? 269
Which method is primarily used for Voice transfer? 737
In these days, is it better to learn Telecom Protocol Testing ? and whether there demand for jobs in the same background ??? 2308
How to Use in.rdisc? 118
Explain Bridged networking? 136
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