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what is mean by steganography? ciphercloud   0  45
what is cryptography?    4  777
Hello. In Snort, how a digital signature is actually created for the authentication purpose and thereby provides intrusion detection as well as prevention. How the software for IDS/IPS comes to know regarding the threat/vulnerability using digital signature ? Whether any specific language or programming is used or not.    1  711
Asking questions of cryppoyography ibm   0  358
hi,pls help me for the preparation of interview for iob's it manager post?    0  430
How Can I Find the XP Lost Password?    4  947
A company wants to transmit data over the telephone, but it is concerned that its phones may be tapped. All of its data is transmitted as four-digit integers. It has asked you to write a program that will encrypt its data so that the data may be transmitted more securely. Your script should read a four digit integer entered by the user in a prompt dialog and encrypt it as follows: Replace each digit by (the sum of that digit plus 7) modulus 10. Then swap the first digit with the third, and swap the second digit with the fourth. Then output XHTML text that displays the encrypted integer.    0  850
Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins.If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank grapecity   4  3333
(1/10)18 - (1/10)20 = ? tcs   13  10208
Can we do the project in ENCRYPTION AND DECRYPTION as a operating system project? If yes how can we use the concepts? visa   1  2249
What is tamper-resistant hardware ?    1  1652
What are biometric techniques ?    1  1229
What is DNA computing ?    0  891
What is quantum cryptography ?    2  1876
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What is a group signature ? 569
What is public-key cryptography ? 317
What is secret-key cryptography ? 2369
Has DES been broken ? 311
Which two cryptographic mechanisms provide authentication schemes? 636
What is nonlinear cryptography? 1988
What would it take to break RSA ? 392
what is pretty good privacy? 308
What is exhaustive key search ? 321
What are some of the more popular techniques in cryptography ? 349
What are ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, and PCBC encryption? 495
How are block ciphers used to encrypt data longer than the block size? 267
What is differential cryptanalysis? 297
What is a chained certificate? 338
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