Client Server Interview Questions
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What is Client-server Computing?

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What is a Client process?

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What is a Server process?

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What is a Two-Tier Architecture?

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What is a Three-Tier Architecture?

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What is Middleware?

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What is Cooperative Processing?

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What is Distributed Processing?

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What is an "Intranet"?

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What are the characteristics of client/server architecture?


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What are the different types of servers?

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What are the different client/server processing styles?


What is distributed or remote presentation?


What is Remote Data Management?

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What is distributed function processing?

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what is the use of t-codes like ST01, ST02, ST03, ST05, ST07, ST22, SCOT, SOST.


Compare DEC RPC to ONCRPC. How do the two differ.


 How to Perform transports between Development, Quality Assurance and Production Systems.(ACCENTURE)  What is the Responsible in importing Workbench requests, Customizing requests and Roles from Integration System to Consolidation System and then to Production System. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Monitor transport logs. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Configuring and maintaining TMS. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat and Maintain Single, Composite and Derived Roles. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Find missing objects in Authorization. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat temporary roles upon user requests. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat users and assign the roles.  How to Reset the password upon user requests.  How to Lock and unlock the users.  How to Apply Packages and upgrad Kernel Patches.  In Client Administration how to make Local client copy, Remote copy and Client Export and Import.  How to Check all application servers  What is Work process overview  How to Background jobs overview  How to Spool logs.  How to check Performance monitoring.  How to Maintaining of activity groups, authorizations, profiles, User master records.  How to Monitoring active users.  How to Handle transports between sap systems.  How to Analyze System Errors & ABAP Dumps.  How to Setup operation modes  How to Administration of lock entries.  How to Check RFC connections  How to Apply Support Packages, Applying patches and kernel update  How to find user performance and how to find when problem occured in the user performance?  What is client logs and how to log a client?  What is system Landscape?How to use Landscape in the SAP?  What is architecture of sap?  How to configure TMS and what is transport routes?


What are the functions of the typical server program?


What advantages can one obtain by combining the technique with a concurrent, single process server?


What is meant by Asymmetrical protocols?


What are all the Extended services provided by the OS?


Under what condition will read from a terminal return the value 0?


If you had a choice debugging deadlock problem or a livelock Problem, which would you choose? Why ? How would you proceed?


What can we do in UDDI Service in windows 2008 server?


23. What is SBC


Examine the specification for NFS version 2 and 3 what are the chief difference? Does version 3 make any changes that are visible or important to a programmer?


What is unique about B.L.M business that would impact the future client/server architechture or software needs of your G.I.S programme?


what is the difference between cloud computing and grid computing?


Think about the hardware limit on system calls. How can a system designer add additional system call without changing the hardware?