Client Server Interview Questions
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What is Client-server Computing?

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What is a Client process?

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What is a Server process?

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What is a Two-Tier Architecture?

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What is a Three-Tier Architecture?

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What is Middleware?

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What is Cooperative Processing?

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What is Distributed Processing?

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What is an "Intranet"?

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What are the characteristics of client/server architecture?


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What are the different types of servers?

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What are the different client/server processing styles?


What is distributed or remote presentation?


What is Remote Data Management?

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What is distributed function processing?

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 How to Perform transports between Development, Quality Assurance and Production Systems.(ACCENTURE)  What is the Responsible in importing Workbench requests, Customizing requests and Roles from Integration System to Consolidation System and then to Production System. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Monitor transport logs. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Configuring and maintaining TMS. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat and Maintain Single, Composite and Derived Roles. .(ACCENTURE)  How to Find missing objects in Authorization. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat temporary roles upon user requests. . (ACCENTURE)  How to Creat users and assign the roles.  How to Reset the password upon user requests.  How to Lock and unlock the users.  How to Apply Packages and upgrad Kernel Patches.  In Client Administration how to make Local client copy, Remote copy and Client Export and Import.  How to Check all application servers  What is Work process overview  How to Background jobs overview  How to Spool logs.  How to check Performance monitoring.  How to Maintaining of activity groups, authorizations, profiles, User master records.  How to Monitoring active users.  How to Handle transports between sap systems.  How to Analyze System Errors & ABAP Dumps.  How to Setup operation modes  How to Administration of lock entries.  How to Check RFC connections  How to Apply Support Packages, Applying patches and kernel update  How to find user performance and how to find when problem occured in the user performance?  What is client logs and how to log a client?  What is system Landscape?How to use Landscape in the SAP?  What is architecture of sap?  How to configure TMS and what is transport routes?


Examine the specification for NFS version 2 and 3 what are the chief difference? Does version 3 make any changes that are visible or important to a programmer?


What is distributed or remote presentation?


What Network traffic is generated if one call connect on a socket of type SOCK – DGRAM?


what is meant by MultiServer?


28. What are the perameter of Resource Manager


What are the functions of the typical server program?


What is unique about B.L.M business that would impact the future client/server architechture or software needs of your G.I.S programme?


Think about the hardware limit on system calls. How can a system designer add additional system call without changing the hardware?


can anybody send me question and answers of sap sd module, for interview?plz thanks


What are the different client/server processing styles?


Under what condition will read from a terminal return the value 0?


I have source having single column C1 RAM KRISHNA I have to load that data in to one target . that target contain two columns C1 and C2 I want the out put like C1 C2 RAM KRISHNA that means in 1st column RAM and Second column Krishna ok by using informatica only . single space in between ram krishna in soucre column ok?


Compare DEC RPC to ONCRPC. How do the two differ.


what is the use of t-codes like ST01, ST02, ST03, ST05, ST07, ST22, SCOT, SOST.