Describe a complex problem you have solved or haven't

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Answer / gautham

Use less felows if you know the proper answer post it other
wise don't post these type of answers

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Answer / varsha

gautham you are correct.this is career not personal life.

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Answer / ruchi

I think every problem has a solution, if you put effort it
can be fixed...So I always solve problems with +attitude!!

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Answer / mayur

evry prob is a prob until its not solved.. so it means that
evry prob has a solution.. i hv passed thru certain probs..
bt wenvr it hpn 2me lk dat o ll b +ve in mind do it need
not create a hyper for me.. b cool..

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Answer / amol

Complex problem means a porblem have different situation
need to solve. As I kept innovation mind, I used to solve
this problems by lean management system. Its like sort out
problems root, draw pic or flow chart, separates or make in
parts so it better to undestood and sole the problem. I got
couple of ex but these r confedential.

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Answer / m.sankar

definately i will solved because of when prb will be
araised we have compare to others."comparision is only a
satisfaction we have to ignored when we will realise
automatically eliminate the threat.

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Answer / naveen

During my project review,I met with a problem.The students
are grouped into batches and they have to present their
project through powerpoint.All batches must load thier ppt
into the system to be presented. while doing so,our ppt is
in OFFICE 2007 format and it doesnot support the format in
the system(i.e OFFICE 2003). So I immediately borrowed my
friend's laptop and inserted my pendrive and changed the
format required, and then copied the ppt into the system
and deleted the old ppt which i have already copied.

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Answer / ni3_nitinin

How to know about the girl, whether she loves me or not?

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Answer / gaurav

proposing to my girlfriend

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